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My movement is so back. That's the question that I'm here to help you with today by giving my honest, though somewhat biased, review of the game. As far as I'm sure you're aware. The guns in Modern Warfare 2 have, secondarily, movement. Is it as good as everybody's hyping it up to be? Does the game have its own identity?

Does it still feel like a DLC for Modern Warfare 2, or does it stand on its own? Lastly, is it fun? Am I going to play this on its own, or is it just going to be another way for me to level up my war zone loadouts? For the audience of Call of Duty gamers, the maps available during the beta are from the long list of remastered MW maps, including FLL.

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Estate skid R rust and highrise the developers really understood that these Maps formed and shaped an entire generation of online Gamers and that by simply remastering, them we already have a little bit of that old Call of Duty experience that we've all been yearning for I personally think that this is the best way to start off a new year of Call of Duty after the last one was so underwhelming, it's obviously a little bit of nostalgia bait but they are giv US maps that we know and love instead of just trying to reinvent the wheel play Devil's Advocate I can see why some people may not like them remastering maps and just selling them as a new game they might say that it's lazy or you know we already spent tons of hours on these growing up but honestly I'd much rather them stick to maps that we know and love then go out and try to create uninspired new boring Maps cuz let's be honest they've made some, boring.

is mw3 good

Bad maps in the last few years plus we know the Cod Community will complain no matter what we get in my opinion it's great sele, across the board and the full game launching with 16 Maps is a huge W and as I've already pointed out these Maps were simply fun to play and I can't overstate, how much of that we desperately need in Call of Duty right now except a state that map can definitely go die in a fire this is kind of an obvious statement but the mechanics are the meat and potatoes of the game so I'll be delving deep into those and seeing how they stack up I have been, extremely, tired of my character feeling like he's moving through molasses with a torn ACL for the past year Modern Warfare 2 and War Zone 2 movement mechanics just did not do it for myself and most of the community so the one thing that I wanted from this game was more fluid movement and if you felt the same way and you're tired of clunky movement you'll be happy to know that Sledgehammer Games has.

Delivered even just that double kill is so saucy, man movement speeds across the board have been increased from ad times to strike speeds and mantling speeds; absolutely, everything has been increased and made significantly faster. It actually feels like I'm playing Call of Duty again and not some milsim shooter.

is mw3 worth it

No disrespect if you like the milsims; just leave it out of Call of Duty. You know what I'm saying. As we know, slide cancellation is also back, finally allowing a little more finesse in gunfights. Something that was sorely lacking in Modern Warfare 2 and War Zone 2 the overall fluidity, just brings a whole new dimension to gunfights in this game it just gives everything such a nice breath of fresh air even the regular slide is pretty viable for some gunfights part of the reason the movement is so diverse and flexible in this game is that it brought back both dolphin diving and snaking as movement mechanics snaking especially is incredibly useful in certain situations, and dolphin diving will probably become more prevalent in war zone but it's nice to have that switch up in case you want to use it again it's all about options here and we were given so many different ways to play there's overall just significantly.

There is more flexibility in what you can do movement-wise, and that helps the pace of the game. So so much it also helps good players take clever fights and kind of duck in and out of cover as needed, and that's going to be really important once we get to the war zone and your health is increased by those plates.

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We all know that feeling of finessing somebody with movement, and that is going to be back, so soon it cannot get here soon enough, though the thing is if people want to play passively and still, you know, sit in corners or do whatever you're doing. You can still do that; that's not being removed from the game, but movement coming back also allows for a more aggressive play style for those players who enjoy it now.

Despite all the prayers so far, I do have one bone to pick with the movement: when you slide, there is a short delay after you slide. That kind of stops your character; you don't completely stop moving, but you do stop sprinting, and you can't really go into another movement very quickly. It kind of takes away some of that smoothness that I was talking about and doesn't allow for multiple movements to be chained together, which really makes certain players dangerous.

Now I do have to say that in the second weekend of the beta, they reduced the slide delay significantly, and it's much more smooth now; it's much more easy to chain multiple movements together and kind of slide around the map and challenge multiple enemies at once; however, it's still not quite as smooth as Modern Warfare 19.

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Personally, I'd love for them to completely get rid of the delay, but we'll see what happens. It's not the end of the world if they don't, but it is one of those things that makes you question why it's in the game to begin with funny hopping was also left out, which kind of sucks. I mean, they did have it in the MW2 beta, and it was removed, so maybe in the MW3 beta they won't have it and they'll add it back.

I don't know; that's how math works, or regardless, it's something that I can live without personally, but I would love to see it return. I honestly like bunny hopping more as a mechanic than I do like slide canceling, but again, this is a huge improvement over Modern Warfare 2, so I'm not going to complain too much.

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I just want to have my cake and eat it too. Something that obviously benefits more fluid and useful movement is gunplay gun handling. Really solid so far, just that I'd hope the visual recoil is practically nonexistent. With most guns and allowing you to focus on controlling the recoil patterns instead of staring through seven layers of smoke, the gun smoke muzzle flash, and other visual clutter that made it really hard to see enemies in MW2, being almost completely gone is an absolute godsend.

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