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So there was a weapon balancing update about a couple days ago that only nerfed the MTZ Interceptor. To be honest, the MTZ is still really, really good, but on January 17th, season 1 reloaded comes out, and that's where they're going to have a huge weapon balancing update pass. You guys saw this article where I dropped a really cool solo gameplay.

People are calling me a hacker. I cannot believe it anyway. The fact that people are calling me a hacker using this gun. Wait, look, you might have to use this gun.

Longbow loadout

Okay, so the longbow. Since the MTZ got a minor Nerf, the Longbow is a good replacement for that. Now let me tell you why the way that you use the Longbow almost feels like you're using the MTZ Interceptor, and statistically, it kills faster than that.

best class warzone 3

It has head shot bonuses that are way higher than the MTZ, so let me show you guys how to build this so you're going to use the Coro Eagles ey 2.5x. It is the cleanest OP to use for the longbow. Go on to the barrel and add the Pro99 lawn barrel. This is going to increase the bullet velocity and the minimum damage range by 34% and 17.9%, making it easily the best barrel to use for this specific gun.

Go on to the muzzle and add on the Sonic suppressor. This is going to increase your bullet velocity by another 12.9%. While increasing your damage ranges by 5%, as well, you only want to use this specific barrel if the gun has a lot of recoil, like, let's say, an LMG, an SMG, or an assault rifle, but since this is a single-fire type of weapon, use the exonic suppressor because the recoil doesn't need to matter too much in this specific scenario.

Go on to the ammunition type and add on the high-grain rounds; obviously, this is going to increase the minimum and effective damage ranges by 15%. Adding 15% to the bullet velocity means that, as you guys can see, we're stacking the range values, and as you guys can see, the head shot damage is 150.

Okay, let me finish building this, and we're going to compare this to the MTZ Interceptor. Go to the bolt and add the Sam Quick bolt. This is going to increase your rate of fire by 11% and your rechamber time by 35%. This is the exact build for the longbow. I hope you guys enjoy this one. It almost feels like the fire rate is a little bit faster than the MTZ Interceptor, plus you get the headshot bonuses.

Look at this. To be honest, if you're not using the longbow or at least trying to master this gun, you're missing out. I'm telling you, if you want to use this, it's going to be a really good replacement for the MTZ Interceptor. For example, this is the MTZ Interceptor. You guys go to the statistics here; the hot damage is 127, so the longbow has 150, so the values are a lot higher for the longbow, even the upper torso damage at 112 and the MTZ upper torso damage at 85, so just trust me, try to master the long bow, which is the number one class setup for that gun. Another gun that people are underling is , the DM 56.

Dm56 loadout

Dm56 loadout

It's another Marksman rifle, but I've been saying this since day one. This thing is an absolute machine. Show you guys how to build it, so obviously you're going to use the Coral Eagles EY 2.5x. Bear with me; a lot of these attachments are going to be very similar.

There's going to be a certain pattern, so you go to the barrel and look for the barrel that has the most effective damage range bonuses and bullet velocity. That's what you need for a marksman rifle, so use the Prim Lord heavy barrel; it's going to increase your bullet velocity by 30% and your effective damage range by 25%.

And then this one you're going to stack with the spirit fire suppressor. This is because you do want a little bit of recoil control after every single shot, plus the bullet velocity compared to the spe fire on this one is very minuscule, so for this. I noticed that adding the spe fire suppressor does increase the recoil control by a small amount but a noticeable amount, so put that on go to the ammunition type and add on the high grain rounds to increase your bullet velocity and your effective damage ranges by 15%.

Go on to the magazine and add on a 40 or a 30. I prefer the 30 because I play solos, but if you play if you guys play duos, trios, or quads, maybe add on the 40-round, Magazine. There is a setting for those who don't feel like clicking R1 all the time. If you guys go to the gameplay and go all the way down to manual fire, Behavior: If you click on hold, you can actually just hold R1.

This is my number one DM 56 class set for War Zone. I'm going to show you, you guys.

Taq eradicator loadout

Taq eradicator loadout

An absolute hit scan Tac Eradicator class setup for you guys: this is an Absolut Hit scan. It is absolutely atrocious and broken. I'm going to show you guys how to build this right now. Go on to the barrel and add the 70-long barrel. This is going to increase your BL velocity by 30% and your minimum and effective damage ranges by 25%.

This is a good value for all assault rifles, LMGs, and marksman rifles. Trust me, add on the spirit fire suppressor, go into the underbarrel, and add on the brew and heavy support CB. This is my number-one underbarrel for LMG assault rifles. Some people do like to use the DR6 hand stop to increase their mobility, but I personally like to use this DR6 for SMGs.

best guns warzone 3

This one is here for LMGs and assault rifles, so definitely put that on. You don't need an ammunition type for this. I've tested a lot, and trust me, you just don't need one. What you do need is attachments that increase your recoil, so if you guys just go through this right here, you're going to see that the tack-ver core stock is going to increase your gun control by 23% and your recoil vertical horizontal by 11 and 12%, so put this on, and then you're going to stack it with the FSS, combat grip adding another 10%, and the recoil reduction gunky control, so put that on, and you're going to see right here that you're going to have a really no recoil.

Gun It's almost going to feel like a hit scan, like in the game. It just feels like when you're shooting people in the air, it's going to feel like it's just connecting, and it just feels like this is one of those weapons. It just feels really nice when you use it. I think people will make an argument that the Bruin MK9 is really good.

Sincerely, I think it's really good. I made a article on this if you guys search on my channel about maybe a week ago. I made a article on the Brew Bruan MK9. I think it's a great gun, but personally, it's either going to be the tack eradicator or If I were going to rank it. I would rank this as the tack eradicator number one, and then this one: if you want to use a sight, with the tack eradicator, you don't need to use an optic; you don't.

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