News - Top 5 Best Loadouts Warzone 2 Season 3 (meta Loadouts & Class Setups)


Choose career choose never told to gain Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen. iso had a little head as well, so the headshot damage isn't as much the same with the 56. 56 wasn't just in any other voice that's pushing their life into the S ranking, but there are a few little changes. We're going to be discussing the top five, not the top ten, which is easy to handle.

Have a look at us through the firing range, and you'll see how easy it is to control all these guns with these attachments. If something's a little bit harder, then drop down to a gun that's going to suit your playstyle. So without further ado, let's dive right in and see what's going on. So my first pick is my meta, which I believe will be this 762, and this guy is going to be the creme de la creme.

1st place - kastov 762

1st place - kastov 762

If you can handle the recall, you are going to be frying in Warzone, so let's check it out. So I'm rocking the ZLR, channel 5 muzzle tuning this to plus 1.13 and bullet velocity at plus one, then we're going with the cast 10 584 millimeter barrel, recourse status at plus 0.32, and damage range at plus 0.25.

Then we are going to the F-tag Ripper with recoil stabilization plus 0.62 and aiming idles to be plus 0.21. And with a fully rounded Mac and the aim of V4, I have it down as close as plus 1.8, 80s, and minus 2.1, so without further ado, let's check out the firing range.

Kastov 762 (firing range) - some recoil to manage

As you can see, it aims down slide slightly slower than most guns; it does go on right here and there; it's pretty accurate, 47.3; it feels quite nice; and it hits like even if it bounces for those longer ranges, it bounces and kicks up, but you can easily bring it back under control.

It's definitely the most powerful gun. It's going to be a frying pan of players left in round seven. For this, I tend to use the same page, which I'll call the aggro, which is basically a double time tracker with fast hands and a higher alert. You can take a highlight out and swap it for your personal preference.

2nd place - taq-56

2nd place - taq-56

Next up, In my secondary place, I have attack 56. I think this color is going to be used a lot more; it's very easy to handle and very similar to the iso itself, but this received only a slight head damage from Nerf, whereas there's a lot more damage to the iso, so for this, we use the Harbinger D20 recourse, smooth as a plus 0.99, and Bullet Force deer plus one 10 to 17.5 inch pro.

Barrel recoil stainless at 0.34, plus a damage range of plus 0 0.31, the f-tag Ripper wants to gain recoil at plus 0.8 and aiming idle stability plus 0.4 for a 60-round mag because it doesn't hit as hard as 762, so we need those mags and the aim up tuned as well as the plus of 1.8 and the minus of 2.13 for ads and in the firing range.

Tag-56 (firing range) - no recoil

Tag-56 (firing range) - no recoil

You can see that this ad is a little bit quicker. And, also, it pretty much does not move, as you can see. This is like I'm not hardly adjusting my trigger at all on my right side, and it is beaming at a distance, so if you're finding 762 at a distance is not as good, grab the 56 because it is literally a laser beam as well.

I would say.

3rd place - sakin

Next up we have the sacking. The sacking is great for quad games; it's got a fantastic 100-round mag as a basic, so without further ado, the zlr Talon 5 tunes that to recourse splitter 1.4 positive, but it was here plus 0.68, the broom Warrior lmg under barrel, and that's plus 0.84.

Stabilization and plus 0.4 aiming level stability—as you can see from the accuracy recall, this is masked out totally—then we have the 20-inch Bruin Silver series. Barrel tune this to plus 0.35 for equal stimulus and ads is minus 0.3, together with the FSS o l e v laser tuned to have minus 0.5 for Sprint to Fire and alien Windows 30 at plus 51 feet, then finally we have the aim of B4 at closer 1.63 and ads at -3, as you can see.

Sakin (firing range) - little to no recoil

Sakin (firing range) - little to no recoil

This will hit incredibly hard and a lot slower than the other guns, but is this moving?

It pretty much doesn't want to move at all; it's so nice to use, and you've got 100 bullets, so it's quads you're going to be frying this. Easy to take down. The whole score with that build is insane.

4th place - iso hemlock

Next we have the tried and tested ISO down in fourth place, as you can see, in gold camo, which means that before in season two, this was pretty much all I used: the Harvard D20 tune to 1.043 equals smoothers and plus one for good velocity, the f-tac Ripper, recoil stabilization, and plus 0.52, and aim walking speed at minus 0.22.

Then we have filter DT50 tuned to Rico 7 plus 0.18 and damage Ranger plus 0.2. 5 round mag and the aim of V4 minus 1.65 and the minus 1.94 abs; this is slightly changed.

Iso hemlock (firing range) - no recoil

Iso hemlock (firing range) - no recoil

The same way, it just literally doesn't have as much kick as it used to. What you can potentially do is change the distance down to what we have before us, 1.8, so it makes the view a lot closer together. Your reticle, as you can see as we are even in the closer range, looks to detail, such as off a little bit easier, so very nice gun still definitely STM but probably Pips slightly if you're better at advertising and holding that recall control with the 762, and then finally we have the M4.

5th place - m4

I love this gun; it's really easy to use, really snappy, and very quick. We don't have a muzzle for a suppressor, and we don't have an optic; we just go with iron sights, so the high tower 20-inch barrel is tuned to plus 0.2134, stylus, and ad, and minus 0.26. The f-tac Ripper for recoil stabilization minus 0.13 and the aminole stability of plus 0.21, 45 round mag seconds ZX grip, which give us a plus 2.3 amen Idol stability a plus 0.65 to equal standards, and the fssolev laser tune to have a minus 0.118 sprint to fire and ads minus 26.32 feet in the firing range Let's take a look.

M4 (firing range) - no recoil close to medium range / kick at long range

M4 (firing range) - no recoil close to medium range / kick at long range

It's a lot more snappy in the other guns; it's great for a sheaker island for those ranges from close to medium and not so great for long range, but if we're using the Chicago Island, it's very good; it cases those players very nicely, and even at the distance, it does have that wobble, but still not too bad, but a great weekend, fun, but definitely not the case here.

It's coming up there, but it's not that it's not as good as that, which was attack 56 762 sacking, and it's clearly better than this, and this is why it's down in fifth place now. Let's look at the SMGs. We only have the MP5 and the VAS.

Best smg #1 - mp5 (lachman sub)

So for my MP5. I rock the following: The lock grip Precision 40 is tuned to a -52 hip walking speed of -22 for ads, 99 90 mil, nine mil frangible ammo is tuned to be plus 0.58 grams, and then for damage range plus 2.5 the laser, we use the VLK if I can get to it.

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