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What you're going to do is go to your internet browser and go to Call of Duty. Com. Backmon. Energy. Redeem, and then you're going to log into your Activision account, which you can log in to via Playstation. Xbox, battl net steam whatever you're on, or just log into your Activision right up here, which is what I did, and you're going to sign in, and it'll take you straight to this page.

Now the code is already entered for you. If you don't have this when it shows up, go ahead and use the code that's right here. all you have to do is hit submit now it'll either pop up with the skin which means you did redeem it or it'll pop up with this and then I think all you have to do is select a platform you want to link but the first time I did it popped up with the Skin showing and said the Redemption, successful, then all you have to do is restart your game, and you should have it in there, but as you can see.

I've already redeemed it and the operator. It's for the barbecue operator right here, the spec-grown barbecue operator. That's how you'll check and see if you have it called the beast skin, and that's how you do it before we get you these loadouts. I want to give a quick shout-out to the sponsor of today's article, Smash Cup.

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Smash Cup is a fun automated, mobile, and PC gaming experience where you can take command of your heroes and navigate chaos while engaging in strategic battles against your opponents. You can upgrade and customize your battleground. While strategically placing defensive items while spawning troops in your defense of other opponents, continue to upgrade your heroes while progressing through your battle road and glory road to collect the IAL resources and assets to upgrade your character and build your defenses.

Become a strategy superhero in Smash Cup and download it on Steam, the Apple App Store, or the Google Play Store, whether you want to play it at home or on the go. Discord and Steam pages, and fill out the quick Google survey. Now let's get your loadouts all right. So for this first set of loadouts, we're going to go with the WSP 9 and the SBA 545.

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For this WSP 9, I'm rocking the WSP infiltrator, integrated, and barreling the DR6 hand stop under Barrel the high grain rounds the 40 or 50 round mag here, and I'm rocking the Slate reflector. One, God, where did you come from? I knew you were not paying attention. Are you safe? yep, team Wi, then we have the SBA 545.

Now I'm using most of this on tap, the single tap to fire, which will shoot two bullets at one time, which is so much more powerful than the full auto, but you can use a full auto as well. I'm rocking the speed of the E7 Spirit Power suppressor the STV Precision Barrel. I like the high-grain rounds here, the 60-round mag, and the Coro Eagles ey 2.5-round scope.

If you don't want a single fire, I would highly recommend using the breu and heavy support grip under Barrel instead of the high grain. Down, the next load out, we're walking the AMR 9 and the MTZ 762. For this AMR 9, we're going with the Sonic suppressor's muzzle and the SL skeletal vertical grip.

I like the high-grain rounds here in the 50-round mag and the MK3 reflector. Anything, my, I got them both. With the MTZ 762, we're going with the Vt7 Spirit Fire Suppressor L to muzzle the MTZ Precision Black Thorn Barrel, the Brewing heavy support grip under barrel, and the Coro Eagles ey 2.5 time scope.

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Now I did manage to save the glitch load out with the 40 round mag, which you cannot use in rank, so you'll have to go with a 30 round mag, but if you were smart enough to save the blueprint that had the 40 round mag on this good on you, that was a smart decision, but use the 30 round mag if you don't have the 40 round mag, unlocked.

Him, next for the next load out, we're going to the striker 9, the pull me yet, the pulm yet, and the striker 9, the pulm is just still so good, man. It's just very good. I do have a little bit of a different load than we had last time. I switched out the stock with a barrel this time, so that's kind of the only change from the last one, but again, it's just so good.

On striker 9, we're using the Sonic suppressor to muzzle the Dr6 hand stop under Barrel. I'm using the 50-round drum, the MK3, reflector sight here, along with the Lockman MK2, light, Is one, got two, then for that, pull me it? We're using the VT7 spear fire suppressor L muzzle and the Jack Annihilator long barrel.

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You'll have to equip the Jack Annihilator Bullpup kit in order to do that. Brewing heavy support grip under Barrel Coro eagley 2.5 time scope and, of course, Jack Annihilator Bullpup, the dead team For the next set of loadouts, we're going with the RAM 9 and the new BP50. These are both new weapons, and they pair very well with each other.

The only problem I have with the BP50 is that it just doesn't have a big enough mag; it feels like it shoots straight, like there's hardly any recoil, but when you get to quads, it is really tough to bring down more than two people in a squad at once, but that's just my take. We're going with the Sonic suppressor muzzle, the DR6 hand stop under Barrel, the 50-round mag, the Haste XV grip tape rear grip, and that Recon comb.

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I'm of that, then for this next load out, we're going with the RAM 7 and the HRM 9. This is my favorite loadout to run right now, period. If I want to get high kills and get pretty sweaty, the Ram 7 and the HRM 9 are kind of my go-tos. So for that Ram 7, we're going with the VT7 spear fire suppressor.

You can go with the Jack BFB if you need the extra recoil control, but I've switched over back to the VT7 spear suppressor for a little bit more damage. The Cronin headwind long barrel Bruin heavy support grip because I struggle more with horizontal recoil than I do with vertical recoil. If you struggle with more vertical recoil, use the Kira Ry 03 vertical grip, then rock the 60-round mag with this along with the HBS 3.4.

Down, got another one down right, here right here, one down two. Down there, for that HRM 9, we're rocking the Sonic compressor's muzzle. The Thorn 90 barrel, the DR6 hand stop under Barrel, the 50 round drum, and the folding.

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