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This is DK Dynamite, and today we're going to be talking about the zombie updates that Trck didn't tell you about, plus some new features and even more. Drop a like, and also, as a reminder, we have plenty of brand new content going up on Detonated. For those that want additional coverage for multiplayer ORS when and zombies, plus we got plent tweets every single hour on detonated Twitter.

I want to thank all of you guys yet again for all the support on my recent coverage. With the launch of our midseason 2 update, there was so much to get through for multiplayer war zones and zombies, and in my recent article, we talked about all the hidden changes over in multiplayer. I'm aware there's a lot of rumors that just surfaced about future zombie content for season 3 and beyond, and we're going to be saving all that for some separate articles.

New cod 2024 cutscene teaser

New cod 2024 cutscene teaser

I have plans for later this week, but let's start off with the implications of the recent Cuts scene from our new act for mission. The cut scene itself wasn't quite as intense as the recent one that we got with season 1, but it was still a pretty interesting cut scene, though it was a conversation between Renov and Ava, and I do want to mention that the very end of that cut scene does once again tease the plot that we may be looking at inside of Black Ops 2024.

modern warfare 3

It heavily imply that renov knows Ava's parents and it does look like one of her parents is somebody from recream, that we saw in Cold War so it's unclear what that is setting up but there's very clearly a lot of teasers being thrown at us as to what the directions is going to be for a '90s era, zombie story which is going to serve as a prequel to MW3, zombies, so I'm loving the fact that we're kind of putting together the pieces of the puzzle and I'll probably make some separate Story articles soon but I do think whatever we end up seeing in Black Ops 2024, is not only going to blow our minds but we weave in the arc that we're currently seeing in what the early to mid 2020s, it's going to weave all that together perfectly and tell an even stronger narrative for the dark ether story now although It was confirmed a little while back in the season 2 crater call that we're not going to be seeing any new enemy types or perks added to MWZ.

These are the ␜new␝ emp bosses

They could always surprise us later. Keep that in mind. It's always subject to change. We still did get what is close to two new bosses, somewhat inside of our new act for Mission. We got what you could consider EMP variants or just alternate hvts, for the mimic and even for The Mangler, which I think were cool to experience.

I mean, you could still get vibes of EXO zombies from Advanced Warfare. With how annoying these EMP zombies can get, if you're too close to the enemy, you'll get shocked, and as you would experience in multiplayer or even war zones, you'll start firing your weapon everywhere, and you're kind of moving uncontrollably.

So that's what happens when you go up against the EMP mimic or the EMP mangler. Luckily, they haven't been implemented in any other aspect of MWZ, so you're not going to see them in random contracts on ukhan; you're not going to see them at all either in the dark ether Rift, whether it's the regular or ElderSigil version of the new experience.

100% wonder weapon drop update

100% wonder weapon drop update

speaking of bosses, we did get a new warlord boss added onto Zakhan, and as of right now, she could be found over at the Orov military base in the killhouse section of this point of interest, and for the next couple of days, this is the only warlord you could encounter while playing MWZ. Legacy and Doabe are going to be brought back probably next week or whatnot, and you'll see a rotation every time you spawn in with a chance of going up against Legacy, Doabe, or the carries.

Warlords aren't sure why they don't just have all three in a single game at once just to ensure that multiple teams can actually go ahead and defeat a warlord if, let's say, another random squad gets to the warlord before you do, but when it comes to carries, not only is it a relatively easy boss. I mean, it's kind of like a DMZ update going up against a new warlord.

There aren't really any zombies in the room either; you'll see a few here and there maybe roaming around, but it's kind of just a DMZ update. Watch out for gas traps, Sentry guns, and AI roaming the area. Once you take down carries, you'll notice that you'll now get a wonder weapon case, so it's a bit of an overhaul to MWZ.

The new blueprint & warlord overhaul

The new blueprint & warlord overhaul

Every time you kill a warlord inside of the game you will end up getting a wonder weapon case this was the change that we've been needing for the warlord system right when doabe got added in season one reloaded, which was a little while ago now nothing happened we defeated doabe and you don't get anything from the reward R just random Loot and obviously you'll get the blueprint that warlord was holding not to unlock and use in other modes but just to xill with and use it get in Zombies, that's it and it was a really lackluster update to most of the zombies community so luckily they've finally given us a reason to go back and defeat a warlord if you've already beaten the ACT Mission which requires you to do so.

mw3 blood burner schematic

Now, before we continue, I just wanted to remind you about Mitch {621}, where you can get assistance grinding camos nukes or schematics in MW3. These guys do not use unlock tools or any banable methods and will actually help you play the game. Mitch Cactus is also supported by Trustpilot, with over 10,000 Bari reviews.

You can use go Dynamite for a limited time to save 5% off your order, so hey, if you guys want to go and farm up wonder weapon cases, an easy way to do it is by just defeating the warlord whenever you spawn into Ekhan, but something else that TR really didn't tease or even feature in the patch notes is the fact that there is a 115.

115 song easter egg walkthrough

Music Easter egg. In either the new dark ether Rift, you can complete this in either the new act for Mission or when you go into the rift via a sigil or elder sigil, and you'll notice that familiar sound when you're up against a certain object you need to interact with to activate a music Easter egg, and there's just three meteors you need to interact with.

mw3 mags of holding schematic

Obviously, 115 doesn't exist in the new dark ether story, but you could say it's not canon that we're finding 115, rocks inside of the dark ether unless it is, and it's something that's left over from the prior universe. I know everything collapsed at the end of Tagler Tote, and maybe there's leftovers and remnants of the past here that we're finding, but upon interacting with all three meteors, which aren't that far from one another here near the soccer stadium, you end up hearing an instrumental for the classic song 115.

NEW MW3 Zombies Anti-Exfil Farm, 100 Wonder Weapon Drops, Gameplay Overhaul | Season 2 Reloaded.
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