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The new war zone map is finally here, and I'm sure a lot of you guys have been struggling with what classes to make today. We'll be sharing with you guys the best from ARS LMG Snipers, you name it, and we have a special secret class at the end of the article, but let's get into the first one. We're going to be talking about the good old hogre 26, lmg, and this is a very good goto.

For the stock, we're going to be running the Ascent Lord stock for the huge recoil control the eagles eye 2.5x. This is an optic site you're going to see used a lot in pretty much every AR LMG. You can still use the aim op if you'd like, but this is pretty much the best one. We got the good old Hoger factory barrel.

We got the VT7, the Spitfire suppressor, and, of course, the BL52 grip under the barrel, which is the last one for the huge boost and recoil control. The good things about LMGs are obviously that they start with a good mag, and well, it shoots very straight and hits really hard. Next, we're going to be talking about the striker nine.

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Now, this is a very underrated SMG in the game. We got the DR6, hands stop under the barrel for that huge boost, and ads sprint to fire movement speed. We're going to be rocking a 50-round drum because it goes through ammo very quickly, and with a high fire rate, we have the VK. 7-MW laser a lot of you guys know that from the old Call of Duty, we got the Slate reflector, and this gun feels like it kind of needs a sight.

It could be the ELO, it could be the Slim Line Pro, but it feels like it needs one because the iron sight struggles a little bit, and we got the striker factory stock. Now, this SMG does recoil a little bit, but you can see it still kills pretty quick and has good recoil control, and very quickly before we go into the next class setups for tacticals.

You kind of want to run a smoke grenade with the map very wide open. The smoke grenade will help you live and get you out of very sticky situations. The stem also got buffed, so you get that stem. Boost Plus the health increase or the health regen back, which is very nice, so those are the two usually tacticals you want to run for the lethal throwing knife for fools.

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You can only or you can run a frag or a SX to help you get them out of those you know spots where you can get him out with a throwing knife. Next, we got the Pullam yacht. If that's how you say it for the barrel, we're going to be rocking the Jack Annihilator, long barrel, but the reason you're allowed to put this on first of all is because you got to put on the conversion kit; this thing makes this thing a beast, and then you can put on the barrel.

Next, you can rock, of course, the VT7 Spitfire suppressor, which is one of the best suppressors in the game. We have the good old BL52 grip underbarrel and, of course, the eagle, eye, and optic sight, and this is how this thing looks. Yeah, these lmgs seem to be pretty damn op, next a good Old Reliable, the Rival 9 one of the best SMGs in the game right now, we're going to be rocking the Rival clear shot barrel for the extra recoil control and bu of velocity SL damage range, this black fire compensator for the huge boost and recoil control, and a big thing about the Rival 9 the main struggle is it kind of kicks too much right it has a little bit of too much of a recoil so we're going to try to combat that with these attachments.

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Got the 40 round mag we got the good old rival Vice assault grip gives you some boost and recoil controls doesn't really have any cons, and then the marauder stock and you're going to see like usually this gun kicks a little bit but when you have these attachments on it shoots pretty straight right you can definitely laser a little bit next the bass be this thing is actually a beast and a lot of people are praising it right now we got the bruan Venom long barrel this is a battle rifle so if you're just wondering, we got the vt7 smithf fire suppressor of course one of the best suppressors in the game we got the 45 round mag for the extra ammo the optic Eagle Eye but again you can run another one if you'd like or maybe the aim op this one is just really good and then for the stock we got the good old ravage 20, heavy stock.

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Now a lot of these guns I'm giving you are going to be very strong and very good because I'm just trying to give you guys the best of course and now to talk about the was swarm a very good SMG especially up close we got the ruthless Barrel afford a good increase in bu velocity we got the shadow strike suppressor and this is huge because it gives you undetectable by radar so your you know your Red Dot doesn't appear on the mini map, but there's no cons to it which is really nice and in war zone red dots are back so having suppressor on can be very important, we got the under Barrel we got the skeletal vertical grip we got the 50 round mag because this thing runs through ammo at a high fire rate and we have the Fortress stock.

Another thing about this gun is that it recoils a little bit with these attachments; it can shoot pretty straight; it still has a little bit of a kick, but you remember, this gun is very dominant up close, and that's what you want to aim for. I know this is kind of in the middle, but we got one of the best guns in the game, probably if not the best, the DG58 LSW.

best loadouts warzone 3

This thing is a tank; we got the Woody Long Barrel; we got the VT7, Spitfire suppressor. I'm probably not going to get tired of saying that for the underbarrel, we got the Brewing Heavy Support grip a huge boost in Recoil control got the good old Eagle Eye 2.5x, and for the stock we got the recoil reduction but plate, and this thing is probably one of the best, if not the best.

AR lmg in the game; it just has very low recoil and it hits very hard, and I know what you guys are thinking. You're like, These guns all look like they have low recoil. Yeah, but that gun Let me tell you that a gun hits hard. We're going to be talking about the good old I call it the DMR, but the DM 56 is a marksman rifle, which makes it a little bit interesting, but ever since I used it in multiplayer.

I knew this thing was going to be a problem. We're going to be rocking the Prime Lord heavy barrel, which is a huge boost to build velocity in Amy. Auto-away, we got the VT7 suppressor. Man, I've said, like, 10 times already, 40 round mag, we got the eagle eye 2.5x, sight, and of course the hoger recoil, pad.

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This thing is a single fire, so you can't obviously tap it. You know you have to tap it. But this thing is really strong; it obviously kills in a couple bullets and has very low recoil. Some of these guns are weird to use, but I mean, this thing is obviously pretty. Next, this is not the WASP swarm but the WASP 9, just like there's a striker nine, and this thing has a slower fire rate but it hits harder, and it's considered one of the hardest hitting guns in the game right now.

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