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One of the toughest parts of War Zone 2 is securing the victory. I mean, we all like dropping high-kill games, but winning in war zone 2 is very difficult and much more rewarding than winning in war zone 1, so today I'm going to be giving you a bunch of tips for the end game while actually breaking down a really clutch end game that I had the other day.

Then, we're actually going to do something different. We're going to jump into live commentary, and I'm going to be spectating trios, kind of talking you through the different options that team has and really taking you through my thought process. In the situation that they're in, let's go and jump into it.

Tips & end game breakdown

So like I said, we're going to start off by breaking down a pretty clutch endgame that my teammate and I had here now that we're playing duos, and I want to start off by thinking about when I start thinking about the endgame. I start thinking about my positioning, and where exactly I want to be in this fourth circle.


You know, when this fourth circle starts closing and Gulag is obviously closing, I start thinking about this endgame and the best place for me to position myself. I also want to highlight that I'm going to get a tip from a guy in this building that one of the biggest tips I can give you is to always remember where people are and always think about where people can rotate from; those are two things that we're really going to highlight in this breakdown right here now when it comes to positioning.

Cover then, power position, you need to have cover. High Ground isn't great if you're caught out in the open, so, now that we're able to get one down and thirst right there, notice that we do not get the team wipe right here, right, so even though his name is team wiped, we don't get the team wipe, so we're still thinking about where that other enemy might be.

how to win more in warzone 2.0

You're going to see us kind of going back and forth with a lot of different decisions about clusters, strikes, and mortar strikes, which I don't necessarily love. In war zone 2, precision airstrikes are really good, especially for your end game, so going back to the in-circle cover and power positions, you know High Ground is great except if you are caught completely out in the open.

You're going to see a little bit of that as well in this right here, where I'm getting sniped. I've got to be careful. I'm coming to my teammate and kind of marking exactly where he is. So, we're going to remember that now, as soon as this circle closes, right in circle with cover, then power position.

Always remember where people are, so we know there's a team here in this building, so we're thinking we want to play either this building right here or the corner of this one, and we want to get high ground here because once we get high ground because we're in this building, we have plenty of cover there, so that checks all three of those boxes that we're looking for.

how to win more warzone 2

We're going to go ahead and precision this right here, and we actually kind of make a decision here in a second of when we want to go push and notice that I don't waste that precision if we get a knock, and the reason that I had that out—let me explain this real quick—the reason that I had that out is that TCAP is sniping with a signal, which is a super quick sniper, so if he gets it down.

I can precision that we can get the thirst and then potentially play this building, so we were working together to see what we can do now. We're going to go ahead. We're still kind of waiting a little bit now that we hear this guy flying in, so we're going to go ahead and challenge this guy. We want to make sure we have no idea what just happened there.

Okay then we're going to go challenge this guy just to make sure our backs are covered so that we don't have anybody rotating in from behind us now. That's one thing that we want to be thinking about, as I mentioned earlier. Always think about where people can be rotating from, so when we think about eight teams left, you know, we've kind of cleared this side right here.

how to win more warzone 2 games

There are probably still a lot of people on the other side of the map, so it's a little bit early to start thinking about that, but we do want to remember that now. We hear some fighting over to our right t-shirt, doing a really good job with the sniper over there. Now, we're going to take some pop shots just to see, and guys, as you can see right there, it's not a great range.

I can tag a little bit, but the chances of me getting it down are pretty slim now that we caught one on this building, so now I'm concerned about this team and this team's endgame getting chaotic. It's a lot of information, but a lot of your end games are going to be about positioning, and if you're in a good position, two things happen: one, you're going to put yourself in the best spot to win in terms of cover, and if you go down, second, you can actually pick up a lot of kills during the end game, which we're going to do right here with 12 kills.

tips for end game warzone

I'm not sure how many kills TCAP has, but we're going to pick up a lot of kills. I'm still worried about this team, and I'm still worried about the team that is over to our right, but if you notice. I'm kind of focusing a little bit on this team because if this guy peeks out where my mouse is, he's dead no matter what, so we're going to go ahead and try to see where he is.

You know, he's not peaking long enough, but we're going to end up frying. This guy straight across and notice that we're definitely a little bit; we're going to have to cozy up a little bit in this corner, but we've still got plenty of room. The only time we're in a bad spot is if we get precisioned, clustered, or something like that.

Now, watch the RPK right here. If you are looking to get better, make sure you are subscribed. Circle or three things you want to think about: in, circle with, cover, and then power position; look at how far we have to rotate here. I'm always trying to rotate early if it's a tough rotation and there are already people there.

tips for end game warzone 2

Yeah, we can start to talk about gas plays and stuff like that, but we're going to go ahead and fly over here and look at TCAP. TCAP already paid for the highest spot, which is going to be our high ground, and this is a really tough end circle because there's a lot of open area. You're going to see exactly how we play that; there's a reason I chose this end game right here.

Now we're going to go ahead and load up just for a second here, using the truck as cover. Where are there still teams right now? You've got to think that there are still teams over this way that have to rotate in, so we're going to go ahead and grab plates and immediately start to push up right here.

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