News - I Spent 100 Days Sniping On Warzone 2


I finally completed the Orion Mastery camo grind, or Orion. Yeah, what you've been watching in the background while I've been talking are some fails and attempts at me going for a no-scope Ender headshot, which is the challenge you need to get for Orion, camo, not a no-skill Bender, but a headshot because for Orion you need 51 polyatomic guns, and to get polyatomic on a gun you need 25 headshots, and the Victa sniper was the last gun I needed to be polyatomic.

So I was going for a no-skill Bender headshot with that, so it wasn't just like a normal headshot, like I'm trying to be boring. I'm trying to hit a cool clip, especially considering it took me like three months to get you familiar with my trick shot. I've got to be flashy with it; I can't just do it normal.

I was trying to do it as a trick shot as well, but that just did not work out. I was not getting any headshots, as you guys saw in the beginning. I'm happy with it. I didn't know the scope of it, but hey, like, I was saying, "Yeah, when I'm not busy and I'm in the mood to play some MW2," but not a trick shot.

I've enjoyed the last few Cod games as well, which people definitely don't agree with, like how I loved Cold War and Vanguard, which I know is a very unpopular opinion, but hey. I always had a good time playing them. I liked them. I'll probably even try uploading those games again here soon because I know MW2 and Warzone 2 are performing great on YouTube.


I'm hoping this season 2 update here on February 15th fixes a lot of the things people aren't enjoying about the game. Hopefully get some more people back on it because I really love doing this whole YouTube thing, but it's hard to sustain a channel on MW2 right now without going back and uploading old gods like iw4x and VO2 plutonium.

And don't get me wrong, I love those old Call of Duty games like MW2, BO2, MW3, even Ghosts. really cool, but I don't know if they're my thing. On top of that, my ultimate goal with this trick shooting thing is to bring new people into trick shooting and keep it alive because I've enjoyed it for so long and I don't want it to die out, and unfortunately, clients are limited to PC and aren't cross-play like a lot of the recent Cod games, which were like Xbox and PlayStation.


On PC, we can all play and trick shoot with each other, but I feel like the new console does better at bringing new people into trick shooting. It helps keep trick shooting and just the game alive on YouTube in general. Yeah, what you're watching in the background now is a bunch of the clips that I got while I was grinding for camos since the game's been out; some of them are nice, some of them are definitely not, but I want to show off a bunch of the 51 guns I had to use to get the camos, some of them for gold, some of the And then finally.

Orion. They're not technically clips by any standards at all, more or less just highlights that were thrown together from the ground with a color correction and some music behind them; they're not like sorted by date or anything like that; they literally just threw them together. But don't worry, the trick shooting articles you guys know and love aren't going anywhere.

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Thanks to racer. Jaden, server Sage. Zeppos, and anyone else who has been helping me out with that as well. I actually still have a bunch of old footage on all those old cards, so they never ended up uploading like the footage on MW2. MW3. B01, and BO2. We've got almost a thousand trick shooters in there, on every console, so, like I said, if you aren't in there yet, join up and help us reach that number.

I don't have an exact specific time, but normally around midnight Eastern Standard Time, which I know is late. I'll try to be earlier than that, but I make no promises at all; normally, I'm actually late, but hey, let me try. I'll try for like 11 or something, but I'm going to be giving away a bunch of free stuff, including a G-Fuel tub and a G-Fuel starter kit, which is like seven different flavor packets in a shaker of your choice.

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Um, what else is a Burger Town skin for MW2? and a piece of my merchandise, which is actually another thing I can pull up real quick from my merchandise. I don't know if you guys even know I dropped it because I didn't promote it like crazy, but I actually dropped a merchandise line. It's very affordable.


I wouldn't say cheap. And one more random thing I just thought of off the top of my head; I don't even know why, but if anyone watching this knows anyone that can do those modded cameras on Modern Warfare 2019, you can get like dark matter and the Tama camo from Vanguard or something like that. Peace out everyone out.

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