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In full disclosure, they are sponsoring this article, but I'm also doing them a favor because I love them. This site, and I've been using it for the past 3 weeks and testing it. They haven't been up for maybe a month right now, and they're awesome to use. If you go to their homepage, they have a set of loadouts, like the best assault rifle you can be using and the best LMG you can be using with the SMG sniper.

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All these kinds of things are listed here at the front of their website. They've got some of the top people using their website and how many kills they've had in their PRs. Those kinds of things as well if you know who T Captain X is and Cupa Joe they are two of the ones behind creating this site and again it's only been up a month and they've done some awesome things with it one of the cooler things you can do is log your games and this is the feature that I really have been utilizing, these past few weeks to kind of study my game and get a little bit better like what are my best drop spots where do I have the most kills when I drop where am I dropping when I win the most games those kinds of things this all can help you and get you better at the game just by logging these things and kind of checking and seeing where you're at so what you can do is upload an image one of your games, select what game mode you want how many kills you got how many deaths you have how much damage you did in that game and whatever your placement was if you won you got first if you died early you got 15th, those kinds of things and what ways did you get kills did you check your mini map did you act well on information.

Those kinds of things were you camping the whole time be honest with yourself where you're not going to get any better were you catching enemies off guard like when they're flying in those kinds of things as well if you died a lot what ways did you die did you have bad aim bad positioning no cover did you die due to a kill streak, those kinds of things as well so make sure you put all that stuff in there and what it's going to do is going to give you a breakdown of your game you're going to select what map you were playing, what was your drop in location usually I always drop Farms where did the game finish select where the game finished, what was your play style during this game were you balanced were you aggressive.

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Casual tactical, what kind of things usually I play pretty balanced so I'm not going to get your 60 kills plus I'm usually going to get around hopefully 20 maybe 30 every now and then but mostly 15 to 25 for me that's what I've noticed and then you're going to select what Loadout you are using if I'm using a ranked game I use my rank Loadout usually if I'm using a balance metal I'll select a balance Loadout you can also create a Loadout right here select what primary weapon you're using you can sort by SMG, pistol assault rifle Marksman rifle all those kinds of things this is going to help you out a ton put all your attachments down this is going to help you keep up with your game then we're going to go to the next and then we're going to select your squad size it was Duos Ros quads solos, did you enjoy playing this particular game if you died a lot you're probably not going to enjoy it a lot those kinds of things so do this for as many games as you can that way you're getting better constantly.

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And then you're getting more kills by rotating those kinds of things better. Now let's get you these loadouts, and this is going to be a combination of what G's thinks is meta and what I think is meta as well, so we're kind of in agreement on a lot of these, and this is going to be a really fun article with really good loadouts for you guys to be using.

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Let's get into it now. For this first set of loadouts, we're going to go with the evolver and the Rival 9 SMG. Now these don't necessarily have to be run together all of these are pretty inter changeable but I'm going to show you these loadouts these going to be the top seven long range weapons and I'm going to have the top seven, close range weapons, along with some bonus loadouts for you as well like I said we got a lot of loadouts for you guys today you're going to want to screenshot a lot of these we're going to have all the screenshots for you as well so don't you worry now for this evolver we're going to go with the zimon 35 compensative flash muzzle, the eviction, 762, heavy barrel the Hound 9g grip the Jack glassless optic and the rampart heavy stock and of course we're showing this to you guys in the firing range, this thing is still an absolute beam you can put the 5.56 rounds on here if you want to but it's going to be a little harder to control the recoil I would probably take the stock off if you're going to do that but completely up to you.

Therefore, for this rival 9, we're running the Zimon 35 compensated flash muzzle, the Jack glassless optic, the EFX Close Quarters assault stock (I like the 50 round drum here), and then we're running the Head Hunter conversion kit, which is going to turn it into a burst. This is really solid when it comes to midrange, when a mid-range option is a sniper support option.

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Possibly those kinds of things are not an SMG option here, but definitely mid-range is definitely a sniper support option here as well. It beams absolutely at mid-range. There, then for this second set of loadouts we're going to go with the sbaa 545 you can have this in burst or you can have this in full a completely up to you if you go full auto I recommend going with the Jack glasses optic but we're going to go with the vt7 spirit fire suppressor or you can go with the zimma 35 completely up to you the Precision Barrel the high grain rounds and the 60 round mag if you're running the burst you know turn it to burst this thing still doesn't have any recoil at all it kills super fast, and a lot of fun to run but you can also run it in full auto mode still beams, very good at mid-range a little harder to control when it comes to longer ranges in full auto mode if you want to switch up to the zimma 35 here it's going to have a little bit more recoil control but that's completely up to you there again little a little harder to control when it comes to the full auto mode so I recommend burst over Auto but completely up to you there whatever is.


Comfortable, then we're running this with the wsp Swarm wsp swarm, we're running the Sonic suppressor muzzle, the wsp Reckless 90 long barrel, the high grain rounds, the 100 round drum, and we're running the Fortress heavy stock here. I don't recommend this SMG highly; it's definitely one of my lower-end options for me because it's got a lot of reco when it comes to mid-range while you have that 100-round mag on.

TOP 10 BROKEN META Loadouts in Warzone 3 Season 2 AFTER UPDATE. Thanks to GGs for sponsoring today's video.
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