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Modern Warfare Zombies just released an unexpected update, and I wanted to get in right away to make sure the Tombstone glitch still works. You already have a tombstone setup to duplicate certain items, and you want to switch that out to duplicate different items. Well, let me show you how to do that, and let's confirm if, indeed, the tombstone patch still works.

Check it out. So all you need is a tombstone soda can and eight other items. These can be whatever; the heck you want them to be whatever you want to duplicate, you choose to put them there. Now, as far as a Tombstone Soda, if you get a Tombstone Soda, use this article I'll actually be putting out tomorrow.

I worked with Creator Neon, Great guy, super fun, some funny moments He came up with the idea of how we could duplicate more tombstones if we had more tombstone sodas personally. We can increase the duplication speed massively, so make sure to check out this article if you need to get yourself more Tombstone sodas and speed up this process even more, as you can see in my stash.

I have quite a few Tombstone sodas, so whenever I want to duplicate, I can just grab those Tombstone sodas, go do a duplication, and come back. It's that simple, so we're going to go in and set up the tombstone and then show you how to actually swap items in your tombstone; if you want to duplicate different items, check it.

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Yeah, so drink a tombstone that you brought or one from your tombstone, but we're going to drop all these items on the ground. And all you're going to do is drop off all those items they're bringing for me. Don't do it. Don't do it. Leave me alone if I need the Ether Blade right now. We get to work okay, and then just pick up all these items and make sure you don't use them by accident.

Then we're just going to go through the same process of setting up a new tombstone. Jerky jerks This has been bad for y'all lately. My servers have been really rough since the season 2 launch. Okay, so at this point we have crumbled our original tombstone, we drank another tombstone, and we have all the items that we want to reset with.

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You're now going to go through the same process here. Don't hit me. You can bring in your items and let yourself drown. Here's the thing on your own. The nice part about this is that you can bring in your items and duplicate whatever you want for two, three, or four rounds. Load up your stash, and then if you need to switch out to duplicate different items, then just do this process and make sure you vote before you do.

If you die now, you die, but then you need to wait, so once the eliminated portal hits, wait for the black screen again. If you're on Xbox or Playstation, why is the portal hitting? Actually, when you want to close the app, wait for the black screen. There you go, alt, F4. I actually duplicate another Tombstone on the way, and so that's the big advantage of having all those tombstones again.

Go check out that article that I linked in the beginning if you want to get your own tombstones. I highly recommend it. It works really well once You'll do it; it takes a little bit upfront, but then you get 20 to 30 tombstones, which takes 20 to 25 minutes by yourself. Then you are good for about a month on tombstones, no joke, and so now when you go to duplicate, you're going to just take the same things back and grab your tombstone.

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That's all you need. You can bring a scooter or something if you want to make it faster. So that's literally how you swap your tombstones; that's how you change all your items. it's very simple but this time you can see we actually are trying it through the Elder sigil to see if the duplication method works as well it should work just, fine sigil or Elder sigil I guess either, way boom there you go and there you go it works exactly the same if you use the sigil or the Elder sigil or the act four portal that was more just out of curiosity but yes it indeed does work as you can see we're missing our Elder sigil because we used it, but that's how you duplicate items.

That's how you swap items on your tombstone. If you want to change, subscribe and share this article.

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Tombstone Duplication Glitch SOLO Swaping Items in Tombstone Season 2 MW3 Zombies Improvement.
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