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With the season six update in MW2 in Warzone, we saw some solid meta updates across the board. You know, we have our absolute go-to Mega Weapons, we've got some top-tier options, and really, the average of what the game is average is being used more like a mediocre ah. First things first, we do have our two new weapons, and if you see me looking over here, it's because I've got my handy dandy list of all the changes that were made to multiplayer weapons specifically, but initially, the Tr-76.

Geist. I would say it's absolutely a top-tier, maybe borderline absolute, meta rifle because of how consistent and versatile this thing is. It's got some phenomenal damage being that it's 762, but it also has no recoil, so you can build this to be super snappy and super aggressive for close to mid-range and still have a super easy weapon, or you can build this for long range where it's going to have the power so anywhere.

If you want to fight with this thing, it's going to be able to do well, and then also with the ISO 9 millimeter, this thing I feel like is up there absolute meta as well, surprisingly enough, just because it's so similar to the ISO 45, and it's basically the Lockman sub and the ISO 45 combined into one kind of gun.

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Snappy. Aggressive fast ttk, for the close range it just works phenomenally. So it's been a minute since we've had two new weapons as dominant and competitive as these, but it's nice to see that we actually have some fresh options. In the overall meta here, but that out of the way, like I said, we've got a lot to break down with the actual weapon changes as well, so initially here the Lochman Shroud saw some multiplayer, specific changes, but they ended up giving the upper torso and far damage to some Nerfs, so the upper torso multiplier will be worse.

Its far damage will be worse; however, its close range got a slight buff, so it's going to be a little bit more effective there really, not something that's going to make it drop down or, you know, go up anything; it's kind of balancing itself out there; it's still a solid choice, though a little bit more Niche; however, because of its semi-auto or burst properties, it's kind of a funny one.

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The mini Bach actually has damage and a range buff. I mean, the mini block is nothing too crazy here in MP and especially not over in War Zone, but it being a little bit better in the mid and far range is not something that's going to really make this weapon, you know, top-tier. By any means, it's cool that it's going to be a little bit better there, but it's probably the worst of the SMGs.

It's still usable because of how fast the TTK is, but there's nothing special about the cast of 762. In multiplayer, I actually saw some decent adjustments. It's close range, and its close damage got nerfed; however, its mid damage got buffed, and to me, that's almost something that's going to bump this one up into the top tier of rifles.

At least I would say I don't know if it's borderline top-tier absolute, Meta. It's been a long time coming, but my team Carnage officially has our very own G fuel flavor known as POG juice. This is a delicious combination of passion fruit, orange, and guava. Let me tell you, I have tried it, I have tasted it before, and this is a top-two flavor, and it's not number two.

modern warfare 2 best weapons

At checkout, you'll get yourself a nice little discount on this. Now the events are already an absolute meta option for the versatility they offer. It's got some range buffs, so it's going to be even better now if there's a tier higher than the absolute meta. It might be jumping up to that. This thing's ridiculously good in MP.

Now this one's a bit of a surprise. The Cronin Squall also got a range buff, but then so did a bunch of the other battle rifles. The Lochman 762 got a range buff, the So14 got a range buff, and the TAC V got a range buff. The only one out of these that I feel truly is going to shine a little bit more is attack V.

I'm bumping this one up into the absolute meta area as well because it's got the power and it's a little bit easier to use and more consistent than the SO14, the 762, or the Squall, but all of those in multiplayer with the health are really good choices, whether you're using them in semi-auto or full auto.

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The attack V is definitely my personal favorite of those four in particular, and it stats back that up. We also saw some interesting shotgun changes with this update. With the TTK, it's not nearly as gimmicky; this is another kind of surprising one. The Tempest torrent actually got a close range, close damage, and a leg multiplier Nerf, so Nerfs all across the board for this thing; it was already incompetitive.

I feel like that's an appropriate term for it; it's usable and it'll be okay in the right hands, but it's not something that you know you'd be able to pick up and fry with like our top-tier category; this is more of a fun buff, not something that's going to make it jump from, you know, competitive.

Into meta or top tier, but the MK2 got a range buff, a close damage buff, and an R multiplier buff. It has a sprint-out time buff and a movement speed buff as well, so it's basically just way more aggressive now, fun, a gimmick sort of quick scope run, and a gun sniper-style weapon, but if you miss one shot, you're probably done so.

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That's why it's going to be stuck in competition forever. I'm pretty surprised by this one, the Sab 50, which is basically a sniper shotgun and actually got buffs as well, similar to the MK2 Sprint out speed is better. The ad speed is better. The hip spread is better, and the range is better now.

I'm not sure it needed those changes. You have so many different choices depending on how you want to play competitively. Being our real average here, average being a real below average here Niche is obviously meant for those very specific situations in multiplayer, which is nice this year. I mean, with the ttk and with how the weapons work in this game, you can basically use anything and get away with it to a certain extent.

There are some clear standouts, though. That being said, that's going to wrap things up for this one. Until next time, take it easy, have an awesome rest of your day, and I will catch you guys

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