News - This "new" Mcw Setup Has No Recoil Warzone 2. Best Mcw Class Setup Warzone 2

best mcw class

So the first one is literally built for no recoil whatsoever; it's still great at every single range, and it is my go-to MCW. And the second one is an MCW that I built into an absolute beast of an SMG that will actually drop every single SMG at close and mid-range, so that's my favorite one, but we'll get into this one first because the one that you guys are watching in the background right now is just so absolutely broken that it does not even feel like the MCW anymore; it has the power of the MCW, but it feels like it has the lack of recoil of the MTZ.

So in this class right here, guys, we're going to jump straight into it and not waste any time. This one right here is my absolute go-to. MCW, for Search and Destroy, for any type of game mode that I'm playing; unless I want to rush, that's the next MCW that I'm going to get into, but I always usually have two MCW classes on, and in this one right here, the first thing that we have is a stim shot and a throwing knife.

I think it's one of the most important things to actually throw on because stim shots can actually help you guys heal a lot quicker, and then there's the throwing knife. I just like it because it really comes in handy, and it does help me out in certain situations. I don't use it too much, but it's just fun to have.

best mcw class modern warfare 3

Next, we got the Munitions box because you don't want to be caught without ammo and you don't want to pick up someone else's gun. I don't know; usually, when I pick up someone else's gun, I don't even play that great with it. Then we got assault gloves for quicker ads and better accuracy; then we got covert sneakers and a ghost TV camo; and then after that, we also got the Renetti secondary that I'm running.

You guys can see all the attachments right here. It's good to have; it's what it is, and it does the job. So next off, we got the actual MCW. Now all the attachments for this are attachments that I recommend you not change, okay, like I don't even recommend it. I use this class. I changed up a few things, and it just doesn't work.

If you want, this classer would perfectly run exactly what I'm running now. The muzzle is going to be the VT7. Spirit Fire Suppressor. This is something that I don't normally run on my MCW, but it actually works for this one. Now you're going to be undetectable by radar because it is a suppressor, and you're also going to have very good recoil control, B bullet velocity, and damage range.

best mcw class mw3

Now your effective damage range and minimum damage range are going to go up 5% with this, and your bullet velocity is going to go up eight. Then your horizontal and vertical recoil are both going to go up seven as well, so that's really nice. After that, we need an attachment to give us some speed, so the Dr6 hand stop comes in clutch right here; it's going to give you aiming walking speed and ad speed.

Sprint to fire speed and movement speed; it actually gives you a lot of stuff, and it doesn't take away any recoil; it doesn't take away anything like that, so I think it's actually really worth running. You're getting a lot of movement speed. You're getting a lot of ads and a lot of Sprint to fire.

Everything just works out really nicely with this, and the only thing you lose is some hip-fire accuracy. Like, who cares about that? You're not going to be hipfiring this gun too often, so it doesn't even matter, and it still has pretty decent tip-fire accuracy. Now, normally, I would run a bar on my MCW.

best mcw class setup

I just didn't feel the need to. I actually did run a barrel rather than the 40-round mags for a while, which, by the way, the 40-round mags are the next attachment just because 30 is not enough on this gun; it just doesn't feel right whatsoever, but I did run a barrel instead of it for a while, and I didn't like it.

I tried different barrels. I didn't like it; it just didn't make sense to waste it on the class. I felt like the ABS was slower; it just wasn't worth running, so I put on the 40-round mags instead, and it was a lot better. Now the next attachment is probably going to be the most important attachment.

Okay, the iron sight of the MCW is actually really nice. Don't get me wrong, I love it, but I don't like it at long range. I don't like it at all at long range. I like it for close and mid, but when you get to those long ranges, I feel like it's just not worth running in any way. So instead of that.

best mcw class setup mw3

I decided to go ahead and throw on a Jack glassless optic, and it does work out nicer; it feels like there is way less visual recoil when you run this, so definitely throw that on, and then finally, we got the RB Regal heavy stock for the actual stock, which is going to give us more recoil control and gun kick control.

So that's it for this class right here. I want to hop into the next class because I think this is one that you guys are definitely into. Going to like now I'm going to stop the gameplay in the backgrounds cuz you guys kind of need to see exactly what I'm talking about with this class right here, so if we head on over to the firing range, you guys are going to see the last MCW class that I showed you guys, the one that you just saw, is this one right here, and you go into the firing range and it barely has any recoil whatsoever.

Definitely powerful, and that's not it. This is it right here, and you guys can see I got two stem shots on because I'm rushing like crazy. Okay, with this class, I need to use these stems as fast as possible, and I need to have as many as possible as well. Then we got the field upgrade menu box.


You never want to be without meals, all right? And then we got Marksman gloves, and the reason we got them is because they reduce sway. And Flinch, while ads, so once you're actually shooting at people because this gun does have a little more recoil than usual. I don't want to also add Flinch to it so when I'm getting shots this reduces it by a lot and it's one of the only classes I'm actually not running the Assa gloves on then after that we got covert sneakers and then mag holster rather than the ghost TV we got the mag holster because this is going to help us reload a lot quicker and stuff and it just comes in really handy especially when you're rushing around you don't want to spend time reloading too often so that's really nice and then we got the black light flashlight, which pretty much just shows enemy footsteps so if someone's near you and stuff you can see where they're at now the actual MCW.

mcw best class setup

Class is where it is really, really nice, and you guys are going to see it right here. These are all the attachments, and there's a lot of reasons why we're running a lot of these, so this one right here is the Chimera silence shots, and it makes you undetectable by radar, so when you're running around and shooting and stuff, they're not going to see your red dot anymore, but you're also getting sprints of fire and ads.

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