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We have figured out how to access the massive, dark Ether Portal that materializes. Into Thin Air right next to the tier 3 Zone and go into tier four zombies where you're going to be able to complete a few contracts that have the rarest loot in the game I'm talking a dark ether blade which is basically a brand new Hell's Retriever that you can craft you can take in armor which automatically, repairs itself and is always full and you can also earn things like Scorch or weapon cases you can also earn things like dog bones which allow you to spawn a dog this is the, by far and large best loot in the entire game and we're going to be breaking down how to actually complete the Easter egg and how to go into these tier four zones, complete them in record time get sigils get Elder sigils and get out with all of your loot it is absolutely, incredible, and we're all going to get started with it right now so essentially how this Easter Egg Works is we are going to need to get four main, golden Quest items you get these four Quest items you place them into the pedestals.


Around in this little island next to the tier 3 Zone a mega portal opens up you have to fight a bunch of enemies and you have unlocked this forever you only have to do this once and once you do it is unlocked and you can start getting sigils to drop sigils are going to allow you to open up this portal and go in and face dark ether, but we're jumping ahead of ourselves let's talk about how we get all four of these golden items in order to open this up so going to get started with the first golden Quest item again these can be done in any order you'd like I'm just going to go through one by one starting with the golden diary which is going to be obtained from doing the brand new Story Mission so at the very edge of the tier 3 Zone you will see a gigantic hurricane, going on you're going to go toward that hurricane, and then you're going to go to this portal on the bank right next to the hurricane, now once you vote to enter this with your squad you're going to be faced with an objective of.

Basically, just deleting and filling with souls four different obelisks around the map. You're going to go ahead and fill those up and make your way to the beach, where you're going to find the gigantic worm boss. Now the obis are super easy tier 2 zombies; however, the worm boss is incredibly difficult, especially if you have three or fewer players.

I strongly recommend getting as big of a group as possible, because even if you have not as big of a setup or some people don't have as good guns, if you have more people with more revives and more specialists, everything is going to be light years, light years easier. please, please get as many players as possible for this, but I would strongly recommend having Tier 3 Pack-a-Punch.


At least blue or purple Rarity, when whenever you go into this you're going to want to have Perks and everything this worm is a way and I mean way harder than the worm we fought at the end of act three, he's going to have a new attack where he basically eats you and as soon as you shoot your way out he's going to spit you at the ground and if you don't pull your parachute in time you will insta die the worm has these little purple orbs that fly around these orbs do a ton of damage, and pretty much One-Shot you if you don't have armor so you're going to need to shoot these with a gun as they're flying around I strongly recommend a longrange, bullet gun so you can keep your distance from him this is.

It was very difficult. I got absolutely clapped on my first solo, but play back with a big squad, and you should be absolutely fine. We cleaned it up easily whenever we went in with the six-player squad, so that is how you get the golden diary. Rifts will spawn. Grab the reward from it, which is this golden diary, and go ahead and extract it.


At this point, you want to put this into your stash because you're going to be saving it for later in a game where you already have everything set up and you're going with your absolute best loot, but go ahead and put it in your stash and then load it into a new game because we are going to get the next things right now, so the second golden item is incredibly important.

Easy to get. All you need to do is load in the game with a Molotov or find one in the loot somewhere or from a zombie, take it over to one of these dog houses, and you need to stick it into the dog house. You don't even need the piece of meat that I put in there with this; all you need is the Molotov.

Just stick it into one of the dog houses, and the dog house will explode. And a dog will pop out. Here's a quick map of all of the dog kennels that can possibly spawn on the map. Obviously, they're not going to all be there every single game, so just find the nearest one to you and keep checking till you find one, but once you spawn this in, kill the dog, and it will drop a purple dog color.


Now the process of upgrading this to gold is actually very easy; you're going to need to find a portal. Somewhere around the map, this is going to be the same process for getting all of the items in gold. You need to find a portal somewhere on the map, jump through it, and then find the colored portal, which is flying in the sky next to you.

Once you fly through this other portal, you're going to spawn in and get a purple objective Bounty. Somewhere on the map, this is going to basically spawn somewhere. You need to drop it down, pick it up, and then take on this objective bounty. These are going to be pretty darn difficult. You probably will need Pack-a-Punch, at least maybe tier two or maybe tier one with a higher rarity, but you're going to need a good weapon for this because it's going to not only spawn in your objective.

But a bunch of extra zombies along with it and a bunch of extra bosses along with it anyway, go over take everything out take over The Marked One and once you take them out it is going to spawn a reward with which is going to give you the golden version of what you just had which is now the golden, dog tag so now you have this and we can move on to the next one so the next thing we're going to get is the golden pills which again is very easy to do you're just going to need to have brain rot on your gun so load into the game with brain rot or find it somewhere in the game you can get it from infested strongholds, or ether Nest is a good place to get ammo mods of all different types.

And go ahead, get brain rot on your gun, and then you're going to take it into an ether nest. Now, this does not work; it does absolutely not work on infested strongholds. This has to be done in an ether nest somewhere on the map that has not been done before, so possibly someone in your game could have done it before.

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