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I'm going to give you a new top 5 best loadouts for Ashikaga Island War, zone 2. So the first thing is that the Tempest Tour is not something that you want to use. I know a lot of people have been excited because it's a new weapon; don't use it; there's just no point in using it; it's not meta; it does kill pretty fast; but it's not meta; it's going to be pretty hard to use.

So, what we're going to start out with is the iso Hemlock, which we're going to throw in the Harbinger D20 for. The sound suppression bullet velocity damage range and recourse smoothness are at the cost of aim down sight speed, aim stability, and aim walking speed, but the bullet velocity is at 0.87 inches and the recost movement is at 0.54 ounces.

On the filter t50 for the damage range, bullet velocity, hip fire accuracy, and recoil control are sacrificed at the cost of aim downside speed, hip recoil control, and movement speed. Remember, this is AR, so advertising isn't super important, but we will make sure it's taken care of. The damage range is 0.17 inches and the recoil steadiness is 2.15 pounds, but on the F-type River 56, for aiming out stability, hip fire accuracy, and recoil stabilization at the cost of walking speed and aim down sight speed, the aiming out stability is 0.35 inches and the recoil stabilization is 0.65 ounces, but on the same filter.

best loadouts

On the 45 mag, if you don't want to use that, you can start out with the base, which is 30, but I don't recommend it. That's only if you want more movement and downside speed and support for firing speed, and last but not least, the amount V4 is set to is too high. And check out how powerful this thing is; you don't even have to try.

And it's just meta. It's meta there's no better gun, at least in the AR category, right now. This is the best weapon to use if you want to get into long-range gun fights with easy kills; that's what you want to use. We're going to move on to the Vasnab. The Vasnab is incredible; if you want to use the Cas one, you can, but you don't really have to use it.

call of duty

The only downside is that your damage range will go downhill if you don't use it. The alternative is if you don't use a casing one. I would recommend either throwing on one of the muzzles, which will most likely be , which one is it the lock shot, which is for the horizontal and vertical recoil control, but if you use the casing one, it's for damage range hip fire, which is actually bullet velocity at the cost of hip speed, or Eco control, which is to tune the damage ever so slightly, but the recoil steadiness is the thing I focus more on for 0.44 pounds.

I also put on the 45-round mag. Now, this does decrease movement speed, aim down side speed, and support to fire speed, but I do recommend having as many available as possible just because this is a war zone and not a competitive one, so they're going to take a little bit longer to kill. They still kill credibly fast with this loadout, but you just want to make sure you have enough bullets to get the job done.

The true attacker for Sprint is the cost of recoil control, which is a true attacker for Sprint to slow the fire speed to negative 15 inches, and the recoil control is 0.58 ounces for On the broadside FCT for aiming stability, crash movement speed, downside speed, and sprint speed at the cost of aiming walking speed and recoil control now.

call of duty warzone 2

I set the aiming out stability to 0.70 inches and the inbound side speed to negative 3.87 ounces. The outcome is beautiful, and this thing is very easy. As you guys see, super low recoil is the only downside; long-range gunfights are probably a little more difficult. Really, struggling to get this job done now if you have an aim light chain, you won't really have this issue show you it really is kind of basic.

All you have to do is kind of get an idea of controlling the left and right swing. I don't really know how to explain it other than basically, this is what you're going to be doing when you're controlling The Recoil. It's really hard to explain, like that's really the only way I can explain it, like that's how you control the recoil of the vasnav for super long range; otherwise, you're just holding down for medium range.

call of duty warzone 2 best loadouts

I don't know why it changes that much for long-distance gunfights, but that's really all it is, so next we're going to move on to another weapon, which is going to be the MP5. Now the MP5 is my baby; I love this weapon so much. It's super easy to use, and this loadout right here is actually pretty incredible, so put on the VLK laser at 7 mW for aim and downside speed.

Amy's Stability: Sprint to fire speed, but the laser is visible in ads, which, honestly, who cares? This is a public game, so they're not going to be that good in the first place. I don't change the feet, but I do change the weight. Um, so that's a negative 0.23 ounces for the Sprint to fire speed 40-round mag.

9 millimeters over pressure set the bullet velocity to 4.94 grains of damage, a range of 0.45 gram, and a Merc 4 grip. For hip fire accuracy and stainless steel hip recoil control, aim walking steadiness and aim down sight speed do get reduced, but set the aim down sight speed to negative 0.28 inches and that does get taken care of; set the weight to negative 0.62 ounces for hip walking speed.


Trust me, you do want to have that on there, and then the LM stockless mod for aim downside speed, sprint to fire speed movement speed, and hip recoil control at the cost of aiming recoil control, aiming stability, and flinch resistance. None of that matters, trust me, because you're going to have really good movement with this weapon right here, like the movement is actually fantastic.

Another amazing thing is that despite all the downsides, you still have amazing recoil control from short to medium range, so you have a fantastic weapon that actually has great movement, great recoil, and great control. I mean, what more could you really ask for? I actually do have RPK classes, but not the ones you want to use.

You want to use this class right here. Rpk, the polar fire s, for sound suppression, bullet velocity, image range, and recall smoothness at the cost of aim downside speed and aiming stability, sets the bullet velocity at 0.32 inches and the recoil smoothness at 0.32 ounces; F-tac gripper 56 for aiming out stability, hip fire accuracy, and recoil stabilization at the cost of walking speed and aim down sight speed.


Set the aiming stability at 0.21 inches and the recoil stabilization at 0.44 ounces for high-velocity 7.62mm rounds for bullet velocity at the cost of damage range. I maxed out the below-average velocity, but that did not change the damage range. Now, you're probably wondering why because the recoil will actually go downhill.

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