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In today's article, I'm going to be talking about the best seven guns I have used in Modern Warfare 3 zombies over the last couple of weeks. I'm going to be going through seven different guns that give us a nice variety of play styles. We've got assault rifles, shotguns, SMGs, and all types of different things within this article, so you guys will have a gun for whatever your play style is within zombies.

Again, as always, with these articles, these guns are in no particular order. I'll go and try them out in game, and if they're good enough, I'll make sure to make a article on them, but let's get straight into the article as of right now. And the first gun we're going to be talking about, guys, is actually going to be the Retti pistols.

You should be able to see the class apps on screen every single time I do go onto a new gun, so you will be able to cut, pause, copy down the class go, and use it in game. We're going to be talking about the retees really quick, and the retees are absolutely amazing in this game. We have a Kimbo, both of which have 100 bullets in each magazine.

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It is a very, very nice class. You can get around the map ridiculously quickly with it, especially if you have stamina. The mobility is really, really nice, and the time to kill is really good. It's going to take down normal zombies, armored zombies, and boss zombies. Like I said, you've got the akimbo, and you've got that 100-round mag in each gun, so you've got 200 bullets to get through with a ridiculous amount of fast fire rate.

Of course, they are burst fire rates, so you are going to have to just keep tapping the triggers or tapping your shoot buttons, but it's very easy to use. The René is just so good; it's super powerful. And I think you guys will be surprised at how quickly you are going to be able to take out zombies with this gun.

But onto the next gun. We are going to be talking about the brand new SMG, the FJX. Horus and this was again a new addition to the game, and maybe it's one of the reasons I've been using it because it's not the most insane gun in the game. It's not going to absolutely blow your mind at how good this gun is, but it just gets the job done so well.

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It's just good against zombies; it's good against bosses; it's good against Mega Abominations. Again, it's got great mobility speed. It's just an all-round, really good gun. Like I said, it is a brand new SMG that has been added to the game, so if you guys yet haven't gone and unlocked it. I definitely recommend you do go ahead and unlock it, get it leveled up, and take it into the game with the class app that I was using because, just like a really nice all-round gun, it is going to get the job done.

You're going to absolutely have a lot of fun with this gun. For sure, it is one of the better SMGs in the game as of right now, at least from what I've been using as of late. And it seems a lot of people do have the same sort of thoughts as me with this fjx. Horus I know a lot of you guys have also been enjoying this new SMG that has been added.

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Again, like I said, it's just going to get the job done. It's going to make grinding Tier 3 in the dark AA Zone nice and easy. You're going to feel very comfortable with this gun. Of course, all the game plays you are seeing. By the way. I do use a Tier 3 Pack-a-Punch, a legendary AOL, and some certain guns I will have mags of holding on, so you can pay attention to the bottom right-hand corner to see what the ammo type is.

If I don't already mention the fact they've got mags of holding, yeah, the fjx. Horus is definitely a gun that I do recommend you guys go ahead and level up and try out for yourselves because I think you will really, really enjoy it. The next one, guys, is actually a bit of a blast from the past.

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If you played the OG zombies back at the very start of this game you will know the tyr, pistols a Kimbo were ridiculously, broken and they are very good yet again and this is one that I do have mags of holding on because the one problem with the tyr that I always had was how quickly you ran out of ammo in each magazine, we are going to have these a Kimbo and instead of having five bullets per magazine we are going to put mags of holding on allowing us just to spray these around and having this mags of holding acquisition on it this makes this gun absolutely broken You can take down boss zombies, mega Abominations, and things like that just so quickly that you're going to be two-shotting the normal zombies in the Tier 3 Zone, and then bosses aren't going to take much more damage than that either.

These things are absolutely ridiculous. At taking down boss zombies, like I said, they were good at the start, then they had a little bit of a Nerf. Like I said, the one thing you need to make sure you're keeping track of is the ammo count that you guys do have because you don't want to run out of ammo.

You are going to be able to get through the ammo pretty quickly with mags of holding, but having mags of holding on these is just going to make them so broken, so fun to use, and just overall one of the better guns in this game. Next up is actually going to be the BP50 guys. I see a lot of people still using this gun, and it is one that I still use myself, as well as an assault rifle that got added not too long ago, but the BP50 is a really nice, all-round gun.

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It's got decent range on it, and it's really good at taking down zombies. It's good at just taking down boss zombies, but it really thrives at just taking down hordes of zombies, like you can just melt through zombies so quickly with this, which is what I really like, especially when I'm grinding like tier three contracts or tier three loot or even in the dark AA Zone.

This BP50 is just so good at taking out hordes or zombies, which makes life so much easier, especially if you're in a squad that might have guns that are really good against bosses. You can just focus on the zombies with the BP50. But if you do come up against bosses, the BP50 is still going to do the damage, it is still going to take out the bosses, and it is still very good against the bosses.

Like I said, I just like it for taking down hordes or zombies. There's just something about it with hordes or zombies that I find really, really good, but like I said, if you need to take down boss zombies, you are still going to be able to do that nice and easily with this BP50. Next up is another assault rifle, and it is going to be the MCW.

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This has always been a very solid gun in zombies, and it is still, to this day, a very solid gun in zombies. I don't think the MCW has actually received any Nerfs, or maybe even got a little bit of a buff in zombies, but it's just a well-rounded gun similar to the BP50; it's got good range. You know you can take down zombies really, really nicely, but it's got a little bit more damage I feel against the bosses than the BP50.

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