News - 10 Tips To Boost Your Iq On Warzone 2. 0


He did kill him okay I see there was a guy over here shooting a rocket luster that's what we're gonna push for now okay then we're gonna take High ground and go for the guy that's on that building guy broke glass to my right next building over. That, was a totally different guy the guy that landed on the next building is still over there okay I remember what his skin was when he flew out of the heli here we go check it out check out my top taking that air out okay we're good we are good to go four now.

I feel like somebody's in there just stay up top look you can peek every single room through the glass okay. Doesn't look like anybody else is here so, we are good to move out there we go somebody is over there on that side so I'm gonna put this here if he pushes over he's gonna get pinged okay I'm gonna bull rush that now which means just push right away that's all that means my drone is up there, reload.

I'm gonna check my drone once again. Okay that's why drones are op chat now you know he had a lot of money I just took it and now I'm gonna go get my EBR okay let's check the circle while we're plating probably a lot of people there's people here for sure people Hydra I'm going to rotate Hydro then maybe there okay got 21 bullets, let's do it man seven with 85 up man this is a good game Chad this is a good game.


Yo man let's see if they got an ammunition for me nope all right we're out of here let's go let's get moving let's get hey Mike how you doing absolutely Emilio absolutely, no pistol absolutely Jen what do you mean that's in my Loadout man that's in my Loadout like if I grab Loadout I got the dually pistols man, now they're nice though fun to use too.

We got a car down low there's at least one guy here all right, so that's good, looks like you don't know how to drive this might be somebody with just their permit Maybe, definitely not a lot to drive anybody else except for a media camera. The loadouts are in a straight line remember so one was here one was definitely around here somewhere with the smokers you see that smoke so somebody's over there for sure 100 percent so we're pushing that now.


Check your tops which means check your high buildings the buildings that are higher than you or the hills that are higher than you okay. I just heard a shot okay there you go I just saw somebody over there I'm gonna watch my back real quick, we got a boat coming through over here. I was being sniped from over there earlier so that's where I'm watching right now somebody just flew in somebody's also to my left down the hill, 's up the hill I heard him shooting while I was fighting that guy so I do have an air strike which I'm gonna.

I'm gonna make you some soon, first let me take this guy out I just got finished with somebody else which is perfect the guy who got finished from is over here. I loot up here we go. We need to take High Ground ultimately right I hear I see right now to my carpet straight ahead so I want to take this High ground there's three people left so there's two fighting right here,

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