News - The Most "overpowered" Mcw Is Insane Warzone 2. Best Mcw Class Setup Warzone 2

best mcw class

If you guys are looking for an MCW class that has the least amount of recoil, I've ever seen on this gun a faster fire rate. Well, you've definitely come to the right article because, guys, this is the best MCW. In the firing range, just so you guys can see the amount of damage that goes off with this weapon.

So we're here in the firing range, and I want to make sure that you guys know that the dummy is set to three plates, and we're going to just go ahead and shoot this right here. You guys are going to see there is, like, no recoil. Whatever is on it for close range, then we're going to go to mid-range, and you guys are going to see, even with three plates, how fast that thing drops—that is, literally.

SMG speeds, which makes no sense like it's just so good—and then we go to long range, where we will miss a few shots; probably we didn't miss many at all; it is still laser accurate. The recoil is super easy to control, and that's the MCW right there, just to show you guys. I'll stand as far back as possible, we'll shoot, and we'll kind of just go and control it a little bit.

best mcw class modern warfare 3

And it's mostly visual, if anything, like we would definitely hit a person with every single shot on 100%. Let's get into the attachments, because this gun is really, really good, and after I show this class with you guys. I want to show you guys a gameplay where just at least a kill streak where I go on a 15-gun streak is not the best, but it was actually insane the fact that this gun was so good at every single range that's the perfect streak.

I could show you guys how to show off this weapon; we went off in every single range with it, but anyway, the first thing we're going to throw on is the Jack BFB. Okay, this is important, because while you want that gun kick control, that vertical recoil control, and that horizontal recoil, we're getting a lot of it all right.

We're getting 55 gun kicks, 20 horizontals, and 35 verticals. I mean, the bullet velocity is going down to 18, but it doesn't matter. This thing's already a straight shooter; it's a laser. You're just going to go off on people. Then we got the barrel right here, and the barrel is going to be 16.5.

best mcw class mw3

In MCW, cyclone, and again, we're getting bullet velocity and range even more, and that 18 that we just lost on bullet velocity, we're getting it right back here, so we're back at zero on that, but the minimum and the effective damage range are 15 and 15, so it's really, really good, and then we look at the Jack BFB.

best mcw class setup

And we have no negative effects to those we're actually really solid and The Recoil control is just so nice with these two attachments right here everything just works out perfectly, on those two right there now the next attachment, is going to be the stock and for the stock what I recommend is the RB Regal heavy stock this one's good because again we're getting more recoil control at 12%, horizontal at 8 and vertical at 8 as well so it's actually really nice to run and then finally instead of running a laser an optic a rear grip or ammunition or under Barrel we're going to go just to the magazine and we're going to throw on the 40 round mag and you guys are going to see why I'm not going to put it on just now just to show you guys because we're going to go to the conversion kit and we're going to put on the jack Raven or Raven, whatever you want to call it kit this one is great because it gives you faster, fire rate which is absolutely great on this gun it gives you mobility and handling.

Damage at close range: so at close range, you're getting SMG damage on this AR, which is crazy, and then hip fire and tag stand spread. Look at this, there's a whole Christmas list of colors here, like it's green, red, and green everywhere. I'm going to move my face, and we're just going to kind of break it down for you guys, so the headshot damage goes up 11%.

This is for all ranges. When you shoot at the head, you're doing extra damage. You're going to do more damage now. Do not shoot the legs with this gun because you're going to lose more damage and the upper torso. You're actually losing a little bit as well, but the lower torso and the upper torso give you the exact same damage, so that's actually sick.

best mcw class setup mw3

The effective damage range goes down 26%, but with a lack of recoil and the faster fire rate, you don't notice this at all. The minimum damage range goes up 1%, not much, and the bullet velocity goes down 32, but, again, it's really, really easy. The rate of fire now shoots at 800 rounds per minute, which is nice.

It's a 12% boost, and 800 is insane for an assault rifle. It's just really, really good that we're losing. 94% horizontal recoil and 30% recoil gun kick, but you guys already saw this thing is a laser, so I don't think that is 94%. Is there anything to worry about? It looks like a huge number, but do not worry about it, guys.

The vertical recoil, which makes this gun so easy to control, is up 28%; our sprint to fire is up 12; our movement speed is up two; and Crouch movement speed is up four; and then the accuracy, all that kind of stuff, is up as well, so it's actually really, really nice. Like I said, man, 94% of it might look intimidating, but it's really not.


I'm going to throw it on. This is the class setup right here. We're going to actually go ahead to the magazine now just to show you guys you can't throw on any of these. I don't know why the 40-round mag is locked here but unlocked here, and it just doesn't make any sense to me, but we're just going to throw it on, and I'm going to go into the fry range.

I'm going to show you guys that 94%. Horizontal recoil: you would think that the gun would shoot like this; it doesn't shoot like that at all; it's actually so straight; it is such a straight shooter that you don't have to worry about it whatsoever. Now, that to me is some insane recoil control; the fire rate is really high, and with three plates, you're still going to drop fast now.

Just for you guys who want to see it like on multiplayer with no plates whatsoever, if you're playing multiplayer and stuff like that, look how fast it drops all right. Bang dead bang dead, and then long distance: 19 shots left. Obviously, we could do it. Bang Dead is all right, so that's it, guys.

mcw best class setup

Check out This streak is all right. I didn't talk much, I didn't do much, but I didn't even expect to actually use this, but I was watching it back, and I think this is the best streak. Just to show you guys how this gun goes off right, just pay attention to it; you're going to see close range, midrange, and long range.

Make sure to drop a like or sub to the channel. I'm surprised i've never used it yet. It is the best MCW class. Enjoy the game.

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