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I hope you're doing well. Let's go ahead and get you these loadouts and not waste any of your time right now on tacticals. I'm running a stem or smoke completely up to you there; if I find a smoke in the game. I'm constantly picking it up; I'm running throwing knives as well; this saves you a ton of ammo when trying to thirst your enemies; and then for my perk packages right now.

I'm going with Mountaineer. Double Time, and I'm either running primed or I'm running quick fix. Just both of them are so good to run, but I'm usually running primed because I'm trying to be a little bit more aggressive, and then right now I'm running high alert for that fourth perk slot resolute's, pretty solid, and then Flex is really nice when you're trying to hear footsteps a little bit better, but high alerts are just so crucial when you know you're getting spotted from a specific direction.

It just really helps you out for this first set of loadouts we're going on with the SBA 545, and then we're going with the striker for that SBA 545, we're going with the Zimon 35 compensated flash muzzle, then we're going with the STV Precision Barrel, the Brewing heavy support grip under Barrel, the 60 round mag, and we're going with this new Jack glassless optic.

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How do you unlock this? This is brand new. Just dropped this week and gives you a little blue dot reticle up there. You want to go to your challenges, Go to your weekly challenges, and you want to complete them in week four. Complete any five challenges from week four. I did this in multiplayer; it was a lot faster.

I did it in, like, 10 minutes. I did the assault rifle challenges first, of which there are four; I did all of those in one game, and then I did the triple kills with the battle rifle. The next game, it took me like 30 seconds. I'm just kidding; it took me like 2 minutes. After that, that was easy, man.

It was completely up to you to do it. You can do it in Battle Royale. It's just going to take you a little longer, but it's just as easy. Let me show this to you guys in the firing range here just. This new site just really doesn't have much visual recoil. All in all, we went with the striker for this SMG.

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We are also going with the Zimon 35 compensated flash muzzle for the Dr6 hand stop under Barrel, the 48-round mag, and the Lochman MK2 light stock, and I'm still going with this Jack glassless optic I was running optics. I was running the MK3 on this, so I just switched over to the Jack Glassless, and it still rips.

There's very little recoil, and there's no huge ad dip; it's like minus 2%. It's nothing to worry about. For this next set of loadouts, we're going with the bass B, and the striker 9 bass B is still pretty solid. It's a little harder at range to control now, but with this new optic and this new muzzle—not a new muzzle but a muzzle that I've been using this past week that I'm having a lot of fun with—it's a lot easier to control at range for this bass B.

We're going with the Zimon 35 muzzle. The Bruin Venom long barrel, the Bruin heavy support grip under the barrel, the Jack glassless optic, and the 45-round mag show this to you guys in the firing range; again, very little recoil, and a lot easier to control at range now, for sure. Then for that Striker 9, we're going with that Zimon 35 compensated flash muzzle.

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the Dr6 handtop under Barrel, the 50-round drum, the Lockman MK2 light stock, and that jck glassless optic, you can run whatever site makes you comfortable, but that's the one I'm running for right now, and just because there's just no visual recoil, there's no reason not to run it right now. To be honest, look at that insane recoil control man.

Just so so, good. To get you these loadouts. Not only is it a quick escape from reality and a great way to relax, but my favorite thing about it is that it's a mobile puzzle game that has absolutely no ads. Royal Match is a three-step puzzle game in which you help this king named Robert build and renovate his castle.

We're going with the BP50 and the AM9. I'm having a lot of fun running both of these. The BP50, for me, is really, really good in solos and duos in trios and quads. It's a little harder to use because there are only 45 rounds. I think if this thing had like a 50, just five more rounds like a 50 or a 60 round mag, either one of those would be great, but man, it's just the 45 round really holds this one back.

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I feel, but again, very solid this BP50. We're going with that Zimen 35 muzzle. The low, heavy barrel The Brewing Heavy Support Grip under Barrel The Jack glassless optic and the 45-round mag show this to you guys in the firing range here just. Very little recoil. Man, like I said, it will take care of three enemies full-plated, but that 45-round mag really holds it back in my opinion, but not much visual recoil.

All, and for that amr9 that Zim and muzzle the amr9 Commando Pro Barrel The DR6 handstop under Barrel, that new optic, and the 50-round mag show this to you here in the firing range. Just man, the AR9 is so good too. I think the AR9 is really, honestly, my number two right now. I think you put that 100-round mag on here too if you want to.

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It's just so easy to control here at short range and mid-range, just a lot. Fun, then for this next loadout, we're going with the Ram 7 and the Ram 9. The Ram 7 with this new optic is a lot of fun. I haven't been running it with an optic because there's really not one that I really love to run with.

I've been running all Iron Sites with the Ram 7, but with this new optic, it's not bad at all. With this Ram 7, we're going with the Zimon 35 compensated flash muzzle, the XRK, and the Cor Mark 40 heavy barrel. The brewing heavy support grip under the barrel The new Jack optic and the 60-round mag show this to you guys here in the firing range; there's just no visual recoil at all with this thing, man.

Good, then for this Ram, we're going with that Zim and muzzle the DR6 hand stop under Barrel the 50-round mag, the Recon comb comb, and that haste XV grip tape, and this Ram 9 is just, man, it's just an absolute beam as well, not bad at mid-range at all, a really, really solid up, close. For this next set of loadouts, this one might surprise you a little bit, but I ran the Lockman sub or the MP5 this week.


Fun to run, not meta, but this is one of your bonus loadouts, and then the Brewin MK9, with this new sight, is so good, and you'll see once you try it yourself. I'm not, but I'm loving the brewing right now. For that Lockman sub, I'm going with the L4 flash hider to muzzle the SL skeletal vertical grip.

I'm using the highgrain rounds here because they do deal a little bit more damage because of the bullet velocity of the 50-round drum and the Ft. Mobile stock, and man, this was a throwback. I wouldn't use it much past mid-range, which is not bad in the firing range at least, but definitely a close-range weapon option.

TOP 10 BROKEN META Loadouts in Warzone 3 Season 2 AFTER UPDATE. Thanks to Royal Match for sponsoring today's video.
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