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Guess what modern Warfare 3's $70 DLC is actually kind of free right now. As you can see in my game, we have a free trial for Hardcore Quickplay Rusman 247. Mosh Pit War, as well as Ground War, just figured I'd let you guys know I'm going to be doing my best to try to cover a lot of different things that came with this Modern Warfare 3 update, and right off of the bat we have a bunch of different multiplayer game modes that you can just play for free.

You don't have to actually pay for the game, so if you want to see how the game is, now's your chance, and it's essentially free to play, so you don't have to potentially waste your money on the game if you don't like it. By the way, if you're going to check out the free trial, I would highly recommend checking out the war mode, based on my experience playing Modern Warfare 3 multiplayer.

This is the best game mode that you can play. It's nostalgic, it has the best map flow, it has the best variety of weapons that can be used in different sections, and it's pretty objective while also allowing you to get a lot of kills or slaughter each other on the tiny maps. I mean, really, it's up to you.

You can play anything you want. I just really think that war is one of the best things to play next. I kind of forgot to check this, but every single week they're basically giving us some kind of brand new aftermarket parts to go after. I don't know what that was; nothing changed. Wait, did they just take Hardcore out of the free trial?

Wait, what happened? To be honest. I'm not exactly sure if Hardcore Quickplay was taken out of the free trial, but it could have been that we just got a playlist update, so going back to what I was saying before, if we go to challenges you go to weekly for week one of season 1, they gave us the Jack Head Hunter carbine conversion kit for the Rival 9, which turned it into a three-round burst SMG, but for week two.

We got this Jack Bullseye attachment. Now here's the thing: I was really hoping that we were going to get the four-round burst attachment for, I think, the Hoger 556, which would basically turn it into the M8 A1 from Black Ops 2. I can't wait for that to actually be added, but we didn't get it this week instead we got it, a new sight attachment, but it's actually kind of cool, and I'm going to show you we are going to have some fun goofing around with this.

I put it on the Longbow, and this should actually be pretty cool because it now gives us an iron sight sniper, which I don't think we currently have, at least for Modern Warfare 3 weapons. It's going to be a little weird to aim. I'm not going to lie; you'd probably be better off Red Dot sniping, but this is new and unique, and I want to try to hit something with it.

I don't think we could put it on the XRK, stalker, or brand new sniper, and I don't think you could put it on this thing. Okay, we have to scroll accidentally through the millions of Scopes, but I don't think no, we don't have it. Yeah, I'm pretty sure you can't get it for the cat AMR either; it's only for certain weapons.

I'm going to try to find the list of weapons you can put it on. Yeah, so I went back to the patch nose, and it just says very low profile. Optic-limited interference from the framework offers an exceptionally clear sight picture, compatible with most weapon categories. I'm not going to lie; that's not very helpful.

I guess for this article I'll just use it on the Longbow, but yeah, as far as it goes for game modes that we currently have for multiplayer, 12 V12 Mosh Pit ST, which is amazing. I'm really glad that they did not remove it. We do have Grease 247; it's basically a 6v6 Mosh Pit playlist for just Greece.

I don't think I'll really be playing this too much, especially because Grease can actually show up in the 12 vs. 12 Mosh Pit, but it is there if you just want to play Greece. Wait, they removed all our nothing. I was just about to play All or Nothing; it was there, and they removed it. I don't know why they just took it out.

I'm pretty sure we were supposed to get that well. We don't really have anything too new to play, so I don't think I've played Gunfight yet, and honestly, I can't remember if this was just added or not. I'm pretty sure this got added with the launch of season 1. I just haven't played Gunfight, yet strangely enough, I'm going to take us to Russman 24/7.

Because that's going to be the best place to use the iron sight Longbow but I also wanted to go over the patch notes too now when it comes to going over the patch notes I really only like to cover the most important, stuff so we'll just kind of dive into that they say here that they address an issue experienced, by some players that cause items previously unlocked, to become unavailable to equip now I don't know if that's spefic speically referring to camos I know that was the case for some people but this is kind of a vague description so it doesn't really let us know exactly what's going on for bug fixes they say that the kills column on the scoreboard, is now going to properly track in the war mode which is really great because there was really no way to see how many kills you had in war at all right iron sight Longbow.

Time, what the, [__] my. God, I just spawned there, holy Lord. I'm going to say it, I'm not the biggest fan, but if you can hit something with this longbow, like if you hit an iron sight clip with this thing, it's going to be pretty cool. I can't get used to that. Wait, maybe I, Ugly. Ah. H long range is tough; that is a difficult shot to hit; our team's basically been spawn trapping them; I'm the only person that's not; I'm having a hard time existing in this Lobby, yeah, iron sight Longbow.

I don't know if it feels kind of terrible to use, but if you can hit something with it, it's going to look pretty cool now. This next update is a pretty huge W, especially for people who are going for camo challenges, especially for the launchers. You can now destroy the ACs, the Com Scrambler, the Deployable Cover Medbox, Munitions Box portable radar, suppression mine tactical camera tack insertion, as well as the trophy system.

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