News - Warzone 2: The New Meta Update. Best Weapons After Meta Changes

New modern warfare 2 meta update

New modern warfare 2 meta update

ladies, And gentlemen, hey. With the major season 5 reloaded update, we saw a pretty significant amount of weapon changes and meta updates, not just for War Zone but surprisingly. For multiplayer as well, the past couple of seasons we really haven't seen all that many notes in the multiplayer category for weapon buffs and weapon nerfs, but we saw a lot of very unique ones here with season five reloading.

New modern warfare 2 weapons ␓ are they meta?

Meta breakdowns like this get you covered on a daily basis, but first things first, it's been a minute since we've looked at this list because there hasn't been a lot of weapon tuning going on, and we do have a couple of new weapons to go through and rank, obviously our two new ones from yesterday and the m13c, as well as from the start of the Shadow Siege event and the m13c.


I mean, it's an all-right sniper support rifle, but it's really nothing all that crazy; it's damage, and it's a range of velocity, but compared to the other more aggressive AR SMG hybrid style guns, it's pretty lacking, you know, compared to the advanced compared to the Chimera. 74u etc It's just not really getting the job done.

Well, the new Lockman Shroud is also a competitive SMG, in my opinion. On paper, it is absolutely nuts if you can hit the fire rate cap, but realistically, you're not going to consistently hit that fire rate cap; some players won't hit it ever, so it is great in theory, but in execution, it is decent, for sure, but nothing crazy good.

And then the new nine-millimeter Damon—I mean, it is about as consistent as you'd want for a pistol, and it's right up there with the other ones; it's probably my favorite pistol right now just because it's really satisfying to use up there with, like, the F-Tax Sage, which will be my top two choices.

All in all, the pistols outside of the deagle and the automatic deagle are pretty solid in multiplayer, just because the health is so low. You can use all these and do well, but the Damon is really fun to use and also brings some cool attachments to the game.

All new modern warfare 2 meta updates & changes explained

All new modern warfare 2 meta updates & changes explained

As well, but now outside of the new weapons being introduced, like I said, we also got a bunch of unique weapon buffs and weapon nerfs for multiplayer, specifically here, that's completely different from what we saw in Warzone, and even now with this general breakdown, obviously, this list is drastically different from what we have with our Warzone one because multiplayer just plays so differently, so I've got my list of notes over here that we'll be referencing for all the changes, starting first with the F-Tack Siege.

As we were just talking about, it got a close-to-mid-range buff, so it'll be a little bit more effective where it's going to be used the majority of the time, although it's still just a pistol. So when you're in that close-to-mid-range buff, it'll work just fine, and that's why it's competitive, but in reality, if it's going up against a Vel, a Vas Nev, or even some of the faster rifles, it's probably going to lose just because it doesn't have the power of those options.

modern warfare 2

Now, I won't lie. This one kind of came as a surprise to me; the ISO 45 actually got a range buff, which was not something I was expecting to see because the ISO 45 was already fantastic in multiplayer, and now being even better over range allows this to be even more versatile as a sub, which to me does bump it up into that absolute meta area I mean this thing is.

Very, very nice right now. In general, it's obviously going to have a bunch of different builds that work well for any given play style. If you need an optic, throw that on. If you like the iron sights, you could use those. At close range and mid-range, the thing is going to do really, really well in multiplayer.

modern warfare 2 best guns

On the flip side, the Lockman sub, like the number two SMG, actually has a close-range nerf, so it'll be slightly less effective in that close-range damage area. Is unfortunate, but it wasn't anything crazy drastic; it's still going to be one of the fastest, most aggressive SMGs in the game, and if you're accurate with it, it's still going to kill incredibly quickly, so a slight nerf won't be as good as before, but it's still easily a top-tier sub.

Now the advancer also got a couple of minor buffs; here they buff the range a little bit and then also the hip spread. That's nothing crazy, but this and the Razorback are very similar in so many different ways now that I feel like each of them could be considered absolute meta. I mean, they are so good and so similar in their first damage range, their second damage range, and that general mid-range area where these weapons thrive; they are really close to one another.

I mean, they work; they get the job done. The M16 got another buff; it's close to mid-range range got buffed; it's going to be a little bit more effective there; it's still the M16, but technically it's gotten like four buffs in a row now, which in theory means the M16 is still better than ever after this update.

modern warfare 2 best weapons

At the end of the day, it's still the M16, so it's not really all that great; it's competitive enough in MP because the ttk is so fast, but I wouldn't be using this over a lot of other options. Especially the majority of the other rifles now, the 74u, did actually catch a ranged Nerf, and just because the state of the mid-range rifles right now with the Chimera Razorback and Advance are all being so good.

I feel like the 74u, honestly, is just more of a competitive rifle now; it's still a pretty solid choice, but it doesn't hold up against some of these other options, especially now that the raids are back in the event, so it does lack there in terms of overall aggressiveness, and now its range is going to be a bit worse as those were getting buffed, so it's definitely fallen behind a bit with this one again.

I don't really know why it happened, but it did. The hemlock got a mid- to far-range Nerf, and the hemlock was already decent. In multiplayer, just because again, the low health wasn't anything all that great, and now when you compare it to the other rifles again, it's just not really holding its own.

modern warfare 2 meta

I'd much rather take an M13, an STB, or a 762 over that at this point, so I wouldn't really consider them on the same level. This is an interesting one. The attack V actually got a range buff, and this thing is feeling very dominant in multiplayer right now. I wouldn't necessarily say it's an absolute metagame because it's a bit harder to control than some of these other options.

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