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So the other day we discussed the top 10 weapons you should be using for Ashika Island in the resurgence-based, war zone experience new with season 2 of Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2.0, and we'll be touching on the overall top 10 weapons for Warzone as a whole coming here soon, but today I want to take some time and showcase multiplayer.

For season two. I wanted to show some love here for that side and a handful of weapons that are standouts and you should absolutely be using here within the season 2 experience, so as we go along, drive your thoughts.

A disclaimer for the top 10 weapons in modern warfare 2 multiplayer season 2

A disclaimer for the top 10 weapons in modern warfare 2 multiplayer season 2

Later For now, let's jump into the builds and the best weapons you should be using in modern warfare. Multi-flayer experience in season two first and foremost; we're not ranking these in any particular one-to-ten order, but we'll be touching on 10 of the best weapons that thrive in just about any engagement.

A true 1 to 10 ranking relies on way too many variables that could change at any moment in a gunfight, so we're taking a look at the most versatile of them. With that in mind, I want to first touch on the one that is probably the best and easiest to pick up, the tac-56.

The best taq-56 class for modern warfare 2 multiplayer season 2

Now the attack is a "jack of all trades" weapon in my opinion this year, and it's a highly competitive one at that.

cod mw2

You can tweak it for absolute perfect recoil and control, or you can go the other way and make it more of an SMG build, or you can find it somewhere in the middle, which is where we usually go for on Deck today. It's a build that prioritizes speed but also doesn't sacrifice too much in the way of control and handling where applicable for this I'd run the FSS OV, laser the TV X line Pro, and demo a clean shot grip for added sprint to Fire and Adsbs.

While using the Commando 4 grip for a bit more control and topping it off with the 40-round magazine to give you a bit more to work with in terms of the ammunition as opposed to the base 30-round magazine, now you can use the 60, but you'll sacrifice a little bit more in regards to that mobility that it comes with, a few more frames on that shooting speed, and also reload speeds.

So it really comes down to preference, but I like the 40, and I think that's perfectly fine. It's a favorite build of mine, and honestly, in Prior Seasons I kitted it out with a bit more control added, a barrel on it, and things, but honestly, when we're playing MP, you don't need all that kind of stuff.

One of the big things with Modern Warfare 2 is just making sure that your gun is up as fast as possible. So, changing to this, I've loved it ever since and would highly recommend it.

The best kastov 545 class for modern warfare 2 multiplayer season 2

The best kastov 545 class for modern warfare 2 multiplayer season 2

Next, I want to talk about the cast of 545. To me, the 545 is one of the best rifles in the game, and statistically speaking, it can be backed up by seeing a damage increase in the Season One Reloaded update all the way back in December and not being touched even through the Season 2 update.

Whereas a couple of rifles got nerfed and knocked down a few pegs, this one still thrives, whereas the counterpart of the 762 did see a damage reduction, so if you have a choice between the 545 and the 762. I'd still take the 545. Especially because there's a three-shot kill potential with chest and headshots in the mix for that build.

I'd recommend the Commando 4 grip for a bit more control, but then things like the true tack grip and pro light TL3 stock for quicker and snappier aim. Top that off with some precision aiming with the Cronin mini-pro optic and the 45-round magazine to get you a bit more ammo for multiple engagements.

I think you're set with that one, so try that out.

cod mw2 meta

The best m13b class for modern warfare 2 multiplayer season 2

It's a brilliant weapon, but Moving on to the M13b, this weapon has a lot of potential to be a powerhouse if you could build it properly. While it's not the fastest build we'll be touching on today, there's a lot that truly makes this weapon a laser pointer.

For this i'd recommend the Bruin Echelon barrel for added control bullet velocity and damage range, along with the Edge 47 grip for a bit more control, then using things like the Brew and Flash grips to add more sprint to fire and ads bonuses while using the Corona Mini Pro optic for precision aiming and the 45 round magazine for a bit more rounds to work with because you have an exceptional fire rate, but again, you'll burn through 30 rounds but 60 again you sacrifice a bit more in that mobility. So, the m13b, at its base, is a weapon that is easier to control but has less damage per round, so you want to make sure you're landing those shots, upper chest headshots, and taking advantage of those multipliers, and if you do that, you'll absolutely shred through enemies with the m13b.

The best m4 class for modern warfare 2 multiplayer season 2

The best m4 class for modern warfare 2 multiplayer season 2

Now, moving along the M4, there's another weapon that's a jack of all trades.

It's easy to pick up and use, whether you're a beginner or a pro. This build tries to strike a balance between control and snappy builds, as with a lot of the builds we'll talk about here today, but just know you can make it faster if this does feel a bit slow for the M4. I'd recommend the high tower barrel for the bullet velocity damage range, recoil control, and hip fire accuracy, but then add things like the x10 grip for sprints of fire and aim down sight speed as well as the Tempest p80 strike for sprint speed aim, walking speed crouch, movement speed, and aim down sight speed.

If you add in that Corona Mini Pro for pinpoint accuracy and precision as well as the 45 rod, you're good if you do want to sacrifice the Kronen optic.

The best iso hemlock class for modern warfare 2 multiplayer season 2

The next weapon we'll talk about is the ISO, or Hemlock. For this, I'd run the FSS OV laser and the Series 4 Mr barrel for Adam's recoil. Control bull velocity and hit recoil; control the stock can shred 40 for additional vertical and horizontal recoil; control the x10 grip for additional sprint to fire and aim down sight speed; as well as that Corona Mini Pro optic.

Now this is one of those few builds where I won't throw on a magazine here, especially in the rifle category, but through the way the fire rate is set. The recoil control is something that, with 30 rounds, you will absolutely be able to fry multiple players without having to reload. You don't necessarily need those additional 15 rounds that come with a 45-round magazine, and honestly.

I wouldn't really advocate taking less ammunition and going for that 20-round, but it's up to you. I thought it was actually pretty nice, and I have quite enjoyed using it so far.

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