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We have some very interesting information to discuss when it comes to some potential future map updates for the DMZ and war zone. Obviously, they both share the all-purpose map via some various leaks that we've seen regarding the potential future Resurgence map that is also supposedly going to be available for DMZ and Warzone 2.

So presumably, going forward, we can assume that any major new maps coming to the game would be shared between both modes. Some smaller ones, like those in the form of Building 21, are exclusive to the DMZ. Obviously, this was just introduced with Season 1 Reloaded, and it is sort of an on-again, off-again type map, quite literally.

It's like it's live for 24 hours, offline for 24 hours, and back online for 24 hours. It's this whole sort of you gotta be there when it's a live experience, which in a way is pretty cool, but what's very interesting about Building 21 is not only the mysterious aspects of it, but where exactly does this, you know, have to do with the lore of the general storyline going on here between MW2.

War Zone 2, and DMZ?

The building 21 clues hinting at verdansk in warzone 2

The building 21 clues hinting at verdansk in warzone 2

But actually, how could this potentially tie all the way back to War Zone 1—and curiously enough, Verdansk? So obviously, with Building 21 now live, players have been going in and accessing that, completing the various, you know, extractions in there, fighting Velikin, and doing all that stuff, and within Building 21, you have like your own separate mini map from all of Mazura and from normal DMZ gameplay.

Curiously enough, this mini map is currently bugged and sometimes just doesn't appear at all for players when they load into Building 21. Other times it'll work just fine, but from this mini map, we actually have discovered, or rather, we as a community, I should say, have discovered some very interesting information.

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So I first saw this via Monica's or Madonna's over on Twitter, and they ended up tweeting out saying that could only be me, but does the building 20 One mini map looks similar to Verdansk; even the crater and the remaining roads match the exact same explosion spot back in the day. It could be nothing, but I just wonder, and basically Medina's.

The second image slowly starts to overlay the Verdansk UI in the Verdance Committee map onto Building 21, and as you can see where that crater takes place, this is basically right where the nuke goes off. I'll play the cut scene here in a bit, but this does start to line up with where we are in verdansk, and you then can see just the standard for dance mini map of downtown where the stadium was where there were several buildings, and obviously that's where the nuke struck and we had the explosion as that fourth picture.

So let's quickly take a look back at that cut scene from the nuke event because this gives us again more details to line up with the explosion. And maybe why it's there in the first place as well; we're going to learn that over time, but just by lining up the map here, it seems like we are gaining new information on this building now.

Keep in mind that this is by no means officially confirmed. This is not Call of Duty themselves saying, Hey, you know. Building 21 actually takes place in Vermont but is based in America. Off of this information, it does line up, and it also would make sense that Shadow Company is controlling and running the building; obviously.

Shadow Company plays a big part in the overall storyline of not just MW2 DMZ and Warzone 2. Obviously if you played the campaign, but back in MW 2019, they also played a big part in that story as well, especially with the stadium, with the roof being blown off there during that season, and we had Velikin as a part of Shadow Company as well, and obviously within Building 21.

Velikin is like one of the boss fights that you can encounter there also. Let's set the light goal at 2000 likes so they will really appreciate it.

How would verdansk actually come back in dmz & warzone 2?

How would verdansk actually come back in dmz & warzone 2?

if we could hit that, but as we've talked about in previous articles many times, it seems like, at least in the current modern timeline, dance is not something that we'd ever see come back in full. If they are, you know, going off for this storyline here that we've sort of discussed where they are building up Building 21 (pun intended) within the crater of the nuke that went off in Verdansk, that's not to say they're not building up other things within Verdansk post-nuke event; that's very possible, if anything.

I don't think we'd see the full original OG for the dance map return because obviously it was blown up in that event, but a new sort of refined, rebuilt, and different dance style map I think this is certainly possible. They've already actually confirmed that we are going to see multiple different smaller maps debut in future seasons.


We've already had one leak, which is sort of like a mixture of rebirth and fortunes; Keep Castle from World of War is apparently on that map. We've talked about that in a previous article, but I wouldn't be surprised at all because, let's face it, Call of Duty does like to reuse assets. Maybe Building 21 is ultimately going to be part of a Resurgence-style map that does actually take place within Verdansk; that, to me, would honestly make a lot of sense if you had like a sort of downtown half.

You know, the blown-up half of the actually established and sort of rebuilt area that was a Resurgence map was a good way to bring back some players from the nostalgia days but also a cool way to evolve this story while still involving that map as an obviously very iconic part of the current storyline that we're in with MW2019.

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