News - Tombstone Glitch Unlock Schematics And Keep Tombstone Season 2 Warzone 2 Zombies

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I was obliterating the Eldersigil contracts by using the new season 2 Pack-A-Punch Wonder Weapons, which are absolutely ridiculous. Let's check it out, but first, a quick word from this article sponsor. If you don't have the time to unlock everything and need assistance in your favorite games like Call of Duty, Fortnite, Grand Theft Auto 5, and more, then our sponsor Dam Mods is the place for you.

They offer all camo unlocks, zombie schematics, bot lobbies, and more. Dam Mods has a five-star rating with thousands of reviews. After we got the dog bone schematic, instead of successfully exfilling and therefore resetting our tombstone using the method we talked about. I decided instead to buy a tombstone in the dark ether and die out normally to reset that tombstone with the dog bone schematic in it, but that doesn't unlock the schematic because you're not exfilling, so let's jump to stage two all right.

So we just died and set up our tombstone, so now we're going to go back and pick up our schematic out of our tombstone. Now let me show you a little trick on how to both keep the schematics in your Tombstone to share with others while also exchanging with them to unlock them for yourself to successfully exploit that schematic to unlock crafting.

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To keep it, you're going to need to bring in another tombstone or buy one and a sigil or an elder sigil. All the other things you want to put in your tombstone are up to you, so now you can see we have the dog bone recipe in our stash. We just pulled it out of our tombstone, so the dog bone recipe was first in our tombstone because we died with it.

We just pulled it out of our stash. If I fill it normally right now, it will unlock, but that'll kill my tombstone. Let's head over to the portal to go to the elder sigil. So we got all these goodies. You're just going to use your sigil or Elder sigil again, and technically, you could use the Act Four Portal for this.

The problem is, you'd have to go through and break the four seals and kill the worm, which is not hard to do but would take a lot longer. So we have our dog bone recipe. Let's go into the sigil, and this would work if you had seven recipes too. Don't vote yes, yet you're going to go and drown until you're in the red again.

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If you swim, it goes faster, so we've activated the sigil, but we have not voted yet. Wait till it hits the red here, then vote. Yes, now you're both going to drown and go into the Elder sigil, so we're both dying and going to the sigil. This is the interesting thing, so by dying there and drinking our tombstone, we just reset the tombstone with all those items, including the dog bone and schematic.

when you're in the Elder sigil you can actually Pack-a-Punch for any weapon here so check out my article and that we explored all the different Pack-a-Punch for Wonder Weapons which is amazing they're literally four times stronger than any wonder weapon should ever be able ble to be we already set up our Tombstone from dying by drowning and then we also went in the portal at the same time so our objective now is to xill, successfully, which will unlock our schematic, and it will stay in our Tombstone so let me show you what I'm talking about so now you go you still have your schematic it should still be in your Tombstone, so let's do just a regular successful xill no quitting no dashboarding no.

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So what we've done there is put our schematic on our tombstone. The dog bone schematic went into our tombstone, and then we went and successfully filled it with it. So we've proven that you can pull a schematic from a tombstone and successfully fill it, but the question and the whole purpose of the article is: can you both successfully fill the schematic to unlock the crafting for yourself while simultaneously keeping that schematic in your tombstone?

So let's go back in to confirm that schematic is still in our tombstone to be able to share with others. Boom, the dog one is still there, so we had it, we died to set it in our tombstone, we filled it with it to unlock it, and now we still keep it, so you 100% You fill them successfully while still keeping them on your tombstone.

It's very helpful when you're sharing schematics with friends.

Tombstone Glitch UNLOCK SCHEMATICS and KEEP Tombstone Season 2 MW3 Zombies.
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