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best modern warfare 2 settings

Squad We have reached the end. It is season six, the final season of Modern Warfare 2. Leave a like if you do. If you are new to the channel, you'd like Search and Destroy. It's going to be a favorite. Subscribe and join the squad. I promise I have something for you that you'll enjoy anyway; let's hop into it.

One last time for Modern Warfare 2: what works for me may not work for you. I am an aggressive Search and Destroy player who plays on keyboard and mouse, and my class setups are set up to match my playstyle while accommodating to the Search and Destroy meta, so if there's any class in it that you're looking at, you're going my way.

This is terrible; he's fine, just don't use it. It's really simple anyway, though. Let's get into the article. Things started off with the perks I run in Search and Destroy. The setup I run the most today is double-time bomb squad, fast hands, quick fix, double time, of course, so I can have tax credit longer, so I completely aggressively bomb squad for, you know.

best mw2 settings

I'd say, 30 percent of the time when it actually works. It's helpful, so it's worth running for that reason alone. The fact that we're in season six and they still haven't fixed the issue or bomb squad just straight up doesn't work. Fast Hands because I like to reload my weapons faster and use my equipment faster, etc.

I also think that another phenomenal option is restocking. I used to restock all the time, and then I switched over to fast hands because I keep running into this issue where I'll have my knife out and I'll try to swatch my weapon and it won't swap to my weapon if you know what I mean then you know what I mean but, yeah, fast hands kind of gets rid of that; it doesn't happen to me nearly as often as I run fast hands, and being able to reload quicker has helped me out in rushes, so I've started running fast chance of a restock, really for that reason.

Because of the stupid swap weapon glitch, I grew to like Fast Chance Restock, which I also think is a phenomenal option. Now moving on to my ultimate perk, there's a lot of good options for ultimate perks. My personal favorite is, of course, Quick Fix, and then in some scenarios, I swap over to Ghost Ghost, which is very good to run, especially if you're a solo player like myself.

best search and destroy class

But it's not as nice as quick fixes now, especially if you can play on offense with the bomb and basically be invincible as long as you're holding it as far as the other ultimate perks. Go overclock Another good option to get that dead silence as quickly as humanly possible is Survivor. If you use this, you're blind.

There is nothing wrong with it, but there is nothing really great about it either. It does give you that whole UAV pink thing, which is kind of helpful, but you could sound horse so well in this game. You really don't need it, in my opinion, and then high alert. I know that's what high alerts are meant to do; they're meant to save your butt, but that's the problem: if you get used to high alerts saving your butt, you'll never learn and grow the game sense to understand where that guy is before high alerts have to save your butt, so don't use it instead.

best snd class mw2

Learn from your mistakes. Leave, those, and tacticals The Flash and Fragrinate are by far the two best options in this game. I swap out frags sometimes for drill charges, sem taxes, or thermites, all for one reason: riots and shields suck, and they drive me crazy. So, I've typically swapped to a thermite forum.

Sometimes Jill tries; sometimes it just depends on how I'm feeling about the map I'm playing on, but usually it's a fragment or thermite for me in my classes. You guys know I love my spontaneous, and if you don't know, I love my spawn, AIDS. Included within those routes are my spawn names, which consistently get me a lot of kills, so if you want to check out those restaurant articles, they're linked.

modern warfare 2

I swap out flash with smoke depending on the map I'm playing on, like Shoot House. For example, I love running smoke routes on the classic straight down the middle, so we run smokes for that and a couple other maps. Besides that. I'm usually running flash grenades and Eastern stunts on this game, and I kind of stopped using him simply because stuns were just really good, but I just didn't last long enough, whereas The Flash lasts a little bit longer, and it's overall just more annoying in this game but just kind of better, and once you've died at the attack many, many times, you decide to just run the best tactical instead of being nice and running the stuns, so I run flash grenades now, um stem shots not that great in this game they're just okay.

They're helpful on the go when you're getting shot at, but if you're in a hurry, I don't really see the point of running a stem shot. Moving, On to my actual episode with my favorite sniper in the game, the fjx Imperium, aka the intervention. Am I blinded by nostalgia with this one? Yes, 100 you could tell by the fall camo on the blueprint that it has the old intervention audio.

modern warfare 2 search and destroy

Listen to MW2. This is my first Cod. What can I say? But I do enjoy the intervention a lot. My class set up, and we got the fuel wrap handle, the 7 mW laser, the McPr optic, the kilo tack stock, and the FJ FGX blast. Bolt, as far as tuning goes, we have the tuning for the handle right here, the tuning for the laser, the tuning for the scope, and, finally, the tuning for the stock.

Movement MP5: This is what I run because I can't just run a secondary with a knife as a primary. I happened to be able to overkill secondary, so I can run a knife if I'm just going to run a pistol. What happened to what we did with that for so long, Call of Duty, and then we stopped? I don't understand, but what?

I have here a max speed MP5; it's a 15-round mag with no stock, the pulse barrel, which is the sprint speed, and the movement speed barrel. I run that way, so if I can't run a knife secondary for rushing, this is as close as I can get to being able to run fast. I have less tax Sprint, but the MP5 moves really, really fast, so it just about matches the rust route timings if you're trying to rush and go pistol only, moving on to that secondary.

modern warfare 2 search and destroy class

I talked about the f-tax Siege, aka the time again, with a new blueprint they added. I have been enjoying this weapon a lot since that new boot came out, and it really is a dumb pistol. Like, this shouldn't be a pistol; they should have just made this an SMG. It's technically a handgun, but, like, it's an SMG.

Okay, listen, Treyarch, I made it in SMG and Cold War; we can just make it in SMG in this game too, all right, but anyways, I'm not going to complain. I like having a pocket SMG sometimes for class setup. We have the 72-round drum, of course, the rebel underbrell, the Super Attack Barrel, the siege wire stock, and the 160-grip tuning for the grip right here.

Modern Warfare 2 Best SnD Class Setups Settings SEASON 6! MWII Search and Destroy Class Guide.
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