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The season two reloaded update for Modern Warfare 2 ended up including a decent amount of weapon balancing or weapon adjustment buffing. Some things nerfed other things, and so today I wanted to go over a broad overview of the current Modern Warfare 2 meta, you might say. Well, we did the same thing, but for war zone 2, and as we know, the Modern Warfare 2 meta and the war zone 2 meta are not really all that similar.

There are some guns that are similar, but what is absolutely meta here is a lot more diverse than what is absolutely meta over there, and vice versa. So today we're going through all the weapon changes, and we also have some new weapons to drop in considering we haven't looked at the MW2 medalist here in some time.

New weapons update ␓ tempus torrent & crossbow ␓ are they meta?

New weapons update ␓ tempus torrent & crossbow ␓ are they meta?

First up, the crossbow, which we haven't talked about on this list since it was added, is a pretty easy drop, though, as I said, it's a niche weapon.

It's certainly very fun to use, and it can be very good if you are a super accurate player, but at the end of the day, it is a crossbow. It takes nine years to reload. If you miss your shot, you're probably going to end up getting taken out. It is a niche weapon when it comes down to it. Now, the Tempest, which is a very different story, in Warzone, as we discussed it's pretty dominant there like it can be very good in the right hands.

The same story is here in multiplayer, except enhanced. If you will, and amplified, I think that's a good way to put it. The Tempest can be two-shot killed, it can be one-shot killed if you get that headshot, and you can also spam it, so when you look at the other marksman rifles that we have in the game, things like the EBR, which is very good, and some of the even bolt-action ones, if you will, in this tab 50, are not very good options.

The Tempest Horn is right up there with them. I don't know if I would say it is full-on absolute meta; it does take sniper ammo, so you're somewhat limited by that; but when it comes down to it, this thing is very, very strong, and if you can spam it fast and if you are accurate with it, other players just aren't really going to stand a chance.

It really does feel like it's more of an enhanced F-TAC. Recon, if you will, is definitely a very dominant weapon.

All meta updates for mw2 season 2 reloaded

All meta updates for mw2 season 2 reloaded

Now let's get into some of the actual weapon adjustments that were made, because there were several significant ones here. First up, the rail got a lot of nerfs. As we previously discussed, they nerfed its far-range damage or its long-range damage.

If you're trying to use it there, you're going to get outgunned by fists in a lot of cases because it's just too slow and too heavy to use there. A decent way so strange buff, but for the most part the nerfs to the rail were significant. Now it is still very powerful; it's just not nearly as dominant as it was before, and for that reason, I think this one's going to be dropping down into the top tier category.

Is still very good, but it is nowhere near being the top-tier metaweapon that it was before this update. The RPK is going to be kind of the same deal, dropping this one down into the top tier area. Again, it's just received a lot of nerfs over time, and now the past couple updates have all targeted the RPK, making it a lot less effective.

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At what it's really good at—which before was being a number one gun, and that's just not the case anymore—it's still very good. Not an absolute meta The second is actually just going to stay right where it is for multiplayer; here and top tier got a slight range nerf, but for multiplayer it's still going to be very reliable and very consistent, right up there with all the other LMGs.

cod mw2

This is a fun one the mx-9 actually got a mid-range buff to make it even more effective in, that area in specific it's already very good up close can they even be used in some long range although most of the subs they drop off pretty severely there only reason you'd even remotely be able to use it in a gunfight past you know 40 or 50 meters is because it's solo recoil, however it is very limited by its 32 round mag while other guns can have extended mags which is super useful depending on how you play this one is very limited by that so for that reason I feel like it stays incompetitive but it's definitely one of the more competitive ones that we have as of right now the bass P also jumping up into competitive, here because it saw some Buffs, to its Sprint to fire time and its damage ranges so now basically it's just a more aggressive SMG and a more effective SMG.

All around, it was a really an SMG that needed the buff here because it was one of the few that was lacking as the graph would say, so now it is definitely in a place where it needed to be for some time, and I'm happy to see that this is a bit of a strange one that honestly. I didn't see coming, but the MP5, the Lochman, and subs saw several nerfs to their movement speed in their ads, but it did get a control buff so it's easier to use but not as fast as it was before.

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Me It's still going to stay in the same general category, top tier for sure, just not as snappy. Also, quick reminders: we're going through the whole list today, and with all the weapon changes, we have a lot more things to adjust than just the patch notes, as I'm sure you might be typing out already.

Why is this in meta? Why is that on the top tier? We're getting there. Now the PDF SW The P90 basically just got cleaner iron sights; that was the only change with this update, but I think it's pretty clear now. The P90 is one of the top-tier SMGs in the game, so we're going to move this one up preemptively; this is one I was going to talk about anyway.

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But I forgot there was the minor change to that with the iron sight, so those would be a little bit easier to use, but yeah, the P90 as of late is absolutely frying because of all the changes they've made to some of the other SMGs. In the game, so that's definitely solid, there's the Vel 46 that's another one that for the time being I'm going to jump up to top tier; we'll talk more on these in just a bit once we go through all the patch notes, but they ended up buffing the close range damage and the 30 round magazines, so its most aggressive mag is now going to be even more aggressive, and its best damage range is now going to be even better, so a significant buff there.

Now, the broad side obviously should have been an absolute meta before this, but because we haven't looked at this list in quite some time, it wasn't up there, but it was severely broken before the update. The Nerf was all right, but it wasn't enough to knock it down much; it's still a top-tier shotgun.

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