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New act 4 mission reward

New act 4 mission reward

It's just one new Mission and by completing it you get a pretty cool looking monkey bomb charm when you hop into a match of zstan, you will see the brand new act four mission highlighted on your tack map right there as you can see so once you guys have a Decked Out inventory and you feel prepared to enter this mission go up to that brand new Rift and make sure your team votes yes so that you can all spawn in together once you're in this act four mission here's where things get interesting so unlike season 1's dark ether Rift the artifacts you have to collect for today's Quest are within the act four mission, not ö stand in season one you had to complete the act four mission then go back to ukhan, in a separate game to collect some artifacts, using hints that you got to see in the ACT Mission but this time it's a bit different the artifacts, themselves are within.

Boxing gloves

This act for experience right when you spawn in there'll be a ship right next to you what you want to do is get to the top of this ship either by doing some Parkour, which is right next to the ship or if you have a scorcher that'll make things so much easier so please bring in Scorchers as often as you can when, experiencing a brand new dark ether Rift so right when you're on the ship you'll see a seal just like we also saw in season 1 and go up to the seal you want to interact with it and be careful not to grab this instakill, until some of the zombies actually spawn in what you want to do is melee all the zombies within this circle, and you can obviously use the instakill to make it that much easier.

Firing range target

Firing range target


So just go ah and kill all the zombies that spawn near you and before the insta kill even runs out you'll probably collect enough souls to go ahead and complete the seal, once you do that it'll drop MMA gloves that are obviously unattuned, and purple Rarity that's very important to note so that's the first seal the second seal is located just outside the soccer stadium what you want to do is go up to it activate it and you'll see a small circle form around the seal you want to make sure you get critical shots on all the zombies within the circle so you have to get head shot on the zombies here for the souls to end up collecting it's a pretty straightforward seal but obviously if you guys out there were like me and had a wonder weapon or a crossbow, it'll be a lot harder to get a lot of these seals done in the act four mission obviously we didn't know what we had to do when going into this so that's why I had the wrong load out but if you're running WSB swarm a Kimbo or if you're running a Haymaker shotgun with slug shots those are obviously ideal weapons and again we have an article on detonated.

I am showing you the best loadouts to use for MW zombies; hopefully that is clear, but once you finish this seal, you will get the firing range target. That's another relic here that we're going to need for this Easter egg, and.


Lastly, the third and final seal is located in what I call Transit remastered, Aka the foggiest, area towards the bottom right portion of this dark ether Rift.

It's not a river, like you would think; it's just a bunch of fog, which gets pretty crazy. It's honestly a scary portion of the map if you're not prepared with golden armor plates or just three armor plates altogether. If you don't have the right perks, this is a scary area to be in, so make sure you are prepared.

modern warfare 3

In the I8, Portion, of this area of the map, you'll find the seal you want to activate, and what it'll do is it'll spawn zombies that need to be killed using specific ammo mods. It'll spawn in one of each ammo mod around the seal itself, so you can use those to your advantage to kill the zombies you need.

If you see zombies that have fire emitting from them, you have to use napon burst; if you see ice emitting from a zombie, you have to use cryofreeze. If you see a purple aura around some of the zombies, you've got to use dead wire, so on and so forth, so it'll obviously spawn in the AATs, which you need around the seal.

Just make sure that you don't use one you don't need to because you only get one ammo mod per person, so if, let's say, you use dead wire and you don't even need it yet, you're not going to be able to get dead wire back. Your other teammate will have to go ahead and equip the ammo mod on his or her weapon by going up to the seal and grabbing that aat, but I'm warning you guys now that in the case you're playing solo and don't have a teammate that can also pick up an ammo mod for you, once you get all the kills that you need, the mirror will end up spawning in the reward RI for finishing this seal.

Now what you want to do, and hopefully you guys have split up your time a little bit if you're playing in co-op. Hopefully, you've had teammates kind of progress through the ACT Mission while you were doing these SEALS.

Upgraded drums

Upgraded drums

The drum one is already upgraded, so keep that in mind now.

Upgraded boxing gloves

What you want to do is go into a separate game of MWZ and go to Ukhan. Whereas you're going to upgrade the three artifacts that you just grabbed in the Act 4 mission, you obviously have to spawn in with these artifacts to make sure they're equipped when you spawn into your next game.

So first off, with the MMA gloves, which are relatively straightforward, you want to head over to the boxing gym, which makes perfect sense because we have boxing gloves here. You want to go into the ring and offer the boxing gloves to the ring itself; they'll disappear from your inventory. Your screen will shake, and you'll see three punching bags to the left of the ring, depending on where you're standing.

You want to melee each of the punching bags, and they'll all be set on fire. As you do that, it'll then spawn one zombie, who you can see is also wearing some boxing gloves. What you want to do is take out your fist, and you want to punch that zombie to death until he dies. I don't believe you have to do it inside the ring, but if you want to do it for fun, then so be it.

You want to punch that zombie to death, and once you do that, you'll get the upgraded MMA gloves that are going to be golden and will sit in your inventory.

Upgraded mirror

Upgraded mirror

For as long as you want the second artifact to upgrade the mirror, what you want to do is head over to the graveyard, as you can see here on the attack map, and place the mirror right there on the ground. You're kind of sacrificing, but it'll then spawn two elemental zombies. And it's just like with the seal over in the dark ether Rift, where there'll be a certain ammo mod you have to use to kill each of those zombies.

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