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New modern warfare 3 meta after season 1

New modern warfare 3 meta after season 1

We saw a pretty significant meta update and then also our first major edition of new weapons with the season 1 battle pass, and so today we are breaking down the new general overview of the Modern Warfare 3 multiplayer, meta going through, and ranking all the guns.

All mw3 & mw2 weapons ranked for modern warfare 3 multiplayer

So we are here on my Modern Warfare 3 weapons tier list, and you might notice something a little bit different.

We kind of got the Christmas colors going on here because I saw on the last time, or, I guess, the first time, that we went through and ranked the MW3, meta with all the MW3, guns. So I have gone through and added in, I believe, every single MW2, Gun now, and ranked it accordingly. I figured I would just do it.

Check all the stats in the back end and obviously do my testing as well that I've been messing around with since launch actually using these guns, and you know, save us a good 20 minutes of ranking these 73 weapons from MW2. But I have gone through and ranked these accordingly; some are a bit more obvious and some are a bit more difficult to, you know, say, okay, this is definitively better than this and that but worse than this, but this is sort of how it's sitting right now, and of course we've got all these season 1 updates to go through and adjust this list with, so I've got my notes over here now with all of the weapon changes from the season 1 patch.

New modern warfare 3 season 1 weapons ranked

New modern warfare 3 season 1 weapons ranked

Notes First things first, we have to start off. We do technically have four new weapons; we haven't revisited this list since the eraticator dropped, and quite frankly, it is a competitive list. When it comes down to dropping it in here with the other lmgs in the category, that mixed fire rate is really rewarding, especially if you're super accurate the second you start shooting it, but overall it's a super low recoil, pretty powerful lmg, absolutely competitive up there with some of the other better options that we've got.


The Ram 7 is an interesting one. I personally think this feels a lot like the OG Ram 7 from MW 2019 in War Zone 1. It's not something that I think is going to fry. Against maybe the hoger or the MCW overrange, because its recoil is a little bit tricky a little bit awkward but it absolutely is like right on the verge of that I think if you are a super accurate players someone who is just dominant with recoil control and can fry over long ranges, this could be considered absolute meta for most players I think getting used to this gun it'll be more so competitive it's especially good as like a mid-range, rifle just because of how the recoil and the fire rate works but overall it's feeling, very nice, then we have the xrk stalker and honestly, it seems like it's just a very competitive sniper overall for the most part I don't think snipers in this game are too stand itish at least in multiplayer, the cat can one shot obviously the long bow is crazy for quick scoping, the inhibitor is pretty dominant and the stalker I would say is a nice mix of like the inhibitor.

And the cat; it's obviously bolt action, but it's a little bit more aggressive; you can actually run around and quick scope with it, so I'll give this the competitive drop as well. Then, lastly, we have the stor Ender, which quite frankly isn't a very serious gun because it's just really meant for taking out streaks and taking out equipment, so it's obviously very niche; that's the most obvious drop in that we've had so far this year.

I would say not realistically, using this to get kills in any sense whatsoever.

All modern warfare 3 meta updates explained

All modern warfare 3 meta updates explained

Definitely a weird weapon to mess around with , but now that we've got all the weapons reranked, we have to now go through and adjust based on the various weapons. Buffs and Nerfs from the season 1 updates, so I'll be referencing my notes. Initially, the MTZ 556 is what is kind of the King of the rifle category right now in terms of overall ttk.

I actually got some Nerfs, but it was just to its hipfire, which isn't really a huge deal unless you are a hipfire-only player. I mean, if you're going to be advertising this, whether you're building it out from mid- to long-range or close to mid-range, it's still going to be frying, and it's got a crazy fast ttk, so that doesn't really change it out of absolute meta.

cod mw3

Now the bass B, arguably the single best gun in the game, has some semi-auto multiplier buffs, so when you are using it in the semi-auto version, if you hit like the lower body and whatnot, it'll feel a little bit stronger. Personally, I would still recommend using it in full auto; that's where it's going to fry the most, and that's why it's the best gun in the game.

The Sidewinder, our lone garbage tier weapon, actually got some buffs here, but they were more so based around some attachments; it did get an ad buff, and then some of the attachments are now better for recoil control. But it's still a super awkward, very obnoxious, very clunky weapon, and I'm going to keep it a buck.

Still, it's the only gun that's going to be staying in the garbage as of right now. This thing needs a lot of help. To get out of even just garbage and get to below average, a lot has to be done. Curiously enough, the striker actually got some buffs as well. It's ads speed and its sprint to fire got buffed.

It's ttk does fall off obviously in the mid-range some; it's better than the other SMGs in the mid-range, but it does fall off compared to rifles; it's still going to be that dominant rifle meta in multiplayer, but it's a more aggressive and reliable Striker than before, so that's definitely a nice upgrade.

modern warfare 3

I also get an ads and a Sprint to fire buff but ultimately, this thing needs some damage tweaks to get upgraded so it's nice that it's a little bit more Snappy and aggressive but it's ttk is still a little bit lacking now the Lockwood 680 got a tack stance buff where they basically just fixed a glitch with the tack stance spread so that's not really changing its overall level here but it's going to be more efficient in tax stance now the MCW, 6.8, is actually getting an upgrade it's probably overdue, this probably should have been up already in the competitive category from before but it's main issue is that when you use the conversion kit which is what I'd recommend to make this gun a competitive gun versus an average there was some glitches where it wouldn't actually be able to be visible when you were shooting your hand would like stick in front of your face there were all sorts of bugs and glitches they fixed that and then its overall damage profile with the conversion kit is just nasty so definitely a more competitive, option now they are going crazy, with mowers and I'm pretty sure it's like 30°, outside now a lot of MW2.

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