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best way to rank up weapons warzone 2

Warzone 2 can feel like a little bit of a drag to ranking up weapons, but don't worry. I'm going to show you the updated, best, and most consistent method for ranking up weapons in season 2 of War Zone 2. On Ashika, our options are either DMZ, Battle Royale, or Resurgence, but really the two big contenders are DMZ and Resurgence.

Battle Royale is just a little too slow. DMZ has the advantage of us being able to spawn in with our weapon of choice to rank up, but if you do die you have at least a couple of hours of cool off period on that weapon before choosing it again to spawn in with but when you are in DMZ if you focus on contracts and killing Bots and, other real enemies that you come across you can fly through the ranks on a weapon especially since your weapon actually receives tiny bits of XP just for holding it out in a game over a long period and you can essentially Farm the Bots once you get used to how to fight them but losing the option of keeping your weapon is tough so you would either have to extract and keep your weapon, of choice that way or have a good amount of Contraband weapons or extract a lot of cash to, reduce the cooldown time on your insurance slot on top of that obviously.

fast weapon xp warzone 2

To the DMZ, we now have Resurgence mode on Ashikaga Island, unfortunately. We don't spawn in with our weapon, but importantly, we do respawn on there when we die, assuming. Our squad is still alive, which is great for two reasons: we can play a little more aggressively when we do have our weapon since we know we can just fly back down again in a minute if we do die, and secondly, other players will play a little more aggressively than normal too, giving the opportunity for more easy kills and more engagements per game than occur on Almaza.

Obviously, there is the obstacle of getting our weapon of choice in the first place, but with weapons being really cheap to buy at buy stations and loadout drops being more frequent, getting our weapons is much less of a pain than it was previously. Once we've got our weapon, we want to do as many contracts as possible and try to pick up some kills along the way.

fastest way to rank up weapons warzone 2

In terms of which contracts are great, Intel, missions, and safe crackers are great because they're easy and quick and offer lots of XP. Particularly, Intel mission bounties are too inconsistent to complete since the targets could just run away and hide, and we don't have much control over it. We also have another great option for a contract this season in Resurgence, and that's the search and seizure contract.

For this, you have to kill some AI retrievers, a vehicle, and take it to a drop-off point; you get heavily rewarded in cash and XP for this, and killing the AI gives you an easy weapon. XP too; with double XP tokens on, we can do just a couple of contracts per game, and we'll be absolutely flying through the ranks.

how to rank up weapons fast warzone 2

Just be sure to keep the weapon out so that you do want to rank up when completing a contract since this is the one that the XP gets added to. So after we've done as many contracts as possible and we get towards the end of the game, we want to start playing for the win and taking advantage of the money we've collected from the contracts, so that means buying loads of stuff from the shop, whether it's killstreaks or self-revives; it doesn't matter because you get XP and weapon XP for each one you buy.

This way we can squeeze as much XP as possible out of each game, so really the ultimate best and most efficient method to ranking up weapons in my opinion is to start a DMZ, even though the theoretical limit of weapon XP is lower, just because we can at least spawn in with our weapon and go to town in this mode slaying bots and other operators, and do as many contracts as possible until we die and lose our weapon, then when this happens we just shoot off onto Resurgence on Ashika Island.

Hopefully this combined technique helps you out when ranking up weapons, and if you want to know how to rank up the battle pass as fast as possible too, by the way, check out this article or head over to this best settings article to make the game as easy as

This is the fastest way to rank up weapons in warzone 2 season 2. These methods can level up guns fast in warzone 2, making it easy. The trick to fast weapon xp, isn't always straight up kills, which is demonstrated in this video. So if you want to rank up your weapons in warzone 2 fast, this is perfect for you.
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