News - This Is The Meta Weapon Of Mw3. Acr (best Mcw Class Setup) Warzone 2i 98 Kills



Everybody's having a great day back here on the Modern Warfare 3 beta, and today we were using the MCW, an assault rifle that is a meta weapon at the current time, aka, the ACR. And today here, we're going to go ahead and get into the class setup we were using. Today we got, as you can see from the beginning of the article, some absolutely insane feeds with this weapon, so we're going to go ahead and get straight into it.

Mcw class setup

If you want to pause the article or take a screenshot, you can copy this right here. With these attachments, we have five. Give it a go and try it out for yourself, but we're going to go ahead and get into it. The barrel we have is the second line, M, Heavy. This is going to help out quite a bit.

best class setup modern warfare 3

There's a lot of green there, as you can see the damage to bolt velocity while aim walking. stetin aim walking speed This is helping out the damage range, accuracy, mobility, and handling of a very good attachment. second attachment here over we got the muzzle called the Zen F10, compensator, and this is going to give you horizontal recoil control gun kick control cons bullet velocity and range aim down sight speed This is going to give you a crazy amount of boost to your recoil control and a little bit of less rain.

Third attachment: here we threw on the 40-round mag. You can even throw on a 60-round mag if you're feeling like you can use it. I like to throw on bigger mags instead of the default rounds because time to kill in this game does take quite a bit of bullets. You may get two to three kills in your life before you have to reload.

I feel like I have to reload a lot, so I'm throwing 40 or 60 rounds on all my guns. Really, really good attachment helps out quite a bit, and of course it's going to decrease your mobility. It's going to be a little heavier. The fourth attachment we got is the RB, Talon X3, grip firing aim stability gun.

best class setup mw3

kick control, recoil control, and cons of aiming This is going to decrease your accuracy and put up the recoil control even more—a very crazy weapon for just beaming people across the map. We have the MCW Lancer tactical stock for the fifth and final attachment, which is going to give you hit-fire and tack stand spread aim-down sight speed.

Sprint the fire speed cons gun KCK control firing aim stability recoil control This is going to give you a boost your accuracy and handling and decrease your recoil control just a little bit, but we've already got a crazy amount from that. These are the five attachments that you got to give a go. Our back-pocket weapon here is the Rival 9.

It is better. Ripper has the three attachments that it comes with here, as you can see, so if you have the batter Ripper, you can just put this on, and it will have these three attachments. If you have it leveled up enough, you can put on some extra attachments. I like the 40-round and 50-round, and because this thing runs out of ammo pretty quickly, maybe even an optic if you'd like as well, but I was just rocking it with three attachments because I didn't have it leveled up.

We have tactical battle rage on Semtech, and we are also using the Gunner vest weapons and ammo Focus kit. You also have the ammo box for Quick Grip gloves and bone conduction, a headset, and all the perks, equipment, and weapons that we're using here. You want to copy it and give it a try. Try it out for yourself before the beta goes away, or save it for next week.

Definitely give it a go. That's going to do it for this gun. We're going to go ahead and get into the crazy gameplay that we had in the 98 Kills game. Choke the hunter bomb, but make sure you drop a like.

Mcw 98 kill gameplay

Mcw 98 kill gameplay

I think I choked. I think I choked it two off the hunter bomb. We were down almost 90 points. You know, if the games had been closer, like 200 to 180 or something, I would have had so many kills. I may have been able to beat a record that was definitely a record.

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