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ashika island get more kills

Today, I'm going to be giving you 10 tips that will allow you to immediately get more kills on Ashika Island. Now, first things first, let's go and talk about landing spots. This is probably my most frequently asked question right now. And there are kind of two things that I want to tell you: First, the castle is, of course, going to be your hot spot.

A lot of teams are going to land there, but I actually try to avoid Castle for this reason. Being that there are a lot of levels and the audio is not very good, I try to avoid going there. What I am looking for is a building and a train station, so right here I like this building a lot, but my favorite is actually these two double hotels over here.

That's not to say that has to be your favorite; it is a little bit of a hotter drop, but what I want you to notice here is that the most important thing is the buy station. Because of the outplay potential, which of course we'll talk about, if we can land on a buy station, get our guns, get plates, and then get a UAV, that really gets that snowball going of being able to act on information and start to push teams to get more kills.

ashika island tips

Once we get a kill, we get mini map pings, at which point we can act on that information so that we get some more cash, and it really gets going from there now. I don't usually like fighting with the pistol, but we end up taking that guy out, and this is actually my current PR game, 23, Kills, and the dub that we dropped in this one.

Now, one thing I do want you to notice right here is that the first plate that I picked up went into my backpack; they patched that, okay, so that's no longer a thing; it's going to go right into this armor plate slot now; I think they patched that this morning. So when we are dropping guys in, of course pay attention to what's going on around you, and then my next step is to find a gun that I'm comfortable with.

I, of course, want to prioritize getting cash in place and stuff like that, but I got to be aware of what's going on around me, so we're going to go ahead and jump over here one, because I do like this building or these two buildings and it's very easy to jump back and forth, but again. I've landed a lot of other places where there was a buy station in a building that may be uncontested, and I may be able to easily get my guns and start pushing from there.

ashika island tips and tricks

Notice the centering right here. Yes, there's a little bit more outplay potential with the sprinting while plating, but we still want to try to avoid taking damage if we can. We want it, so there are some head shots right there, unfortunately. I can't quench that thirst, which then would have given me that information, but look at the stacks right here.

4 800, we're going to go ahead and hit the jump spot, always thinking about jump spots. We are going to challenge that we're able to get the kill, and of course now we can use those mini-map things. Notice my teammate right here; unfortunately, I go down, guys. It is what it is. I do want to say that dying is part of this, especially because there's not as much outplay or potential as in Warzone 1.

ashika island tips warzone 2

It's inevitable, so we want to try to avoid those situations and be smart about the way we play, but if it happens, don't get too frustrated; just, you know, self-revive. Or, you know, fly back in fine style, Of course, if you can buy guns, we definitely want to do that, which we'll see a little bit later on.

Now, right here, we're going to go ahead and get rock and roll, and this is exactly what I told you about the RPK. Let's talk meta real quick. I like the socks in the mini box. I like the Vel. I like the fennec; I like the lock. I mean, there are a lot of great options right now in terms of guns, and we'll see what other weapon balancing they do now.

We've got three kills right here, and the other article I'm gonna be doing is how to drop a 20-kill game at some point that's probably within the next two weeks because I know that's really the goal that we're always shooting for, and notice I'm just kind of clearing right here we're able to get that kill, and the down note that one is now On My Level, so as I'm looking at how many enemies are still alive and where they are.

ashika island warzone 2

The last one is flying over this way, and we're off to a really good start right here, haven't we? have really done anything special. We talk about floor comfortability, but start to pay attention to ground comfort and what you feel most comfortable with. I really like this lockman. I don't love the AK-74U.

As much as really good live Pink is played by my teammate right here and now, we can just keep the pressure on, we get the break now, we go ahead and reach Chow, right here now we're up to six, so we're off to a really good start at this point now. I catch a little glimpse of somebody; I don't know if you saw him right there; he's going to be around the corner, so we're just going to go ahead and reach Chow, and he's just playing a little; you know he probably wants to go back to the Sentinel gameplay on Al Maja that doesn't really work as well here on Ashika Island, so seven kills so far, 11.

ashika tips

Grand, we're off to the perfect start. I'm going to go ahead and buy plates here. I want to buy a gun, and I want to buy a UAV. A lot of you would have been like Joe; you hesitated, and I was going to buy UE and plates there anyway, so I was probably going to die. not a big deal. We're off to a good start here.

Seven kills Let's go ahead and push forward a little bit. There are a lot of ways to get your teammate back—there are minus two, minus two, minus five—a lot of different ways to get your teammates back—moving 25 meters and hitting headshots on somebody or breaking armor on somebody, of course getting it down, opening a crate, a lot of different things you can do to get your teammates back now that we're in a really good spot.

Two things that I want to highlight first: First, of course, we have our loadout here that we can drop, but look at the cash flow, so even if I wasn't able to land on loadout. I could easily go back in and buy both my guns and keep rolling here on Ashika Island. Absolutely brutal, and don't get me wrong, guys; there are times where there's not a whole lot you can do, and it's just, you know, that way.

ashika tips and tricks

It's just a tough situation, and I want to pause here because I want to quickly talk about perks. Let's talk about perks. There are four perks here that I'm running scavenger. Why Scavenger gives you an extra plate from a dead enemy, so you should be able to get two now from dead enemies; that does help with the plate problem a little bit, and of course we're going overkill because I just landed back in fast hands, which allows me to reload and you know reload, and swap weapons quicker, and then of course we have Quick Fix here, which does allow me to regen.

Ashika Island has FINALLY arrived so today I am giving you 10 tips to immediately get more kills.
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