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I hope you guys are doing well. Modern Warfare 3's rank play is a complete mess right now; it is nowhere near the level of sophistication that it should be, and it shows a complete lack of attention to detail. And frankly, take care of Sledgehammer, Treyarch, or whoever's overseeing it right now.

And it's really disappointing. I mean, this is a game mode that could help grow your CDL, which needs attention and growth, but instead you just kind of throw it out there to appease people that have asked for it without putting in the time and effort, and it shows it really does, whether it's how you actually rank up, the rewards, or the matchmaking.

All of it is extremely transparent; you don't care that it's here to fill a quota and nothing else. Trust me, I'm one of those people who likes ranked play. I really do. I've always wanted it in Call of Duty. I've always championed the idea that it should be there at launch, but not in this form or the way it currently is.


It's built here in Modern Warfare 3; it's dysfunctional. It doesn't work as intended, and it's such a frustrating experience for the player. I know I've touched on it before, but the matchmaking, Is it 100% broken? The fact that bronzes and platinums are playing against Iridescent in the top 250 on a regular basis is shockingly bad.

The fact that you can pinpoint with such precision. How to make every public lobby so close and so well-matched Yet in rank play, you can't seem to do it when there are actual ranks attributed to each player, or is it that you're using the same metrics that you do in public matches here in ranked play, which would be so shocking and bad, and I'll be honest, that would be brutal if that's what you did?

The way you perform in public matches should have no bearing on how you get a match made in rank play. The only thing that should matter is your rank; that's how you get ranked, or, pardon me, that's how you get matched. Made That's how you connect with other players. If you're a bronze 3, you're going to rank with a bunch of silvers, maybe gold.


If there's no one of your skill levels or some bronzes underneath you, that's how the matchmaking is going to work. It's not going to throw you in a lobby with a bunch of plats, crimsons, and iridescents. At least it shouldn't. But that's what we've seen. The evidence is there. It's all over Twitter; it's all over Reddit; and it's truly abysmal.

I mean, is it even worth grinding and weeding through all of the awful lobbies you get put into playing against cheaters playing against people with no lives just to get a pretty poor reward at the end? I mean, I covered that as well; none of this is worth the time or the effort. And this also comes down to the fact that the way you earn rank is just so arbitrary, and it's so disappointing to see.

In a month and a half, it's all going to be gone when we get a new season. Grinding and pushing for new ranks, Feels extremely arbitrary, feels extremely tiring, and is just not worth the result. It's not something I can showcase; it's not something that I can be proud of. Sorry, that's right, I can showcase it with this one camo that is nowhere near sophistication, out of a $20 bundle that I can just buy.

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I mean, that's the problem with Call of Duty now, right? is earnable anymore; all of it is paid content. If you want something that's cool, if you want something that's badass, you've got to pay for it; you can't earn it in the game; it's just not worth the effort either. It's extremely frustrating; it's extremely disheartening.

I mean, imagine being a player who is trying to grind through the ranks on ranked play, trying to get better, and trying to learn from their mistakes. They start to do better, and then all of a sudden they get thrown into a lobby that they have no business being in. They get thrashed, and they're like, Well, what's the point?

I'm just going to go hit up an LMG in public matches and play like a rat for the rest of my life because there's no point in me trying to get better at this game because it's not worth my time; it's not worth my energy. For a company that cares so much about player retention, they do so little about actually trying to retain the player.

This should be a top priority for you. Seeing these screenshots should infuriate the people over at Treyarch at Sledgehammer Games at Activision. It should be the number one thing they're focused on, but they're not. The focus is on how to rob this fan base and this community of more of their money.

Give us more of your money, and we'll continue to put out half-ass projects after half-ass projects because that's what Modern Warfare 3 is; it's half-ass, and it's so transparent here in ranked. This is a game mode that should be better; there should be more care put into it, but instead it's just kind of like a whatever; it's like the spec ops of MW2 H whatever; it's just kind of thrown in there; it's an add-on; people will play it whatever who cares.

There should be more attention put into this, and there should be more care for it. It's just so clearly not there. So, where do we go? Where is the improvement? What's the actual. End the game here. Well, competency is one thing for sure. I would love to see them actually release a competent update for ranked play that addresses some of the problems I talked about, but I think an overhaul is what's truly needed.

Start from square one. Create a better ranking system. Be better than your competition, Have something that is actually valuable to your player to earn; yeah, I'm sure it's great for those that reach the top 250. I mean, that's great. But there should be something more to it than just me doing it one season; it should be something you showcase to the world and say, Hey, I was in the top 250 of this game.

Look at this badass skin. I have looked at this badass weapon camo. I have looked at some of the cool rewards. I have looked at my calling card, and all of this I got because I worked my ass off to get here, and I personally know I'll never get there. I know I don't have the time to dedicate to this game, and I know I don't have the skill to get there.

I know that, but I mean playing with somebody in a lobby, getting a match with them, and seeing that it's like, That's really cool. Look at that cool incentive they got, but there's none of that, there's none of that support, and there's none of that awe that you get. I remember playing Halo back in the day, and you'd be looking through who you played with in Social.

And there'd be a couple guys ranked 50; they'd have their general tags, and it's like that was kind of cool, especially when you weren't as good as them, and you're like. I wonder why it's because they're a level 50; they're a general; they are very good at this game; it was a point of pride; it was a point of passion; it was a badge of honor you could wear on your chest.

Ranked play in MW3 is really in need of some care and time. It's a mess, the matchmaking and the current ranking system leaves a lot to be desired. Thanks guys and gals for watching.
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