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Fastest moving weapons (+ intro)

Fastest moving weapons (+ intro)

We've looked at equipment that improves your tactical sprint perks that improve your movement speed and how slide canceling makes you even faster. In this fourth and final article of my movement miniseries, we're going to be taking a look at which weapons have the fastest move speeds, then we're going to be combining everything we've learned throughout the course of the series to see what the fastest possible ways to move are in modern Warfare 3 multiplayer war zone, and I've done some testing in zombies so we'll see how fast you can move in that mode as well.

battle rage

Before we get started, I'd greatly appreciate it. If you drop a like on this article, I spent a lot of hours testing and reviewing footage frame by frame for this series, so again, a like would be greatly appreciated. Now the goal of this series is to get the fastest movement possible. I'll be sharing the fastest primary, the fastest secondary, and the fastest melee weapon, so you have a few options to choose from and a little flexibility in your classes.

The slowest of these three options is the primary weapon, and the fastest primary weapon is the WSP Swarm, or SMG. There are some attachment options to make it slightly faster. You'd want to put on the 20-round mag, no stock, and the XRK. Hand stop in game: this lists the movement stats as 6.3 m/s for sprint and 7.7 m/s for tack sprint, which would be significantly faster than every weapon in this game, but those stats actually aren't accurate.

The actual move speed for this combo from my testing is 7.36 M per second. Now, that's a combo of sprint and tactical sprint, but that number is nowhere near 7.7. But that specific combo is going to be your fastest-moving primary weapon. The fastest-moving secondary weapon is the USP Stinger with no attachments.

There were no mobility-improving attachments at the time of my testing for this article, but the USP Stinger doesn't need anything to be fast. The stats list its move speed at 7.42. M/s, which checks out from my race test; as for melee, your fastest moving option is the kambic, coming in at 7.48. M/s; the gutter knife isn't far behind at 7.45 m per second; it has a slight move speed difference, but that difference will grow when you bring perks and equipment and all of that into the picture; speaking , it's time to do just that we finally get to answer what the fastest possible move combos are.

Multiplayer combo

Multiplayer combo

Multiplayer is going to allow the fastest possible move speed between the three game modes, and to achieve that, you want to use the combat melee weapon, the infantry vest, like lightweight boots battle rage, and you'll want to slide cancel. This gives you a move speed of approximately. 8.62 m/s, and you'll finish my 11 resort races in 16.25 seconds.

I was really hoping we would be able to beat 16 seconds, but this move speed is still really fast. This is 3 seconds faster than what a normal tax sprint will finish the RAC in. If you want to outpace your opponent in Search and Destroy or whatever game mode you're playing, this is the class setup that you will want to use.

Warzone combo

In War Zone, our fastest move combo consists of the Corit melee weapon. Quick note here: though war zone players, make sure you stick around for the zombies race that's up next because you can drop weapons and run with your fist in both modes, and that may be something you want to consider, but if you want to move as fast as possible, you'll want to use the corit, the double time perk, either the stem or battle rage tactical.

It's your choice. I use battle rage for my test, and then lastly, you'll want to slide cancel. This gives you an overall moving speed of approximately 8.59 m/s, and you'll finish the race in 16.3 seconds. Now, this is not quite as fast as multiplayer because multiplayer has access to the lightweight perk, but it is still very quick.

Fists & zombies movement mechanics

Fists & zombies movement mechanics

There are actually a couple things we have to go over before we get to the fastest move combo. It functions similar to War Zone, but there's a couple things that work differently.

The first is that you can drop weapons in War Zone and zombies, so you can run faster with just your fists. Fists move at about the same speed as the WSP Stinger does. In zombies, a lot of players believe that fists are the fastest possible way to move, but the camit and the gutter knife are faster.

What I'm about to say applies to both modes, but more so to a war zone. If you plan on running with your fist, you may as well have a class with a wsp stinger on it so you can at least defend yourself. There's not really a point to being fist only if you can help it; sometimes you're dropping fresh from the go.

Lo, you're working with floor loot; you don't have your load out yet; you're running from the gas; or you're running from the Ether cloud in zombies. In those cases, you want to use your fist if you can't help it. Shifting gears back to zombies. The carit and the gutter knife are both weapons you'll want to farm for your contraband stash, so you'll always have one ready to go because, again, they move faster than the first, and melee is a very powerful one-hit weapon that's great to have in zombies.

Now, zombies do not have access to the battle rage equipment, but they do have access to the stem, and the stem functions like multiplayer. There's no speed boost; it will just refresh your stamina bar in zombies. Zombies also don't have access to movement perks or field upgrades. I've tested several things out that I thought would maybe give you a little speed boost.

The only movement-increasing perk in zombies is stamina, and all this does is increase your overall move speed by approximately 7 1 12 to 10%. It's essentially a faster version of lightweight; it doesn't affect your Sprint or stamina refreshing or anything like that, just a straight movement increase.

Zombies combo & review

Zombies combo & review

So with that out of the way, the fastest move speed combo in zombies is going to be the corit. The stamina perks a stem and slide canceling, and this gives you a move speed of 8.12 m/s, and you'll finish the race in 17.25 seconds.

This is fast, but not quite as fast as the PVP mode, which is surprising. I thought zombies would have some faster movement since it's a bit more arcadey, but that's just not the case, at least at the time of recording this article. Now, keep in mind that there are vehicles that'll let you technically move faster in all modes.

You can parachute into the war zone. Zombies have the scorer wonder weapon that lets you redeploy from wherever. Those are all going to be much faster than sprinting, but that's like cheating in terms of this series. This originated as the fastest way to move in multiplayer, with the intention of keeping movement on foot, so there you have it.

In this video, I compare the fastest moving weapons in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3, Warzone Zombies.
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