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Let's hop into it. We're big S-D people, but these classes, most importantly, I want to specify that these are my classes. What works for me may not work for you. If you see one of these classes and you think to yourself, "Man, this sucks," that's fine; you don't have to use it. This is just what I like to use as an aggressive pub sand player.

I like to rush. I like to play aggressively; that's what I'm all about. These are what my classes are tuned and made for. I hope they help, and I hope you like them. servers, anyway.

Perks and equipment

Starting things off with my perk and equipment set up for this game, first things first, my secondary, unless it's an Overkill class, is always running a knife for the speed boost that it gives you run much faster with and the knife than anything else in this game it's, the way to go if you're gonna rush it has been that way on Call of Duty for years if you want to rush use a knife secondary swap to it and run your route.

best modern warfare 2 settings

I've run the stronger name just simply because I prefer the fact that when I throw a stone grenade it hits somebody that means that exactly where my son landed is where that enemy is and I like having that knowledge rather than flashing somebody and if they are a good player they know how to just run out and hide and get out of the way after their flash because they know the map so well and so that just puts me unknown, where I don't know exactly where they are and my flash feels kind of useless at times so I tend to go stunned instead.

I also really like running smokes on certain maps for certain rush routes to get through areas without dodging snipers and having enemies not know where I am. It's hard, but flash grades are probably the number one overall. I just really prefer the stone grenade. I'm old school; that used to be what we ran in COD, and then flashes got really good, and I stay old school.

best mw2 settings

I am stunned as far as perk packages go, including the double Time Bomb Squad resupply. There are a lot of perk options in this game, and there are a lot of reasons why I don't run certain perks and run others. So we're just going to simply go over the four that I have on right now at double time for rushing.

This is unexplainable; I don't need to explain it. Just kind of give up and die; it's kind of a trade-off I go with, but bomb squad, I still think, is more helpful despite it being a pretty bad resupply. Now, resupply is. I think, the most important perk that I run, and a lot of people don't run it, and I kind of think it's super slept on, especially with how good lethals and tacticals in this game are.

Resupply gives you new equipment and gives you two nades instead of one, and it resupplies it for 25 seconds. very good, especially in a game where we can sound where people are and throw equipment at them based on where we sound for them. I love running resupply, mainly so I could double-nade off spawns, but also because later in the round having an extra shot or an extra grenade is great.

best search and destroy class

Super helpful; let's talk about the ultimate perks. My ultimate perk of choice is Ghost simply because, as a solo player, I've recently joined a lot of games where enemies already have streaks, so I'm running ghosts. If I wasn't late joining 24-7, my second choice would be Quick Fix as a rusher. Being able to heal really quickly would be my go-to for sure, but unfortunately, I've recently joined into so many games where enemies already have it because I'm a solo s d player.

I know it's my own fault, but I do it anyway, so Ghost is my go-to. Other options include overclocking. It's really helpful, but it just isn't. The unfortunate truth is that as the dead silence is really almost silence in Modern Warfare 2, it's not completely silent; it takes forever to call it in; when you do call it in, it makes a loud ass ringing noise; and before you're able to have quieter footsteps, not silent footsteps, calling it dead silence is an accurate Infinity Ward; it's really almost silenced.

best snd class mw2

So overclocking is really not that helpful because dead sounds themselves aren't that helpful, and there are nine other field upgrades worth using in Search and Destroy in this game, Survivor. Just now, no, Tyler, I also think this is big. I think high alert is the crutch of crutch perks. If you use it, you're never going to improve.

With your game sense as a player, if you run on high alert because all it's going to do is save your ass so many times, you're just going to expect it to save you, and you're never going to actually think and learn to think about where enemies are going to be. You just won't. When I play Search and Destroy, which I've played for so many years.

I will go through and I will think in my head where are enemies likely to be, where are spots I'm likely to check because I'm pushing different areas, and I got there by dying to enemies sitting in these spots over and over and over again, and with high alert, you're not going to attack those enemies.

You're going to get saved by a high alert, and you're going to kill him when you kill the enemies. Don't think about why you killed them; just think, I killed him. Move on. When you die and make mistakes, that's when you learn the most, and if you're not doing that, you're not going to improve as a player.

Don't run on high alert so that you can improve to the point where you won't need it, period. Don't use it; filter crates of dead silence are the go-to. It makes your footsteps terribly silent. No, it does it in Infinity War. Stop lying stop lying it makes your footsteps almost silent. There could still be a sound hoard making some ringing noise when you call it in, so yeah, please fix it.

Change the name, at least if you're going to lie to us about it not being dead silence. You know what I mean, like at least change the name to almost silent. Own it if you're going to give us a shitty Dead Silence these own this is okay. Thank you anyway. Dead sounds to fill up greater runs We all know this. Use it even though it's not that great.

Class setups

Class setups

Moving out of classes You guys know my best STD classes. I like to mix in guns that are fun and new and things that I think are underrated and deserve more love alongside the actual meta weapons of the game. Speaking of the new gun, the Intervention, aka the FJX Imperium, here's the setup for it.

We have the attack commando 19 barrel, voc70w. Laser the mcpr scope a scope is honestly personal preference I prefer the mcpr one SPX was really good if you like the default one rock that too scope's kind of more personal preference but I like running one you got the stock the fjx kilo Tack and then the fjx blast bolt tuning, for the attachments right here we got the barrel, the laser, the scope, and the stock.

Modern Warfare 2 Best SnD Class Setups Settings SEASON 3! MWII Search and Destroy Class Guide.
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