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The season 2 update obviously shifted a lot in terms of the overall meta here in MW2, multiplayer. We got a couple of new guns, and we also made several changes to some of the top-tier meta guns as well. With that being said, I wanted to break down the top 10 best setups and the top 10 best weapons ranked here in MW2, multiplayer.

Best perks, equipment, & field upgrades for modern warfare 2 season 2

Best perks, equipment, & field upgrades for modern warfare 2 season 2

So first up, we are starting here at number 10, and I've got the KV broadside. Whenever we have new seasonal weapons. I always like to include those in the top 10, and in this case, you could make an argument for this being one of the better guns in the game just because its close-range dominance is pretty absurd.

Now, it's only effective if you're like within 10 meters of a player, but you know that within that range, it's going to be tough to beat out this thing because it's a spammable shotgun that's going to obliterate. That way, we don't have to spend time on that throughout the article. I always use a combat knife as a secondary weapon here in multiplayer because when I spawn and switch to the knife, I can run faster to get back to a choke point.

If I kill one player, I can pick up their gun, and then I've got my two primaries, right? So I don't really ever use anything but a knife; it's a secondary weapon. We're still wildly overpowered here in multiplayer, so I'm still running those drills. Charges are great for trying to take out campers and whatnot for my perk package here.

I actually end up going for double time and battle hardened for my first two perks, but go ahead and actually hide the face cam real quick. I got fast hands, then I got quick fix. I mean, just that health regen when you take out a player with quick fix is so, so clutch, so I love having that on there fast hands obviously for the faster swapping, reloading, and whatnot.

It's super nice as well. And then for my field upgrades, I have combinations with the pro package of the radar and also the Munitions Box if I need to have that many UAV. I can throw it on the radar if I need ammo.

Best kv broadside class setup for mwii season 2

Best kv broadside class setup for mwii season 2

I got the Munitions Box solid, choices there anyways. Getting into the actual broadside, setup, here, the same one that we covered the other day initially when this dropped, this is a really aggressive and really good close range setup, so you'll be able to actively engage.

Push enemies quickly across that gap so you're within 10 meters of this thing and can dominate first up here with a true attack, rear grip better ads, sprint to fire that's clutch on a shotgun, and we tune to maximize that as well stockless. Stock up here just for all the mobility benefits; basically, it's going to allow me to run around faster and play even more aggressively.

I like the Canton laser on this setup; you got that hybrid ad; it's going to help out with that ad speed as well, and the Sprint to fire. I tune to maximize those even more, of course, and this is just going to help out with that overall mobility and aggressiveness. Once again, I use the 12-barrel range.

This is going to give you that better damage range that's, of course, clutch on a shotgun because it's going to help out with those potential, you know, two- to three-shot kills. The one-shots in this thing aren't going to be as common just because it is spammable; it'd be way too overpowered if it was doing that.

But not least, I tune for the better aim straight, the better damage range, and lastly, the Bryson improved choke. This will help expand that range yet again. I tuned for the better sprint to fire and the slightly better range as well to help me out where possible overall. It's a pretty solid shotgun; I'd say it's the best in class.

Modern warfare 2 best m4 class setup

Modern warfare 2 best m4 class setup

It's not like a crazy broken weapon, but definitely worthy of a top Now at number nine, I've got the M4, and this thing is just nice and reliable. Over range, it starts to fall off a little bit, but in the mid-range, you know, 20 to 55 meters or so, it's going to be nice and consistent. It is one of the easiest weapons to use in the game, with very low recoil and a very straightforward design.

Anyone can pick this thing up and do well with it, and it hasn't really been adjusted in quite some time, so it's easily a top choice. Ten choices are here first. I've got the second ZX grip; this is just for better control overall. Of course, this is primarily a mid- to long-range gun, so we just want to focus on highlighting its strengths there.

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I tuned for better stability in recoil after studying this. I do have the P80 strike stock on here now, and this is meant to keep it aggressive because all the other attachments I'm using are pretty much for range; they're going to slow it down some. You want to have a decent balance, even if you're focused on one specific area of engagement, like mid-to-long range or something like that, so this is going to help balance that out some and get me some mobility back, so if I do play aggressively and I run into players at close range.

I'm not going to spend nine years playing defense, not being able to run away or push a certain choke point, so this will help out with that. I also got the edge on the 47-inch barrel; it's a great one for stability. I can maximize the recoil, stabilization, and idle stability there too with the tuning.

Castle compensator is a great choice for multiplayer, not too slow, and just going to help out with that horizontal bounce and some of that vertical control as well. I tuned to basically maximize that, and lastly, at the high tower barrel, this is especially good for those mid-to-long range fights, helping out with the range, control, and velocity.

I tuned it to maximize The recoil and the range on this one have not changed much in terms of the overall setup, but that means it's still absolutely out here frying. Now at number eight, I've got on the rail.

Modern warfare ii best raal mg class setup in season 2

Modern warfare ii best raal mg class setup in season 2

To be fair, this does have basically the best long-range ttk in multiplayer, and here it is so absurd how quickly you can melt players at like 100 meters across the map in ground war. The downside of this is that it is so painfully slow, both in terms of movement and reloading, which is why it's lower on the top 10 list despite being so powerful, right?

So the setup here is actually the same one I use over in Warzone because you're basically going to be using these in the same sort of engagements, right? This is not a gun you're going to be using at close range unless someone's pushing you and you have that sort of panic gun fight. Good luck if that's the case and you are sitting and waiting for players to engage long range on this thing because that's where it's going to thrive, right?

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