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These are the five best weapons in Modern Warfare 3: Zombie Season 1, and coming into our number five spot, you're going to be surprised to hear that these are the Wonder Weapons. Now, the two specific best Wonder Weapons, in my opinion, are the Wonder Wolf and the vr11. I feel like the ray gun has had a major Nerf in Modern Warfare 3 zombies and it's definitely not as good as it once was before and so now the best Wonder Weapons obviously you have the scorcher which is amazing at traversal around the map but Wonder WF can inst L take out any zombie even un pack-a-punched, and it will be slow but the fact that you can just rush into tier three without an un Pack-a-Punch Wonder WF is just insane and also the reason why I include the vr11 is if you upgrade it and shoot it at the zombies, they become mercenaries that shoot at other zombies and that can be very powerful, especially in the dark ether when you're doing the escort contract and you need to heal to escort ACV.

You can do that with the vr11, which easily makes it one of the most overpowered Wonder Weapons ever, and the only thing really that the Wonder WF struggles with, which is why I'm putting it at number five, is that it cannot take out the big bosses like the worms or the mega-abominations. And so for Mega Abominations, you can use the combat knife, and for the Red Worm, you can use an assault rifle like the SVA 545, but coming into our number four spot, this is going to be the explosive bolt crossbow.

Now I will have the gunsmith as well up at the end of each of these segments with the explosive W crossbow. This thing is absolutely insane. It does amazing damage on absolutely everything disciples manglers, mimics, and also regular zombies while doing a very good chunk of damage towards the mega-abomination and the worm.


You can actually switch out the tip, from the explosive bolt to the tear gas, and it will still do a lot of damage to the red worm. However, if you do run the tiar gas, it is unbelievably bad against the rest of the zombies. It's only good against the red worm, but the crossbow is still good even though it's not even a Modern Warfare 3 weapon; it's from MW2.

It is still one of the best weapons and hands down the best Marksman rifle in Modern Warfare 3 zombies, and coming into our number three spot, this is going to be the WSP. Swarm is now the wsp; Swarm is absolutely gone; this thing absolutely still shreds. These are dual-wield SMGs that, when you run, these back boys are insane at the damage they are able to do.

These are easily one of the greatest akimo weapons ever, and it might I say it is just so amazing to see that the meta in a Call of Duty: Zombie game is actually the number one best weapon, like SMGs and pistols. That is so rare to see, and honestly, I love the WSP Swarm. They're very liked. They have a ton of ammo.

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You can do so much damage on every single enemy type inside of the game that it is easily probably the best bullet weapon that is automatic, and so if you don't like having to plan your shots and you just like having to hold down the trigger on the zombies, the WSP Swarm is an absolute must, and if you don't have this Kimbo, make sure you grind this weapon to the max level to get a Kimbo because seriously, it is 100% worth it.

In my opinion, it is the best automatic-firing weapon in the game right now. I know you have stuff like the XRK, which is an amazing sniper rifle, and the new shotgun, the Lockwood, doing just amazing right now, but I feel like those could get patched considering that those are single-fire weapons, and all it takes for those to get patched is one little bit of damage.

Nerf, and then those weapons are completely unviable. But let's get into our number two spot. It's surprising because I think over season 1, a lot of these have become better because of the dark ether contracts being such a prominent thing that people want to grind for, and our number two spot is the RG80.

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And the RGL 80 is literally so important. As a weapon, you literally need to run this weapon because it has a special effect whenever you shoot the zombies; it allows them to be stunned, and so even if you do not have an upgraded version of this, you could literally run into tier three spam, all the tier three fast zombies that are running faster than you, and they will literally fall to the ground and stumble, which you can do literally.

A5 Amount of damage, and that stun effect will work, and it is so good because you can just spam it and use absolutely everything at your disposal, screw wasting an acquisition, for the Ether blade when you can literally just run in the RG80 and just spam it on all the zombies and do so much damage.

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Triple Pack-a-Punch. This thing is an absolute legend, and it is 100% worth running in almost every single game, especially if you are farming Dark Eternity. The only thing that I would say that this thing is really bad at is obviously the Red Worm Boss and also the Mega Abominations. If you want to do a two-weapon combo, honestly, one of my favorites is the RG80 and the WSP Swarm for bosses like the Red Worm and the Mega Abominations.

When you have all of those together, my goodness, your class setup is literally unbeatable. However, with the RG80, I must say you need to run certain perks for it to be very viable, and I would say this includes all of the other weapons that I've mentioned in this list. You must run PhD Flopper, especially because the fact like if you're running the ray gun or the RG80.

It is literally just going to absolutely delete you if you don't have PhD Flopper, and I have to say the RG80 is better than the ray gun in this game. When you shoot the ray gun, it has a very slow fire rate, whereas with the RG80, you can just spam and the RG80 can stun the zombies, where the ray gun cannot do that, and so that is why I'm telling you don't even need to rank up this gun; just load it up into your next game and you have got it.


This thing is absolutely insane and is so good for escort contracts when you just need to get the zombies off the ACV. My goodness, this is amazing, but coming down to our number one spot, I think a lot of you guys are going to be surprised by this for me personally. This is still the dual-wield Tei now the tii are a hand Cannon type pistol when you have it single it is just terrible you need to have this thing with the akimbo attachment and once you have all the right attachments and the right lasers and all that my goodness does the snake shot on the tiers do so much damage This thing literally just had a massive Nerf in the war zone because of how much damage it was outputting, and it is still busted in Call of Duty zombies even after I heard they added a 50% damage reduction.

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