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All right So with the Modern Warfare 3 beta being gone for some time, I felt like now was the time to give a deep dive into my overall thoughts and opinions on the game. I originally wasn't going to make a article like this, mainly because there are a ton of people out there that have probably done this, and the chances of me just basically repeating whatever everyone else is saying are pretty high, but hopefully by the end of this article some of the things that I go over will be slightly different to a degree.

Before we get started, I just want to express my appreciation. If you have stumbled upon this article, it means a lot to me that you're here. Slide canceling and making his way back into the mix was easily one of the biggest requests that everyone wanted to see back in Call of Duty, myself included, and I'm extremely glad that it made his return granted; it's not the exact same as it was in Modern Warfare 2019, but it's good enough to work with.

I rarely found myself noticing the fact that there was a delay to sprinting after slide canceling. And that's because it didn't really cause any problems for me if anything was similar to how it was in Vanguard, and I'm completely happy with that. This kind of ties with the overall pacing of the game.

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The game is extremely fast, and I can argue that it's faster than it's ever been. The differences between the speed at which the game plays and the comparison to Modern Warfare 2 are just night and day. I instantly felt that I was just back in my element from the very first game. Playing extremely fast and aggressively has always been my style, and this game just complements me really well.

Next, I want to talk about the health of this game. I think that having 150 health instead of 100 is obviously the better choice. I do like it, but it did take some time to adjust to that level of time to kill because I've been so used to melting everyone in a gunfight. I do think that the game would slightly benefit more if they made it so that health is 125 instead of 50, though I truly do believe that it would be a happy middle ground for how the game is played.

I know that a lot of people loved this change, and it definitely is a plus on the developer part, which brings me to the changes. In terms of visual recoil for the majority of the weapons in the game, now when I'm not talking about the recoil. I'm talking about the recoil patterns that they have, which is something that is completely different.

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I'm talking about the ability to actually see your opponents when you're shooting at them—blooming, muzzle flashing—that kind of stuff. I think that they did a great job of removing all of those things that made it difficult to shoot at an enemy. Because of that, most of the weapons are easy to use, and you can pretty much beam anyone from any range without having that much trouble.

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Hopefully the visual recoil stays this way when this game comes out and for every game moving forward, because I don't think anyone wants to experience not being able to see where this shooting is again. Another positive that I have for this game is that obviously the maps playing on the classic maps from the original Modern Warfare 2 were definitely a fun experience, and I think that with how fast the game plays, the maps also play differently if that makes any sense, and the biggest takeaway from playing these maps that I absolutely loved was that you were able to still get on jump spots and climb certain places that were labeled as an exploit from back in the day that have transformed.

As a fan service, it just keeps the lore of these maps alive and reminds us of what we used to love about playing the original Modern Warfare 2. I hope that when we get the full release, the maps that we didn't have access to will have that same element in them. I believe that was a fan service decision on the Sledgehammer part, and they executed that 100%.

Speaking of classic features in Call of Duty, the return of map voting is something that I'm glad has made its return. It's been a really long time since we've had that in a Call of Duty game. The return of the classic mini map is also another plus. For those unaware, it is when someone fires a weapon without a silencer and appears on the mini map as a red dot for a few years now that wasn't present in Call of Duty with the exception of Vanguard, having the radar perk, and I believe Black Ops Cold War had a classic mini map too, which I can't really remember.

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But it is nice for it to make a comeback. I will say that I had to really get used to it again because I've been so accustomed to using the compass to pinpoint where enemies are, but other than that, I'm glad to see it returning. The perks in this game are pretty interesting as well. I do like the fact that ghosts only work if you're constantly on the move, which is good.

I also like the fact that when you start a game, you immediately have all your perks instead of waiting for them over time like in a previous game. And I think most of these perks balance each other out. I don't think there's a perk that's like being considered a crutch, unless you consider Dead Silence a crutch for Search and Destroy.

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Other than being very satisfied with the perks. I do hope to see Quick Fix make a return in the game, mainly because I feel like it would be nice to have 150 health in this game, and the regen time is 150 health, and the regen time is kind of on the slow side. Now this is the part of the article where the positive stops for me, and we start to talk about some of the things that I didn't like about this game.

Some of these issues are pretty standout issues due to the fact that I wasn't the only one who had these complaints. One of the biggest issues that I had in this game was visibility. The visibility for operators was absolutely terrible. I had so many moments where I had no idea who my teammates were or who my enemies were, and I think a part of that is mainly because the name plates for teammates and enemies are just really, really small.

Hopefully that is something that is being worked on, because I know I wasn't the only one going through this exact same thing. Next, I want to talk about the spawn system in this game. In my personal opinion, the spawning in this game is the worst it's ever been. I used to think that the spawn system in Vanguard was really bad, and I also used to think that the Modern Warfare 2 spawn system was just worse than Vanguard, but somehow.

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The spawn system in Modern Warfare 3 is worse than both of those games combined. Usually, with certain game modes like hardpoint or dominance, depending on where you're positioned on the map and where your teammates are positioned on the map, you could get the gist of where the enemies are going to spawn.

In this video, we talk about Modern Warfare III and I give my thoughts and impressions on the multiplayer beta. We discuss the movement changes, TTK changes, the return classic Modern Warfare 2 maps, red dots on the mini map, SBMM and much more.
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