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Modern warfare ii worst to best introduction

Modern warfare ii worst to best introduction

Well, you're about to find out about all these shotguns' unique stats and how they stack up against each other because you clicked on a Modern Warfare 2 or 2 Best series where I rank all weapons within a class after I unlock Platinum camo and have a considerable amount of experience with each quick.

Disclaimer: This article includes the four launch shotguns. I compare DLC weapons and seasonal update articles, meaning the KV broadside will be covered in the Season 2 Reloaded update in about a week or two first, Locking down the number 4 spot as the worst shotgun in Modern Warfare 2 is the Lockwood 300.

4th place shotgun (worst!)

This double-barreled shotgun specializes in long-range engagements, and it's the most consistent when it comes to getting one-shot kills, but to balance that, they made this a slower weapon. Typically, you'll want to kick this out for maximum range, which will slow down the weapon significantly. The play style with the Lockwood is also slow due to the fact that you are constantly reloading.


The weapon is difficult because with the double barrel shotgun, you only have two shots, and there's a lot of bobbing and weaving in between cover while you spend time doing those reloads. That's why, when you use this weapon, you want to make sure you're getting the most out of each shot by making sure you're aiming down sights.

Things like that hip fire are okay, but you definitely want to aim down sights because the Lockwood does have the best ads and pellet spread in class, so you want to maximize your odds of Landing all your pellets for those one-shot kills makes the Lockwood a cool weapon. It's fun to use, but it's just not very versatile.

For the reasons I share, if it had a faster reload speed or maybe they amplified the range or damage a little bit, I'd be advocating for this, but the Lockwood we have right now is just okay. It's viable, and you can get some impressive one shots with it, but it's not exceptionally great at being a primary weapon, which is the role shotguns have in Modern Warfare 2.

3rd place shotgun

3rd place shotgun

The magazine also makes for a faster reload than the other shotguns, and it has the most ammo to work with 8 in the magazine, so there's really no frustration when it comes to reloading or managing your ammo like you do with the other three shotguns.

But all of that means nothing if the Bryson 890s are damaged. Overall the maximum damage range where pellets will disappear into nothing is 24 meters, which is the shortest range in the class. I mentioned that because it's something you should be aware of, but it's not necessarily bad; it's one-shot kill range.

Which is far more important, isn't it? The worst of all these shotguns is actually on par with a lot of its competition. In reality, the Bryson 890 may be a bit less consistent in one-shot kills, but it does get one-shot kills within what you'd expect for shotgun range. It has more than enough firepower to do well, and its speed gives it an advantage over some of the other shotguns.

The 890 also boasts the best hipfire accuracy in its class. I can confidently say that the hipfire one-shot kill consistency on the 890 is absolutely amazing, but I just don't feel like it's anything special necessarily.

2nd place shotgun

2nd place shotgun

I do think it's more versatile than the Lockwood at this point in time, but let's move on to the next shotgun because my placement for the 890 may make a bit more sense once we bring that into the picture, so at the number two spot, the runner-up for best shotgun is the other Bryson The Bryson 800 is also a pump action shotgun; it's the base version of the Bryson series, but it's tube fed rather than magazine fed, so you're going to be reloading your shotgun shells.

Shell by shell, all of the Bryson 800s have non-damage stats that are average, which is a good thing. There's no strong downside to, you know, aiming down sights, sprinting to fire, or anything like that. As for its damage, the Bryson's 800 damage is on par with the Lockwood's 300. The max range for its one-shot kill falloff is only one meter shorter than the Lockwood This thing packs some punch.

The Bryson 800 may not be as consistent at getting one-shot kills as the Lockwood is, especially the further out your target is, but it's pretty darn close. On top of its decent damage, you have more ammo to work with compared to the Lockwood. Faster handling and a much faster reload that can be made even faster with a guard attachment make this weapon even more versatile.

The Bryson 800 is pretty well rounded; I think it's the most well-rounded shotgun among the four. When I first did my side-by-side comparisons. I flipped between preferring the 800 and the 890 several times while working on this article, but over time the 800 proved itself to be much more consistent in getting one-shot kills and fewer hit markers, which is why it's at the second-best spot.

1st place shotgun (best!)

1st place shotgun (best!)

We're on the road to 50 000 subscribers, and any support is appreciated now, the number one best shotgun. In Modern Warfare 2, the launch shotguns are going to be the Expedited 12. Yes, the expedited 12 This semi-auto shotgun started off at the bottom of this list because, if I remember correctly, it was wildly inconsistent and frustrating to use while leveling up, perhaps.

It gets better with attachments, or perhaps I was just using it wrong at first, but whenever I pulled out the expedite 12 for comparison gameplay in this article. I was straight-clapping at my cheeks with it. The expedite 12 is that its one-shot kill range fall off is extremely harsh. You can see in my gameplay with your own eyes that with this shotgun, in close quarters combat, you can get one-shot kills no problem, and it being a semi-auto allows you to rack up multiple kills fast, and it just feels absolutely amazing when that happens.


But, as I mentioned, there's a certain point where its range drops off and it just stops dealing damage, and then it's a questionable two- to three-shot kill. This is also the only shotgun without a barrel, so you're stuck with the default range, and obviously, this can be frustrating. One likes getting hit markers, but when you are at the hit marker range, it is a semi-auto, so you can't get those follow-up shots off somewhat fast, and it does become less frustrating once you learn the strengths of the weapon: you learn when to hit fire, you learn when to aim down sights, and you learn that this also benefits from faster movement and handling speeds with attachments that are geared towards improving those stats, so over time you'll learn that you can close the distance on enemies and you'll have more success using it that way.

Ranking all Call of Duty Modern Warfare II Shotguns based on their stats AND my experience from unlocking Platinum Camo in multiplayer! This video includes the Lockwood 300 double barrel, Expedite 12 semi-auto, Bryson 800 and Bryson 890 pump action.
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