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In this article, I'm going to be explaining how to open the Aether Rift portal in order to go farm for schematics. Basically, the first thing you're going to want to do is kill the second worm boss. It's going to be Act 4. The only mission that you're going to do is literally fill in the new map, do four objectives, and kill the boss.

It's pretty straightforward. You can only do it if you've completed Act 3, so make sure you do that first. But once you kill the worm boss, you're going to get a book that he drops as a reward. Don't die and don't lose that, because if you lose it, you're going to have to go back in, do it again, and get that book.

But basically, if you want to enter a new game, you're going to be looking for three new items. It's going to be a pill bottle, a dog named Coller, a CCTV camera, and the way to get those The first thing we're going to do is fill the pill bottle. You're going to get brain rot on one of your weapons?

You're going to go into a cyst house. You're going to shoot the cyst one time, and then it's going to turn green. Once it turns green, you're going to go over there and hold your interact button on it until it busts open. It's going to have a purple pill bottle. You're going to take that and hold on to it for later.


Next, we're going to move on to the dog collar. What you're going to want to do is find a dog house. You're going to get one piece of meat from a zombie. Then you're going to get one Molotov. You're going to interact with the doghouse. You're going to put both items in. It's going to blow up the dog house, and a dog is going to spawn.

What you're going to want to do is kill that dog, and it's going to drop a dog collar. You're going to pick up that dog color and hold it on for later. The third item you're going to get is the CCTV camera. You're going to want to get a dead wire and put it on a weapon. It doesn't matter what weapon you're going to use to find a floating wisp in the sky.

You're going to shoot that, and it's going to turn gold. Once it turns gold, you'll know it's worked. And you want to make sure you take it out with a dead wire, then it's going to drop a CCTV camera, you're going to pick that up, and now you're moving on to the next step. Also, keep that in mind.


You have to be the person who has completed the act for the boss fight and has acquired the book. You don't necessarily need to have the book in your hand; you just need to have completed the act. Mission, And it will work because, in my game, only two of us had the book and one didn't. The one guy was doing the dead wire, but he did complete the mission with us.

Even though he didn't do the boss fight, it's weird and buggy, but just make sure you have the book. So the next step is that you're going to go find those rifts around the map that send you up to redeploy. And for each item you have, you're going to have to go back into a rift, and it's going to send you up into the sky like usual, and then you're going to spot a colored rift that's floating in the air.


You're going to want to aim for that, and you're going to want to go inside of it. Once you go inside of it, it's going to have you do a contract mission. And as of right now, I think it's just HVT contracts. But every time you go inside of one, you're going to have to go pick up a contract; you're going to have to go do it, and once you kill that mini boss that it has, you go kill; it's going to drop you the gold version of that item since you already have all three of them.


Just depends on which one you get now if you're doing it individually let's say you have the pill bottle you go into a rift it's going to give you the gold pill bottle Mission, and if you have the dog collar it's going to do that one but if you have all three of them in your inventory it doesn't it just whatever one it gives you basically and once you complete that boss fight it's going to drop you the Gold version like I said of that item, once you get that Gold version you move on to the next item then the next so once you have all three gold items, and then number four is the book you make sure you have the locked book, you're going to work your way over to the Red Zone where you see the dark Aether Rift basically there's going to be four totems right you're going to, match up the items with the totem, so the brain rot is going to be the pill you're going to see one of the totems is going to have a brain rot symbol you want to put the pill, on that to.


It's going to be you're going to put it inside of it and then it's going to put itself on top and once you see it's on top you know you're good to go then you're going to move on to the dead wire which is going to be the CCTV camera then you're going to move on to the Napal I believe which is the dog color because you did the molotov, to blow up the house basically, so that is the Napal one and then you're going to see a , the cryo freeze one which is the book, so it's the locked book you're going to put that on that so once you have all four items on their own totem, it's going to spawn a triangle, portal door right you're going to interact with it and it's going to spawn a mega Abomination, don't be fooled and think that you can go right into the portal cuz that's what I thought and that spawned right in front of me, but basically, you want to kill that Mega abomination that's your final boss, and once you kill him he's going to drop you.

A, tablet I think it's called the sigle or whatever; I forget the actual name of it, forgive me, but, you know, it's going to drop you a coin, basically a an Illuminati, sigle coin right, once you have that, you're going to go up to the left side of the triangle, you're going to interact with it and you're going to place that coin down once you place the coin down it's going to open up the actual Rift portal where you can vote to go into the map once you go into the map then you're going to be introduced into a whole new thing where instead of going and fighting the boss again you're going to be going and finding, three bunnies and those are going to be your contracts and those are scattered around the map I will post another article about those specifics, but once you get into that portal, that's when you can start going and farming for the schematics.

But that's pretty much it for the article. I hope you guys enjoyed it.

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