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Modern Warfare 2 rifle meta in multiplayer, pretty competitive I mean, obviously, with this ttk, a lot of guns are viable, and a lot of guns are competitive in general, but in the rifle category, we got so many good options, and today I wanted to narrow it down to the top 5 best rifles in the game as of right now , so starting at number five.

Modern warfare 2 best chimera class setup

Modern warfare 2 best chimera class setup

I've got the brand new Chimera. We're used to seeing those mid-season weapons be pretty competitive because, obviously, they drop with store bundles and drop with challenges that oftentimes promote MP sales. This is no different from Day One of Season One Reloaded. The chimera has been a force to be reckoned with.

It is the perfect run-and-gun rifle, right up there with the 74U in terms of that close-to-mid-range sort of hybrid gun, if you will. This one obviously comes with a built-in suppressor if you don't go through and change the barrel, so there's that added bonus. Even though the red dots aren't showing up on the mini-map, it's still cool to have them there.

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It feels just like the honey badger from Ghost; this thing is reliable, consistent, and it kills incredibly, really quickly, so the setup here overall is good. It's pretty basic for an MP setup like I said; I don't run a barrel here because of that integrated suppressor; it just feels solid for those engagements you want to take with it in those close to mid-range areas; it's not really a long-range weapon whatsoever, just like the 74 you wouldn't be; its damage drop-off is certainly noticeable, but overall you don't need that on there to, you know, extend your range.

The lethality of this gun is not all that great; instead, I go for the seven milliwatt laser faster ads and Sprint to fire on the Ripper under the barrel just for some better stabilization. I tuned this for better stability and recoil stabilization in general, so it's going to be really easy to shoot a recoiler.

is like non-existent here. I have started running the 45-round mag just for some added insurance. The fire rate is pretty fast, so at 30 you could find yourself reloading in some inconvenient spots. I got the Bruin flash rear grip on there for that better ad and sprint to fire just to make it a little bit more aggressive, then I go for the better sprint to fire, and in this case I do go for the better recoil steadiness, however, if you wanted to you could tune that for a faster ad as well, and both would work pretty well in that case, and lastly I go for the ravage 8 stock. This is again mobility-based, and I tune this for a faster ad and then also for better aiming idle stability as well, so overall things are very easy to use with low recoil, good TTK, and low recoil, and they are very aggressive for a rifle now at number four.

Mw2 best kastov 762 class setup

Mw2 best kastov 762 class setup

I've got the parts list for the 762, aka the AK-47, rifle variant here.

I mean, this thing, when it comes down to it, just brings the power. The only reason it's not a little higher up on my list here is just because it's a tad bit slower; it's one of the heavier rifles in the game, hence why it's also one of the heavier hitting rifles in the game. But mobility, especially in a game like mine, can hinder it in some capacity, but overall, from mid- to long-range, this thing is an absolute beast relatively.

Low recoil, and its damage, like I said, is just absolutely absurd; so recently, I've actually gone ahead and dropped the barrel off of this setup for multiplayer, you know, the 584. It's a good choice, but it's going to slow you down even more, and frankly, the velocity in the range on this thing by default is already very, very good, so there's no need for that here.

Instead, I go for the Olay Laser Snapper, which adds slightly better sprint to Fire if you're playing a bit more aggressively with this prony, mini pro, or your basic Blue Dot. I tune that for that furthest eye position there, and of course I go for the demo X2 grip for that better recoil and control in general.

I tune that for even better stability and even better steadiness. On there as well. I got the ripper under barrel for the same reason as before, just for that better stabilization, which will help out with that recoil pattern as you continue to tune for even better stability and even more stabilization.

As well, lastly. I go for the sack and tread a 40-millimeter muzzle for the better vertical and horizontal control, tune that for slightly better gun kick and stabilization, and this thing's going to be shooting very straight and it's going to be shooting nukes because the damage here is ridiculously high and ridiculously strong now no surprises.

Mwii best m4 class setup

Mwii best m4 class setup

Here on the top five list, we gotta be talking about the M4, the most reliable gun in the game and the most reliable rifle in the game. I would say that when it comes down to it in terms of just its overall balance, there's nothing bad about this gun. So again, I've actually changed up this setup a little bit here.

I've actually gone ahead and put on the strike stock, which is actually for better mobility all around, and I'm under your control a little bit, but we gain that back with a lot of the other attachments. I tuned this for a better aim, walking steadiness, and slightly better stability on there, and I went for the second ZX grip as well for better control and better stability in general with that steadiness also tuned on there too, so it's going to be shooting straight.

cod mw2

Like I said, rip Runner Barrel yet again for that better stabilization; same tune, basically, better stability and better stabilization. The castle compensator will work just like the second shredded 40 in terms of a better horizontal and vertical controller. I tuned that for basically max gun kick control and then also that better stabilization on there too to help out that overall recoil, and then lastly for the recoil, the range, and the velocity.

I got the high tower barrel on there, and I tuned this for that slightly better range on there, and then I also went for the slightly better steadiness, as well as making this thing one of the easiest guns to use in the game while also keeping its great stats of a very solid ttk; the fire rate will help out with that as well.

It's definitely a very aggressive mid- to long-range rifle. Of course, with 2022 coming to a close, you've got to start off 2023, and look no further than gamers to do that. Advantage glasses Obviously, you guys see me always wearing these frames. I love my horizons. They are on all day, from the second I sit down here in the office to the second I leave to go to bed.

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