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Ladies and gentlemen, hey. The meta here in season 4 has changed a bit. Admittedly, most of the patch notes from the actual update itself were Warzone-specific. So today we're breaking down the top 10 best weapons in class setups we're running , starting first with one of our brand new weapons, The Tempest Razorback.

Best perks & equipment for modern warfare ii season 4

Best perks & equipment for modern warfare ii season 4

This thing is pretty spicy here in multiplayer, especially as an aggressive rifle in the mid-range. It stays the same on all my setups; we just have to go through it once.

I'm always running melee as a secondary here, and I've got like the katana swords right now, the Dual Kadachi, Is what they're actually called, but any melee is the secondary. I just swapped to that as I spawned in, got to the choke point, went back to my primary, and of course, dropped this for an actual secondary.

Once I took somebody out, it just helped out with the movement flashes. Super dominant, in multiplayer, drill charge is great for dealing with Campers or pushing choke points, and as far as the perk package goes double time and battle hardens. I got fast hands for that faster weapon swap within Quick Fix, which of course is super clutch if you play aggressive you can get that heal and.

That health regen started right as you got that kill, so super clutch there as well.

Modern warfare 2 best tempus razorback class setup

Modern warfare 2 best tempus razorback class setup

Getting into the actual weapons here, like I said, the Razorback for mid- to long-range is very good. You just have to land your shots correctly. It's low recoil, so as soon as you're accurate and you've got the recoil pattern down, you're pretty much set. I'm a huge fan of irons. I've seen a lot of you go back and forth with him; some players really like him, but I'm not a huge fan.

Go for the basic Blue Dot instead of the Chrono Mini Pro; we got the ERG. X1 rear grip just straight up at our control, which is going to make it more accurate primarily for the longer range if you find yourself there, but for the mid-range it's applicable two. Basically, just tuned for better steadiness, there is a 45-round mag that I feel is sufficient for multiplayers, so I run that, and the tanker V barrel has better control and velocity, just making it more reliable.

cod mw2

Last but not least, I go for the castle compensator. This mainly focuses on a horizontal, which just makes the weapon feel more consistent and easy to actually control over range, so I feel like that is adding, you know, some nice reliability to the overall setup as well, but for a new weapon, it's pretty solid in the overall multiplayer.

Modern warfare ii best taq-56 class setup for season 4

Meta here definitely, a very fun rifle as well, and no surprises, here the TAC 56, aka, the scar still. One of the top-tier choices here in multiplayer, shout out to Nvidia for letting me know I can record the game, even though it's frying. It's been like this pretty much since day one, and it's still the number one choice of the pros for the CDL, of course.

It's going to be in the top ten right now, with the setup here really not changing all that much. I like the multiplayer that I can build rifles for, like this to be aggressive for. Some close range because obviously it's your primary, you might find yourself in those one-off situations, but for mid-range and long range, the versatility is just so fun.

The combat rear grip here is just straight up better control, Edge 47 under the barrel for better stabilization, and Sack and Tread 40 for even better control. Pro Barrel has better range and velocity, as well as being tuned to enhance that range and steadiness even more. Then I like to mess around and go for the Olay laser, which helps out the ad time, and some Sprint to fire as well, which is an added bonus, but just to make this a little bit more snappy.

I don't need an optic. The best irons in the game, in my opinion, are super clean, so this is a nice versatile iron, Overall Loadout that just works well for any mode, any map, this thing fries.

Mw2 best kastov 74u class setup in season 4

Mw2 best kastov 74u class setup in season 4

Now what I'd consider to be the number one gun in MW2, since day one, honestly is the cast of 74u. This thing was almost immediately incompetitive, just because it's too good.

It's an AR and an SMG, and one you got the mobility of an SMG and the damage of a rifle, it's just fries. If I hop on multiplayer and I want to do well, this is the weapon that I pull out. This is the setup that I pull out. We got the True Tech rear grip, better ads than Sprint to fire, and the Ultrazad.

Stock better Sprint speed, better straight speed, so the mobility is already getting tuned up with the Olay laser, better ads than Sprint to fire even more Mobility 209. Barrel better movement speed better ads speed even more Mobility so just off with those we've already got the SMG like speed we already have the base damage profile of a rifle I also go for the castle compensator.

Just to make it a bit more reliable and consistent once more in the mid-range so this thing is checking all the right boxes it flies it flies like I said I truly think this is the number one gun in Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer .

Mwii best m4 class setup for season 4

Now we can't talk best weapons and not mention Old Reliable the M4 would, probably be the Top Choice in like the CDL if it wasn't G8 so soon as well this thing is about as good as it gets low recoil, good damage versatile as well this setup is more so meant for Mid to long range but you can build this out to be speedier.

Control Edge 47 underbarrel yet again Castle compensator, yet again then I like to go for the high tower Barrel it's maybe a little bit overkill for multiplayer but honestly it works well better velocity better range better control just really love how this makes the weapon feel and it's noticeable in those long range fights for sure so a setup that really hasn't you know altered too much from launch but one that is still absolutely.

Best stb 556 class setup for modern warfare 2 season 4

Best stb 556 class setup for modern warfare 2 season 4

In the top 10 well into the top 10 here it's a beast now a weapon that I've enjoyed using more and more here in multiplayer is the, stb556. This really could again be built in several different ways you could almost make this a better mx-9. If you wanted to make it more of a rifle-SMG hybrid, you could build it more for long range.

This is sort of like an aggressive build overall, good for mid-range, good for some close range, but usable long range as well because of the damage profile too. So here I've got the Q900 rear grip with better ads and Sprint to fire. I've got the C11 Riser just behind the FaceCam with better ads and Sprint to fire.

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