News - The New "pro Player" Mcw Class Has No Recoil Warzone 2. Best Mcw Class Setup - Warzone 2

Best mcw class setup mw3

Best mcw class setup mw3

In this article, we're taking a look at the new Pro Player MCW setup. This is a setup that the pros crafted, and we're going to see if it is dominant in public matches. I was able to drop two nukes with this, and I think a lot of you guys can tear it up as well. All right, let's take a look at the new Pro Player MCW class.

This is a very unique MCW setup; it's going to dominate at close ranges. Now, unlike my previous builds, we are not going to run a magazine, which the pro players are not utilizing, so now we are going to be running a rear grip in the RB claw. PSL is going to be a great option; they run it to increase overall recoil control, gun kick control, and firing aiming stability.

best mcw class

The pro players are still going to be rocking a stock; they're going to run the RB Regal heavy stock in order to drastically improve that recoil control a little bit more. Overall, this is a great attachment combo for the stock grip on the MC W. Now for the optics, the pro players are running the Slate reflector, and for me personally, I do like to mark the reflector.

But for the sake of building a pro-player setup, we are going to go ahead and run the Slate reflector. It gets a little bit, but it does take a little bit of getting used to after going from the Mark reflector. I'm not going to lie; now we are going to be skipping over the lasers. They are not utilizing this on their setups, and they are actually running a barrel, something that I never really run on the MCW.

We're going to utilize 16.5, in the MCW Cyclone long barrel to drastically improve the range of this load. Remember when I said this was going to be a mid-range setup? This is exactly why they are going to be running this barrel. Now they are running a muzzle, but it's going to be a muzzle that typically you would not run on the MCW.

best mcw class mw3

Normally you would rock a suppressor, that being the shadow strike suppressor or the VT7 spirit fire; instead, they're rocking the T51R. Break, which is going to be an interesting attachment, but I'm not going to lie, it is going to keep the recoil in check. This is going to allow us to have increased vertical recoil.

Bing is aiming for stability and a gun kick here. Now the C is going to be completely irrelevant because, again, this is going to be a mid-range setup, which we've already gone ahead and corrected with the barrel. Now for the final attachment; that's it. Actually, this is all we're going to run.

I'm so used to rocking either an underbarrel or a magazine. This is it. Now once you jump into the firing range, you're going to see here that we have a setup that does have a resp. Respectable ads, And at the same time, it is going to be a pretty decent setup if you are trying to go full auto across the map.

We're going to use what the pros are recommending. Now we are going to rock the Core 45 here, and we're going to be running the conversion kit we have on the 40-round drum, the SL skeletal vertical grip, the colossa suppressor XS version, and we do have the XRC dynamic precision stock here. We're running the Munitions Box.

Sky Venger gloves and covert sneakers B conduction headset to hear footstep and gun fry a lot easier, as well as ghost TV camo to keep us off the radar, and obviously we are going to be rocking that Comm vest, which gives us a 24/7 UAV. Every time you kill somebody and run over the body, we're going to get a beacon letting us know if anybody is in our vicinity.

Let's get in the game.

Mcw mgb nuke gameplay 1 mw3

Mcw mgb nuke gameplay 1 mw3

Plays : All right, let's get busy with the pro player, MCW, in a state. This is definitely a great map to run on. Stand This map is so much better in 10v10, but my God, yeah, as soon as I missed that snap, I knew I was dying. This map is so much better in 10v10, but I knew as soon as I went to 6v6, he was going to be slow, but the UAV was friendly on the way.

God, I knew I was going to die. I don't know where the hell the hell did that one shot go through the guy's back; it should have been collateral.

the NEW PRO PLAYER MCW CLASS has NO RECOIL in MW3! Best MCW Class Setup - Modern Warfare 3.
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