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Stormender in multiplayer

Stormender in multiplayer

The Storm Ender is a launcher unlike anything we've ever seen before in Call of Duty, so naturally, you may be wondering if it's worth unlocking. In this article, I'll be reviewing how it works in multiplayer and in zombies. Please don't forget to drop a like if you find this article valuable. Rather than firing explosives like a traditional launcher, Storm Ender fires an EMP blast that will either disable or destroy enemy electronics.

And that is all it will do in multiplayer modes; it does not deal any player damage or prevent players from being able to use equipment, kill streaks, or anything like that; it only disables a player's HUD for the EMP duration, which is 5 seconds. The Storm Ender can one-hot most electronic throwables and field upgrades, including things like claymores, proximity mines, scatter mines, and breacher drones.


Recon drones, tacks, and inserts; it will also one-shot kill streaks, including the counter UAV, which is super satisfying to do. I think it can be instantly destroyed when it goes in the air; it can also destroy the bomb drone, the mosquito drone, cluster missiles, and my favorite, the cruise missile.

As soon as you hear a cruise missile inbound, you can look up in the sky and destroy it, as long as you are fast enough, and if you do, it feels satisfying. You need to land your shot, though, as you only have one or two tries before the missile will reach the ground. The missile travels fast, of course, but there is also a half-second delay after you pull the trigger on the Storm Ender before it will fire.

There's roughly an 800-millisecond delay after each shot before you can pull the trigger again. The storm ender's handling and mobility are similar to those of the RGL launcher, meaning that swapping to the storm ender to take out aerial streaks is going to be much faster than the Pila launcher, which specializes in that area, plus there's no lock-on delay or anything like that, which is why shooting cruise missiles with the storm ender is actually practical.


For kill streaks that take more than one shot to destroy the storm, Ender will temporarily disable that streak for 5 seconds. This only applies to automated kill streaks, though, like the Sentry Turret or Guardians. Player-controlled kill streaks aren't affected much at all; the storm ender will mess with them for the player, but their ability to actually use said kill streak isn't disrupted whatsoever.

This is why the storm Ender isn't really effective against the gunship, which takes, I'd estimate, about 100 shots from the storm Ender to destroy, judging from its damage icon. I personally wouldn't recommend wasting your time shooting at the gunship with this because you're probably not going to destroy it unless you have an entire team with Storm Enders firing at it.

Kill streaks that you can actually disable and destroy include the UAV, which takes two shots; the guardian and the Sam turret both take three shots; the remote turret and the wheelson will take 10 shots each; and then the VTO Chopper Gunner in Overwatch Hilo takes 12 shots to destroy. As for the remaining streaks that I haven't dropped yet, I personally wouldn't waste your time on them.

I mean, the Swarm, the advanced UAV, the carpet bomb, the Juggernaut, the Precision Air Strike, and the SAE. They're all either impossible to hit and require near-possible timing for you to actually hit them, or the Storm Ender is just going to be straight-up ineffective. On a similar note, I played around with vehicles in Ground War for a bit.

It seems like some vehicles will get disabled for a second or two, and some aren't affected at all, so I don't think this will be a launcher that you can wipe out a team with when traveling in a car. Unfortunately, the last thing worth mentioning for multiplayer before we switch gears to zombies is that the range on the Storm Ender is infinite. As long as you have a direct line of sight, the Storm Ender can shoot through walls, but the range will be capped at 10.

Stormender in zombies

Stormender in zombies

In Zombies, the Storm Ender leaves a lot to be desired until you start stacking Rarities and Pack-a-Punch. Without any upgrades, it can damage up to four zombies at a time, but it takes five shots to kill now.

The Storm Ender keeps its infinite ammo in zombies, so technically, you have infinite killing power, but it's not very effective without any upgrades on it. The one useful thing the Storm Ender can do is slow down zombies you hit for a total of 3 seconds. This applies at all times, no matter the rarity of the pack-a-punch or the difficulty zone you are in.

As long as you aren't killing the zombies, of course you will slow them down. I also learned that you can fire the storm ender. While you're down, similar to the ray gun, you may have noticed the storm Ender can One-Shot zombies, so how much Pack-a-Punch and like Rarity upgrades does it need to do that tier one Pack-a-Punch still took three shots to kill tier one Pack-a-Punch with blue Rarity still took two shots to kill?

anti air

It wasn't until I had Tier 2 Pack-A-Punch with blue Rarity that I started getting one shot with this weapon, and when you get one shot with the Storm Ender, it's actually devastating and really fun to use. Pack-a-Punch will double its fire rate and its range, at least with the blue rarity, and the tier 2 Pack-a-Punch was 90 M.

You could snipe zombies across the map with this thing. It's crazy; it's like, at least for tier one mode. The Storm Ender feels very reminiscent of the thunder gun; it feels like a wonder weapon; it has infinite ammo; and it has crazy range. It can be one-hot, so if you ever need something like that for Tier 1 contracts or anything, the Storm Ender is the perfect weapon for you.

I don't think it will ever be able to one-hot in tier three zones; maybe it can in tier 2 with the tier three Pack-a-Punch and Max Rarity, but I think you'll have the most success thinking of the storm ender as a utility weapon in zombies unless you have the resources to increase its damage and you can kill freely with it.

You can always use the storm ender to get out of a tight pinch or provide cover for your teammates wired down like you can with the ray gun.

Is the stormender worth unlocking?

Is the stormender worth unlocking?

I think The mode you'll find the Storm Ender most helpful in is modes like Search and Destroy, where you won't see many high kill streaks, so it can like one and two shot most of them, and you'll be able to fire at equipment through walls, which is very frequent in search because people are trying to cut off lanes and cut off lines of sight, and as long as you pair this with the engineer vest, you shouldn't ever.

The Stormender is a new EMP "beam" Launcher that can destroy killstreaks and equipment in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 and Warzone. In this video, I share how to use this unique weapon in Multiplayer and Zombies, including what it can and can't disable, effectiveness against zombie hordes and more! Stay Connected with me.
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