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Today we've got our Pro Series, where we break down gameplay from some of the best War Zone players out there, and today we've got our first Ashika. Island One, where we're breaking down a 34-kill win here from TC Tech, who's easily one of the best Resurgence players now. While we're breaking down this gameplay, we're going to be focusing on a lot, but the biggest thing that I want to focus on today is his decision-making.

What's his thought process behind those decisions? Now right here, a very aggressive player reaches out, and that guy hits really good shots right there; he ends up going down, and he's going to use his self-revive. This is decision number one: what do we do right here? You can absolutely just disengage this and go find plates.

Go find an SMG, and keep in mind that there are teams around you, and you have to re-engage, but you could disengage Tech, being the aggressive player that he is, who's looking to drop high kills that he re-challenges. This is why he's got the X12 starter pistol, which is pretty broken. It's very early, his teammates are still alive, and he's going to catch this guy off guard.

ashika island pro tips

He breaks that guy because he's not anticipating that Tech's going to reach out, and right here it's an even fight. He got the armor broken; both of them have no plates, and he's able to execute now. One of the biggest things that we're going to be paying attention to is when it comes to decision-making.

Really looking at the minimap, the mini map after a kill is going to tell us what our next move should be, and there are three things that we're going to focus on after a kill: how many enemies are alive where, are they related to you, and where are they moving to? I want you to keep that in mind.

Tech's going to open this crate right here. He's got the fennec, and he's got a throwing knife. He's pretty much in business right now. He's got three plates, so he feels very confident to challenge, and right here Watch the anticipation; you know this is part of execution: the centering around the corner, he hits the high damage areas, he's able to get that kill, and what do we notice on the mini map?

ashika island tctekk

There are eyes on the minimap; he's got two on his level right here, and he's got one on his level right around the corner, one above and one below, so that allows him to make this next decision, which is, Hey, let's quick reload the code; let's anticipate, around the corner. Then we're able to hit shots now in that moment because of the anticipation and execution.

Look how much damage he took—he only took a half plate. He's going to keep working his way over here on the left. So this is a straight reaction and execution. This kind of leads me to the execution component; there is no doubt that TC Tech's execution is on another level than a lot of us being able to react, quickly anticipate, center your crosshairs, and consistently hit high damage areas.

That's the biggest one, which is crucial on Ashiga Island. It's more important on a cruise than it was in a war zone because of the lack of outplay potential. You know, we still have a little bit of outplay, but not nearly as much meaning. Any mistake that you make, any shot that you miss, or any damage that you take could be the difference between winning a 1v4 and losing that 1v4.

ashika island tips

You know the margin for error is very small, so he's going to go ahead and push up here. He's going to be able to catch this guy in the back and watch the eyes go, which he immediately recognizes. Hey, this guy's on my level right around the corner, and he's going to react now. He plays patient until he pushes in, and somehow he's just able to get that kill nobody do we see nobody, Else around us notices, so he commits to the stairs here.

These are little things that I think a lot of you don't necessarily pick up on when you watch how he commits to them already and likes outplaying people, right? If there's somebody pushing on his level, he's going to start out playing this guy, and he's going to start pushing down these stairs and disengaging.

And then when he realizes nobody's here, okay, we're good, let's go ahead and reload, we'll settle down for a second, let's go and grab plates to make sure we're plated up, and let's go ahead and re-engage. Now that there are still people around, he's just not 100 percent sure. You know, he's just there; he has finally found the guy, and that's where we talk about anticipation.

ashika island tips and tricks

Let's grab the throwing knife, and what do you see right in the eyes immediately? So let's break it down into three questions. How many enemies too? Okay, well, this guy's on my level; where are they in relation to me? And where is he moving to? He's moving right toward me, so now he reacts, so if you look at this watch when he actually looks back at his screen, where is he moving to?

His eyes are there; he's still looking. Now he's back because he reacts to this guy and recognizes that this guy is on my level and pushing me. He's got eight already, guys; he's got eight in Castle, and by the way, I've been liking Castle a little bit more starting to get the hang of it. The biggest tip I can give you for Castle is to just keep moving and keep anticipating.


You're basically just going to do laps around Castle, and once you get a kill, you can act. For information, watch this right here. By the way, this guy reaches out really well. He just hit really good shots and just outshot TC Tech here with a Lochman 556. I had to hit headshots, which kind of leads me to what I want to talk about next: what do we do here?

Where do we land in our thought process now? You can absolutely go land with your teammates here. Tech being the aggressive player, he's going back to Castle. He knows that there are still people here. Let's go and push forward a little bit, and he's going to push forward 10 seconds and back five, so we're right into the action.

He sees this guy right here. What pistol does he have, by the way? Second, the guy challenges; he's challenging with the pistol; challenge him with the pistol, and now he disengages to get a gun. But what does he do as soon as he gets this gun? This little gap right here is to see what he can find—if he can find a way to get a knock—and now he challenges high-damage areas.

get more kills ashika island

That's why he wins—he's able to mix in some head shots. What information do we get when nobody is really around us besides the guy on the other side? So, once again, let's go ahead and slow down and let's play it up. He's got 10 already, and look, this applies very much to, you know, we're breaking this down at Castle, but this can happen one fight at a time.

This can happen one team at a time in a residential building or any other building on this map, or even you in any situation you may be in, learning when to immediately act and challenge with momentum; also see The Snowball Effect. He almost got smoked there, but he wins that gun fight; you see the snowball.

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