News - The Hardest Camo Challenge (destroy Equipment) Is Easy Now. Warzone 2 Tips

Camo challenge update

Camo challenge update

The challenges I've come across so far for the Modern Warfare 3 camo ground this year have been pretty easy except for one specific challenge, and that challenge is to destroy enemy equipment. At launch, equipment was limited to claymores and proximity mines only. It's not like this is a hard challenge to do, but it is extremely tense, so personally, I gave up on this challenge.

I'm like, surely they'll update it someday. I'll continue my grind then. Well, that update finally came a week into season 1. This update made it so that, as of right now, you can destroy the ACs. The com scrambler, the deployable cover, the med box, the munitions box, the portable radar, the suppression mine, the tactical camera for tactical insertion, and the trophy system—all those will count as progress on top of the Claymore and the proximity mine, of course.


Literally everything you'd think would count as progress for a challenge actually counts, except for the recon drones and inflatable decoys. I personally think maybe those would have counted, but those are not included in the list as of right now. Don't waste your time chasing kill streaks. The term equipment in Modern Warfare 3 specifically refers to lethals, tacticals, and field upgrades, not kill streaks.

This is a pattern I've noticed while I've been investigating how certain equipment works for articles that I've recently uploaded to this channel. For example, the ACs can hack enemy equipment, and to no surprise, that did not include a single kill streak. The Quick Grip gloves speed up your equipment use, but that will not speed up the time to call in a kill streak, so don't touch kill streaks.

If you don't believe me, I mean the storm. Ender challenges confirm it themselves. The mastery challenges specifically distinguish kill streaks from equipment and from vehicles; those are all different categories of things that you'd have to destroy. So that's just some general knowledge to keep in the back of your head moving forward. If you ever see players chasing down kill streaks for equipment challenges, let them know so they're not wasting their time.

Destroy enemy equipment tips

Destroy enemy equipment tips

Now that you know what to destroy, I have a few tips to share to make destruction as easy as possible to help you along your camo grind journey. Of course, you want to rock the engineer vest.

I think a lot of people know this by now. This will allow you to see equipment through walls, so you know that as soon as you see something, you can fix it and make sure you get that destruction killed before someone else. May destroy it that's working on this challenge. For game modes, I recommend that you stick to hardpoint and dominance.

I would say stick to hardpoint, though I think hardpoint is more worth your time. It is in objective mode, with one objective active at all times that everyone will be focusing on, and there are high odds that you'll find trophy systems as well as ACAs's. On these objectives, people try to capture them to earn points to win the game.


I mean, if you end up in one of my lobbies, I pop in ACS whenever it's available for me on an objective, and from my experience, I'm not the only one, so tons of equipment and hard work. I mean, you will also find in general just mun boxes fairly often, as well as Comm scramblers, Claymores, and proximity mines.

I mean, I've had hard port games where it's like a challenge. Heaven, I just see all these little red outlines through the walls of all this equipment. I get overwhelmed and super excited and start rushing and dying over and over again as I run like a chicken with my head cut off to destroy the equipment.


My last tip is to make sure you're using, melee to destroy equipment, this more so applies to the rgl than the storm Ender you know especially for trophy systems too you won't be able to destroy trophies with the rgl and also with the storm Ender sometimes it seems like there's a specific range where the storm Ender will bypass, the destruction that the trophy will do but you know the trophies will naturally intercept and destroy all explosives you throw at it and when that happens you lose out on you know progress for your challenge, so instead of shooting at it just run up to it and give it a little whack and it will destroy and that will count as progress towards the weapon that you have in your hands.

I'm personally super glad they made this change There are no longer challenges in this game that I feel like I want to pull my hair out of because of how annoying they are to do, but that's just me. I'm curious to see what people think. Check out this article on screen about the Storm Ender if you're curious about the best ways to use it and the ways you shouldn't be using it.

I'll catch you on the next

The "Destroy Enemy Equipment" challenge for the RGL-80 and Stormender Launchers is one of the most tedious unlocks to do in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3! But a new update has made it much easier! In this video, I share which Lethals, Tacticals, Field Upgrades and Killstreaks now count towards progressl; as well as some gameplay tips to make this fast and easy.
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