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Modern warfare 3 best season 1 class setups

Modern warfare 3 best season 1 class setups

Ladies and gentlemen. We are going through the Modern Warfare 3 multiplayer meta and breaking down the top 10 best weapons you want to be running and the best-class setups you want to be running here in season 1. Obviously, with the season 1 update, we got some new weapons added to the mix, so we'll be breaking down the best setups for those alongside the other top-tier weapons according to the various buffs and nerfs that took place within these season 1 patch notes.

Modern warfare 3 best pistol class setup, perks/gear, & equipment

In your pocket, which is nice to see, it is for sure easier to use than all the other base pistols. I go for the Eclipser rear grip for its better sprint speed, movement speed, and strafe speed, just making it even more aggressive and agile. I like the 24-round mag you could upgrade to 30 if you wanted to; it's only a 4% increase in the ad speed, a little slower reload though, so just keep that in mind, but either way, it will work fine for a full auto pistol.

best guns mw3

I also go for the hollow point ammo; that slowdown is still pretty clutch even after the Nerf and also gives you like some weird shake here and there too that I don't think is intended, but it works well right now. Then I go for the dod laser, which has better ad speed and Sprint of Fire; that's mainly what I'm focusing on for that, and like I said, this works great as a secondary.

Always running these stuns and the sem texes for my equipment here field upgrade is going to be the mun so I can keep my ammo up make sure I don't have to, you know pick up a gun I don't want to use cuz I run out of ammo or anything like that then for my gear here I am using the Infantry vest as my base vest although assassin is pretty powerful now so if you get that through the Armory that one's pretty crazy it's like Ghost Pro I like infantry a lot though longer attack Sprint and it refreshes, more and then with that I go for the Commando gloves these let me reload while sprinting which can be really clutch for playing aggressive.

I got the tack pad so I can fully adjust when I'm sliding; that movement transition speed is faster; it just I feel like makes slide canceling a lot smoother. Then I went for the bone conduction headset so I can try and hear footsteps better since obviously the audio is not flawless, by any means, so that does help out a little bit there, and like I said, all of this is the same on every single class setup getting into the weapons, though we're of course starting with one of the best, maybe the best gun in the game, the bass B.

Mw3 best bas-b class setup in season 1

Mw3 best bas-b class setup in season 1

This thing fries, its damage is insane, and its ttk is insane for MP. You can build this to be pretty aggressive. I got the MK3 reflector on here for my optics, as always with optics. This is a preference if you like the Nidar model more. If you like a slate reflector more or an Eagle Eye more, use whatever you are most comfortable with.

I love the ELO site, though, for MP. I got the 30 round mag on here 20 just is a little bit too small for aggressive gameplay with this fire rate in The Recoil here so 30 is just a nice safety net the choke angled grip gives you better movement speed horizontal, control which is huge it does hurt your vertical but that's really easy to control as is anytime we can increase horizontal recoil control, that's a w in my book so really solid under Barrel there I've got the long barrel this helps out with velocity and range and control so a nice little three in one and then I go for the leveler compensator, this mainly helps out with horizontal but it does actually give you some vertical and some gun kick for only a 14%, decrease in ads speed which is not bad by comparison there's a lot of benefits there that you're getting for very minimal cons so honestly this makes the bass be very controllable, and you're just going to fry even more with this setup now next up here we do have one of our new weapons for season 1 the xrk.

Modern warfare 3 best xrk stalker class setup

Modern warfare 3 best xrk stalker class setup

Stalker sniper, now keep in mind that with the new seasons. I'm always going to give you guys the new loadouts for the new weapons so that you have them available. That doesn't necessarily mean they're always in the top 10, though it's in this article, of course, because it's new, but I wouldn't consider the stalker.

Mw3 best mcw class setup for season 1

Mw3 best mcw class setup for season 1


Maybe the easiest gun in the game this thing is still frying, here in season 1 super low recoil so point and shoot anyone can pick this thing up and do with it and it's got a great ttk and great damage so initially here all the guns are invisible today it would seem I've got the MK3, reflector yet again once more go for whatever your best choice of optic is there got the A90 Venom stock for better movement and strafe speed just making it more aggressive as a rifle here so you can still run and Gun with it I got the mammoth heavy barrel it's just better velocity and better range no added control here but it's so easy you don't really need that added control especially when we're getting horizontal out of the Cassis break here only horizontal so basically no ads con here and just makes the pattern even more predictable, then I got the choke angled grip helps out even more with horizontal and some movement speed there only hurts the vertical on this gun it's just too easy right so that's not really a huge deal whatsoever.

Probably my favorite gun in the game, but if I'm just looking to have some fun and fry, I'm defaulting to the MCW.

Modern warfare 3 best mtz 556 class setup after season 1 update

Loadout 4 here is going to be the MTZ. This thing is kind of the king of TTK. In the rifle category right now, it fries whether you're fighting at 20 M or 60 M. This thing's really good; it's really aggressive too.

I have it built out for mid- to long-range. You could also do the inverse and build this thing out for close to mid-range. As well, I got the slate reflector in this case. I just like to mix things up here and there, but the reflector is a good choice. As well, you have plenty of options here with the Olay laser to keep it nice and aggressive, even if I'm in some mid-range fights with better ads and Sprint of Fire.

I got the Drifter heavy barrel; this is going to have better velocity range and control; it just makes it a lot more consistent. There is some horizontal side-to-side balance here, so this helps out some with that; the flash hder does as well, but it's also giving you vertical control, so just overall recoil and control; only about 9% decrease on ad speed, not too bad for 13 across the board; then the choke-angled grip yet again; better horizontal control; the vertical is not really all that bad in this case, so I can run and gun with this thing; I can post up and fry over range.

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