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Obviously it's going to allow me to start Pack-a-Punch my gun a little bit as well so it's going to make the contracts a little bit easier cuz right now we're at tier one Pack-a-Punch I haven't got any other stuff which is why I'm doing this run cuz I need some loot for some of the articles I'm trying to record so I thought you know what why not instead of just grinding it by myself, why not jump into tier three make a article and actually we can then see together if tier three is actually worth grinding on a regular basis or not, because if I come out with a load of good loot then we can okay tier three is worth grinding, if I come up with basically nothing then all right maybe tier three might not be worth grinding but one thing you do need to bear in mind not every game is going to be the same like you could have a game of tier three, where you get a load of amazing Loot and then you can get another game where you just really don't get anything.

So I have jumped in with the Ram 9 because it's one of the most confident guns that I feel with in this game, and also because it's only tier one Pack-a-Punch, as you can see, but we are going to start tier three Pack-a-Punch in it, so the first one all we're going to get is a tier three vest, a large backpack, and a shatter blast ammo, which isn't really that great.

Okay, so second contract, as you can see, we have got a bounty target on a disciple all the way over here, so we're going to go ahead and do this to see what sort of loot we can get, and then I'll look at Pack-a-Punch in as well, because I really do need to Pack-a-Punch. The problem is that I don't have any stamina up or any perks or anything, so I really need to get myself kitted out, but I also don't want to miss any of the loot that we could be getting from contracts because, of course, the whole idea of this is to see what we can get from the contracts in the Tier 3 Zone.

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Okay, so there we go. That one has gone down as well. We got a self-revive, a Sigil cluster mine, and then a cryo freeze ammo mod, so not really too much I'm going to be taking out of there. Okay, so contract number three is going to be another Outlast contract again, which is nice and easy to do.

A lot of the contracts now in tier three are very easy to do, and a lot of people are already in tier three, so if you're someone who's not comfortable, you can probably just jump into tier three and try and find a team that is doing contracts and request to join their squad. The majority of the teams will let you in because if it's going to make their life a bit easier, they're going to let you in because it's going to help you complete the contracts, or if you're confident enough, just go and solo run them; they're all pretty simple to do at this point in the game.

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So this contract is now coming to a close. Let's see what we can get out of Outlast for this one. Hopefully, we finally see a little bit of decent loot come out of this another self-revive. And a PhD flopper can. Not anything too crazy so far I think we've done what three to four contracts now and the best thing we've had is maybe a self-revive, that might be about it, but it's not all too bad because of course we have still got the entire game to go where we can of course keep going keep grinding contracts, and potentially get some good loot out of it so I don't really know how long this article is going to end up being I'm sort of just going to do like showing you what contracts we are doing and then show you us completing them and the rewards we're getting and as you can see at the minute we are doing a escort contract, and speaking of the escort is going all the way up in there because of The Mangler but I don't really know what else I can show you in this as of outside of how worth tier three is worth grinding because.

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There's not too much more to show you other than us doing the contract and getting the reward out of it, I suppose. So we're doing this contract now, and Mega Abominations just pulled up. We've got disciples, man. We've got basically everything that could ever be on us in this situation at this time.

I'm not going to lie; everything seems to be here right now, which is kind of crazy. Like I said, Mega Abominations mimics manglers; everything is right here on us right now. Okay, so again, the escort contract is about to come to an end as well, which should be finished up in about 2–3 seconds.

Here, we should be able to see what sort of loot we are going to be getting out of this as well. And there we go. The contract has now finished, so what sort of loot can we expect to get out of this contract? Hopefully we'll actually see a little bit of a decent look because we've not really had anything so far, and again, we're just not really getting anything; it's just another cluster, mine being a perk, a two-plate vest.

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Really, nothing great has come out of this so far. So I'm going to start up this Spore contract now for our team to go ahead and complete do that and then I mean at some point I'd like to see like a legendary AAL a tier 2 or tier three Pack-a-Punch Crystal, it would be nice I really hope at some point we do see it would be ideal because like I said not any I recording this article to show you guys that you can get good loot from tier three but I'm also doing it because I need the loot to record some articles that I want to record there's a couple guns I want to try out but I want to have legendary a tools and stuff like that and I've totally run out of all the loot that I had from recording other articles, so I genuinely need the loot myself as well as to show you guys tier three is actually worth grinding or not so this Spore contract should come up finished very quickly here as well again another easy contract to do really not one that people are going to struggle with completing in this game.

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And there we go. It is now finally finished. Let's see what sort of loot we're going to get this time. Okay, so we get a tombstone schematic. If you've not already got Tombstone, that would have been good. Again, realistically, nothing too crazy as of what we've not already got, so we're about 10 to 15 minutes into the game now where we've been actually grinding tier three contracts and doing all the loot and stuff, so you know I'm going to go tier three Pack-a-Punch my gun, just make it a little bit better, and then we can carry on with the rest of the contracts.

So next up we got a mega Abomination Bouncy Target, which I'm going to try and get to the majority of the time in this though the M Abomination and the Bounty seem to go down pretty quickly, e.g., everyone's using the flamethrower, attachment, and things like that. We just make him go down so fast, so we probably get there, and the contract will be just about complete.

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