News - Unlock Santa. S Right Hand Execution & Ugliest Sweater Blueprint 1 Hour - Warzone 2 Santa. S Slayground

Event rewards showcase

Event rewards showcase

The Santa's Sligh Ground holiday event is now live across Modern Warfare 3 and War Zone, and of course it comes with some rewards. We've had weekly events every single week in Modern Warfare 3 so far with some decent rewards, but this event's rewards in particular are a bit more appealing. You can earn the ugliest sweater blueprint for the DG58, LSW LMG; it's pretty decent-looking, and it comes with some okay attachments.

I'm not really the biggest fan of the site, but it's a nice holiday blueprint, and I believe the first free blueprint from an event is the most noteworthy reward you can earn. Santa's right: execution. This is a finisher move where you get a little elf buddy who goes for a crotch shot as you stand proudly in the background.


Now I have a decent amount of finishers for my operators in this game, and I think I feel like they all came from battle passes. I don't recall executions and finishers being part of event rewards in the past, or at least cooler ones like this elf execution, so I'm sure a lot of people would like to get their hands on it now that it is the holiday season and you may not have a lot of time to play the game at the moment.

If you want these rewards, the quickest way possible is to play zombies. You can easily complete all eight challenges in one game, which can last up to an hour. This is much faster than multiplayer in Warzone. In multiplayer, you have to get 40 kills with one weapon and 40 kills with another. You have to play at least three different game modes.

It already sounds too long to do in War Zone. You have to place the top five 15 times in the LTM on top of getting all sorts of different kills, like 15 different games, but we're not doing that in zombies. You need to get 400 kills with a pack-a-punch dg58. You need five special zombie kills with a melee weapon that you can combo with the eight contracts you need to complete.

You also need to get 400 kills with a wall by weapon that you can also combo with 200 critical hit kills with snipers. Marksman, or battle rifles, and lastly, you need to get 50 kills with stamina up and 25 kills with snowballs, which is the trickiest challenge out of the eight, but I do have a little Strat to make that helpful, so with that said , this is exactly how I did all these challenges in one game.

Event challenge guide

Event challenge guide

Ideally, you load into a match with the DG58, LSW, from your insured weapon slot.

If you have a Contraband dg58 or a Contraband melee weapon, you'll want to equip that as well so you can load in with both of these weapons and start working on the challenge straight off the bat. You'll also want to load in with a stamina boost, an ether crystal, and ether tools if you have them in your acquisitions; if not, you can earn these very quickly.

Now, when you load into the game immediately, you want to find snowballs, which are marked by these snowflake icons on the map. You'll also want to pop your acquisitions immediately if you have them, so you can start working on your pack-a-punch kills and your stamina-up kills right away. If you don't have those available, you'll want to get 7, 000 points as quickly as possible so you can purchase them, and the quickest way to get that amount of money is to do contracts.


We're going to be doing these anyway because you have to do eight contracts for the challenge. Also, if you only have the dg58 and not a secondary melee weapon, don't worry; they're going to be easy to find in loot catches, and you're going to have a high chance of coming across one during your contract run.

Now the contracts you want to look out for are the Bounty contracts. First and foremost. I think this is the fastest one to complete, plus the HVT is always a special zombie, and Tier 1 special zombies are pretty easy to take out with melee weapons, so you can farm those five melee kills very easily.

You can also do the escort mission because they spawn a lot of zombies and a lot of specials towards the end. You can probably get all five special melee kills in one escort contract if you happen to find a melee weapon later in the game and are hurting for specials. The other contract I'd recommend doing is raiding weapon stashes because they spawn a decent amount of zombies and give you a decent amount of money and a decent amount of loot.


Once you have enough money to buy Pack-a-Punch and Stam Up, you just need to focus on getting kills with the DG58. And your melee weapon. As soon as you're done with either the melee weapon or the DG58, you can look for a marksman rifle or battle rifle on the wall and buy it so you can start working on the other kill challenges; ideally, you'll want to find a blue or higher rarity.

The higher the rarity, the more damage your weapon will deal, so you can kill zombies faster, and once you find those Marksman battle rifles, you're just working on getting a head shot. If you want to make this even easier, you can purchase the Deadshot Daer perk or load in one from your acquisitions.

If you have one, the Deadshot Dcker is this icon on the map, and what this perk does is that when you aim, it will automatically aim at a zombie's head, so you don't even need to try for the head shot; you can just spam both triggers and get them done easily. Another tip to get kills faster is to keep doing contracts because they'll spawn more zombies.


You can also fill Farm X every 2 minutes. I believe you can call One every 2 minutes now, and they'll spawn a bunch of zombies that you can kill, or you can go into Tier 2. Tier 2 zombies are harder to kill, but it's not too hard, and the pace is much faster, so you'll be able to get kills more frequently.

If you're running around in Tier 1 in the open, zombies are going to only pop up here and there because once you have everything you need, you've done your contract, and it's really only a matter of racking up kills to complete these challenges. The only challenge you'll need to try for and have a bit of luck with are the snowball kills.


The snowballs don't deal much damage, and you get 10 at a time, so what you want to do is pair this with an instakill. A power-up instakill will be a random drop. Upon a zombie kill, which is why I recommended picking up snowballs as soon as possible, because you never know when one's going to drop, and once you do get an insta kill, you're just going to toss your snowballs at zombies, you're going to get a one-hit kill, and then you're going to reup on your snowballs, and you know, just do it over and over again until you complete the challenge.

With the right preparation, you can have all eight of these challenges done within an hour easily in one one-hour game. I had all challenges done except wall by kills and a few snowball kills, but I should have had these done if I paid more attention in game, and that's my last tip for you for this article: try to keep track of your progress for each of these challenges.

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