News - Gora Dam. Call Of Duty Warzone 2 (black Ops Extended Universe)


Marov aims to finish what he started with fans. He's ordered Cony to strike the Gora Dam at nightfall. He blows the dam; it'll wash away the whole city. Careless lives will be lost if he follows the playbook. He'll pin it on Faron the West. Unless we stop it, you handled the dam. Alex and my soldiers tracked Con to an air strip in northern Urzikstan.

We believe it's Makarov's forward operating base. I'll be heading up on assault there in the morning. Your forces can't go alone; they won't, and Shadow will provide air support. We can't let gra in fire danger close to foreign troops. I trust Shadow overhead. You told me to put Graves on a leash, and that's what I'm going to do.

Keep it real short, General. You really do want to win. You're damn right. I do, guys, and I deploy with fire soap and ghosts to take the dam. R nick will provide transport. I'll put a predator up for eyes; don't get compromised; we won't, sir. Keep your guard up and stay. Shar, Good luck. Everyone, watch your one Bravo 7; we, at our primary set points, will be advised.

Cony personnel are grouping near multiple locations below you. Security for the demolition teams is likely to protect the target areas. For now, find the chargers and get them disarmed. Too many lives are at stake to fail. Watch her out. I'm moving on to the reservoir. Good hunting there, too.

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Dusted, R 71 to Watcher, one go for Watcher We've got a problem up here. I have gas canisters in the water, still intact. Makarov's going to poison the water supply. Makarov's not just flooding the city; he's leasing the water. Let's step it up, ghost. They blow these charges we're in. World.

Search the area for: Bomb disowned Gate House secured three bombs, but only one was left. Watcher one Bravo 71 halfway through the reservoir; multiple canisters collected copy 71; good work; make sure you get them all count on it. The ghost looks like he found one of Shadow's supply drops. It'll provide you with a direct line to air support.

I'll use it if I need it, but I still don't trust those [__]. You and me both, and I don't blame you, boys. Ghost, we're literally chasing the fuse here. 07 sweeping south, checking the catwalks, an explosion here would [__] The powerhouse and support structures collapsed the dam. We can't let that happen; let's stay on it.

black ops extended universe

We're good up top. Reservoir is secured by a solid copy stand by Yankee. This is Watcher one requesting immediate XILL for soap on the secondary HLS ghost. You hold tight and copy what you want inbound now with your ass. Nick we got cargo to load Roger one make. Fire off; let's go take it to an effective level.

On De, we're clear copy lifting, off mission accomplished. Bravo! You two took down an army and saved lives tonight. Arro will not take this SP F safe.Next, check.

Game Included Call of Duty Modern Warfare III. Playable Character Simon "Ghost" Riley. Mission Gora Dam. Location Gora Dam, Verdansk, Kastovia.
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