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I'm going to be showing you every single Expo glitch-free bundle blueprint, Free Cod points. Everything that you can see in the article right now on screen, I'm going to be showing it to you, so skip ahead to which one you want to watch and make sure you drop a like on this article. But the glitches, yeah, that'll last forever.

Soon to be ped, and basically, I'm going to be giving away free Cod points to anyone on my live stream. When I do my live stream, all you have to do is join my Discord. Come down to the M3 giveaway section in the giveaway channel. Come down here; it's going to say, Do you want to enter for the week of February 4th?

You're going to react yes, and then you're in the giveaway. That's it when I do my live stream in just a few days, join my live stream, so make sure you subscribe. Put post notifications on and join the live stream just like the previous one, which I'm going to show you right now. The last time I did this, over 100 people watched, and that was absolutely insane, so let's do it again.

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Guys, I'm going to try and do this every two weeks. We're going to have so much fun doing this, so make sure to meet the requirements. Subscribe, join my Discord, and verify. I load up my gun. I'm ready to go. I have a glitch in my pocket. It's a camo show. Why stick to this? This is the best way to get anything you want right now—schematics, cases, money, whatever you want—we can drop it for you right now, and you can get anything in less than 2 minutes of play time.

And what's even better is getting services from Mitch Cactus, because they can literally give you anything that you want. If you're looking to unlock the new Modern Warfare 3 camo, such as Interstellar and Borealis, hard-unlocked or playing bot lobbies, we can level up your guns and unlock C rapidly, or even instant delivery of pre-made accounts.

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There are only two requirements to do this. Join my Discord and go to the general chat. When you go to the general chat, you're going to message a helper, so make sure you tag the helpers and say. I need this, and this, whatever you want. Money schematic cases Whatever you want, someone's going to reply to you, saying.

No problem, let me join your game. They're going to join a game just like this, and once they join a game, they're going to take it to this tombstone. And the reason for that is because they can do the duplication and glitching at the moment, so they can give you anything that they have. They do the glitch and they leave the game, and when they come back in the game later on, they're still going to have it, so they don't really care how much they give you; whatever you want, they're going to give it to you, and it's very, very good, and I'm thankful for all my helpers in my chat.

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So that's literally all you have to do; they're going to give it to you in the game, and you're going to get tombstones. And either xill, with them so you keep them with them or you're going to play the game out and then die at the end, and you're going to keep your tombstone anyway. If you want to keep all the money that you're given, make sure you die and don't fill it; otherwise, you're going to lose your money.

I'll make you a helper as well. If you want to help out some people, my XP is flowing, my weapon is glowing, and I'm hiding under the map without you knowing, just so that I can level up fast. If it doesn't like how I play, then kiss my ass. A new XP glitch is back, and by new. I mean an old glitch that actually worked about 2 months ago got patched, and now we're back with some more XP to show you just how you can unlock these camo glitches really fast in Moder Warfare 3 zombies and unlock your weapons to max level very fast.

For those of you who want to know, this is the glitch where you get unlimited spawns at the xfill. So you're going to get heaps of zombies spawning the entire game—literally thousands—every single game, and that's how you're going to get your camos and your weapon, XP. So please drop me a like.

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I literally beg you, like I'm begging you right now. Let's begin the only requirement for this glitch is getting the scorcher, so make sure you have the scorcher gun and drop into a game of mon. Through Zombies by yourself or with a friend, the more people, the less XP and camos you're going to unlock, so I suggest doing this solo, but if you want to do it with some friends, you can anyway.

If you want to jump into the game and go to an xfill, in the tier one zone you can do this with any of the tiers, but I suggest the tier one zone because it's easier to kill the zombies and a lot faster to unlock the camos since you can kill them quicker and you get the same XP per zombie kill no matter what.

It doesn't actually make sense to go to the hard of it now. Once you go to the xfill, you're going to call the helicopter and kill the zombies and wait for the helicopter to leave, and once it's left, you're going to use the scorcher. And boost out of there, get as far away as possible, and wait around 10 seconds.

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Once you wait 10 seconds, boost yourself back to the Xville. Call the chopper. Do this three to four times, and when you come back every single time you call the chopper, it's going to have a massive amount of zombies, just like the old glitch that used to happen about three months ago. For the rest of the game, you don't have to boost out anymore; just kill the zombies.

Call the Chopper Kill the zombies. Call The Chopper, unlock those camos, and get that double XP right now, and please drop a like. And subscribe i'm still begging; yes, I am, and I will never stop. My XP is flowing, my weapon is glowing, and I'm hiding under the map without you knowing. Just so that I can level up fast if I don't like how I play, kiss my ass in Modern Warfare 3 lockdown quads.

mw3 glitch spots

All you need to do to equip this and take advantage of the exploit is get decoys and a resupply. Perk and a weapon that you want to level up, and then join a game. Once you're in a game, you're going to go around and kill as many people as you can, and they're going to drop ammo boxes, and then you also get ammo boxes from loot crates too.

So literally, every single time you kill a person, they're going to drop an ammo box for some reason. They must be doing the same thing that you're doing right now. That's probably why, but it doesn't matter why. All you need to do is throw the decoys at people's faces, and you're going to get 200 XP—well, actually 400 XP with a double XP token equipped.

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