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This is DK Dynamite, and this morning we're going to be talking about the 10+ weapons that you probably didn't know were coming to MW3. Drop a like, and also, as a reminder, there's plenty of brand new coverage going up over on {413}, expanding on all the coverage you're seeing here on the channel, just in the form of articles for those that prefer them over articles.

I know I do, and plenty of tweets every single hour, of course, on Twitter. In the background, I dropped about 120+ kills on the Christmas version of the shipment using the brand new aftermarket part known as the intas lsj. 3, which is an optic, and it could be put on several different weapons, including the TAC Eradicator, which is probably one of the best weapons in the game as of right now.

This new aftermarket part does come with a laser that allows for faster ads with this weapon, so yeah, you have faster targeting with an integrated laser asking for my sledgehammer. It's an aftermarket part that could be unlocked by completing at least five challenges as a part of week four here in season 1, so enjoy the nasty gameplay here in the background with a double swarm. We almost had the nuke, but of course somebody spawned behind me.

Week 4 challenges & new aftermarket part

Week 4 challenges & new aftermarket part

Now, yesterday, we did get the addition, like I said, of week four challenges for season 1. You only have to complete five total, regardless of which mode you do the challenges, for I found it simple to just use a recommended AR to get kills, hipfire kills, and scoped kills inside of multiplayer.

Then I ended up playing plunder to open up chests and get kills in certain regions, and that right there were my five total challenges for the week, and right off the rip. I went ahead and unlocked the brand new aftermarket part. I actually really like this new system where they confirm a good 8 to 10 new aftermarket parts with a new season, and then they just release them sporadically.

With every new weekly update that we get with new challenges, that's a great way to incorporate some new content to go ahead and unlock and grind for every single week now. As a reminder, by completing five challenges for all eight weeks of season one, you also end up unlocking this free universal camo known as coherence.

modern warfare 3

Tyr aftermarket part fix up next␦

I don't think it's animated, but hopefully they end up changing that closer to the end of season 1, but For those wondering what's going on with the tire aftermarket part, which was supposed to release last week after completing the third weekly set of challenges, the aftermarket part still wasn't fixed at the time of recording this, but it may end up just getting fixed back into the game as soon as the end of this week we know the Cod updates.

Twitter did go ahead and confirm that a fix is in the works, but considering devs just went on vacation as of a good weekish ago. I'm going to guess this probably won't get fully resolved until early next week, but I could be wrong, and I hope that I am I think this is still the best-case scenario, though this is the thing that broke before Debs went on vacation, and it's not some severe issue like we saw.

With the war zone Cera integration during Vanguard's life cycle, that was fundamentally broken for weeks, and it ended up killing momentum for the entire game's life cycle, but this time around, nothing was really broken as they left to go on vacation. There's things that need some fixing here and there, but nothing too dramatic like I said.

Here␙s how to use the tyr jak beholder rifle kit

Here␙s how to use the tyr jak beholder rifle kit

But what's really strange about the after-market part of this barrel kit is that you can actually go ahead and use it right now in War Zone Mobile. Yes, it is functional if you guys go ahead and complete your weekly challenges.

As of last week, if you guys have limited access to War Zone Mobile, then be sure to go ahead and check out this aftermarket part. I'll put the footage on screen so you guys can see it, courtesy of Elvis Cod, who went ahead and put it up over on Twitter. It's funny that some things out there might be broken in the main game, whether it's MW2.

War Zone 2.0, but might still work in War Zone Mobile, and I'm really excited to get into some more War Zone Mobile coverage when that game does fully launch worldwide. I believe it's this spring, 2024.

The hrm 9 & taq evolvere in season 1 reloaded

But as I covered in yesterday's article, the HRM 9 SMG and the tech of W LMG are going to be releasing season 1 reloaded on January 17th.

The HRM 99's are coming through an armory unlock, so they might end up dropping sooner, but we know the technology is like 99% locked behind that classified battle pass sector. It's a good news roundup to just go ahead and provide for you guys to just end off the year so you guys are aware of what the next big and major title update is going to look like towards the middle of January, but there's actually.

Chainsaw after market part leaked for mw3

Chainsaw after market part leaked for mw3

Quite a few weapons that you probably didn't know were coming to MW3.

Let's start off with an aftermarket part, which is actually a chainsaw under Barrel. So thanks to Ford leaks over on Twitter, we actually know now that this is something that is going to be coming relatively soon for leaks. I also leaked the flamethrower under Barrel after the market part a couple of weeks ago that ended up releasing through the battle pass here in season 1, so I'm looking forward to seeing how many people end up utilizing this chainsaw.

mw3 advanced warfare weapons

I think we're going to get heavy Gears of War vibes from running this under a lot of our weapons, and I'm sure it'll be a chainsaw that works on most ARS, possibly. Even some marksman rifles or B rifles are looking forward to seeing how they get implemented. I know I had a lot of fun with the Doom bundle that was released for MW2, featuring the super shotgun blueprint and, of course, the chainsaw blueprint that was actually for the ice pick, which was really odd, but that was a ton of fun to use, so I'm looking forward to seeing how they implement this in the form of an aftermarket part.

The ak556 & f2000 dlc weapons for mw3

But during the pre-release build of Modern Warfare 3, there's actually gameplay out there for two weapons that we just don't have in the game as of right now. The first one is the AK 556. It looks like that ended up becoming the SVA, 545, which is already in the game, but there's also gameplay of the menu during the pre-release build; it shows the Anvil B, which we know now is the F2000, another weapon that has been leaked for the last couple of weeks for MW3.

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